Lighting Workplace

Light can induce the activity and willingness to work, and drowsiness or fatigue. In the office, which is well lit with chandeliers and lighting fixtures easier to work. People for longer stays active and interested in what he does. It is not just a feeling. It is a proven scientific fact, based on a study of exposure to light (even from artificial lamps and chandeliers) to the human biological clock. Huge selection of lighting fixtures: chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces and table lamps on the website inside the 'Light-Helen'.

Today, office lighting should be flexible and provide energy savings. It is these tasks are primarily in the development of office lighting. More and more employees to work flexible hours, or even leaving the house, so no need to completely cover the office. In addition, there is now a trend towards shorter lease terms, and the lighting system of the building should be easy to adapt to the needs of new tenants. Well-designed and well implemented solution will provide the required coverage is in that part of the office, where they really need. This can save on operating costs. Flexible solution enables every employee to adjust the lighting of the workplace, at its discretion, helping him to keep working and do not strain your eyes. The use of 'flexible coverage 'helps to reduce energy consumption and to date is extremely important.

The cost of electricity is growing tougher and also the requirements of environmental legislation. Government all countries insist on using more environmentally friendly technologies. Using technologies such as system voltage control and reduce the brightness (dimmer), you ensure yourself the amazing savings. Please attention to our factory manufacturers lamps, chandeliers, table lamps and floor lamps in 'Lights'. They can reduce energy consumption without causing a reduction of efficiency.


Based on theoretical concepts that are the basis for conducting monetary policy, the main object of the monetary aggregate is the money supply, the size of which depends on the dynamics of basic indicators economic development. In this regard, depending on the economic situation the central bank can implement the two basic types of monetary policy, which charge a mutually opposite effect on the dynamics of money supply. Restriction monetary policy ("dear money") – aimed at limiting the volume of credit transactions, raising interest rates and the inhibition of growth of money mass in the back. This policy applies both to smooth the sharp fluctuations in the phase of economic cycle and to control inflation and stabilize the monetary system. Expansionist monetary policy (Policy of "cheap money") – is accompanied by expansion of the volume of credit operations, lower interest rates and overall growth of money supply. The policy of monetary expansion is used to overcome recession production and business recovery stimulation of investment processes and increasing effective demand for goods and services. The subject of monetary policy is the state, which regulate this sector through their representative bodies – the central bank and the relevant government agencies – the Ministry of Finance or the Treasury, the supervisor of banks and control of money treatment, the establishment of deposit insurance and other institutions. The decisive role in implementing monetary owned central bank. Objects that is most often directed regulatory activities, there are variables of the money market: supply (ground) money, the interest rate, exchange rate, the velocity of money, etc.

Competition Price

To conduct contractors bidding the customer object assigns a trade organizer and creates a special body – the Tender Board, which conducts and supervises the whole procedure. Bidding procedure begins with the publication in the print and the web Internet announcement of the competition on a particular object or set of works. During the specified time applicants, that is, persons or organizations that are going to fight for the right to receive the contract, should get a set of tender documents. It sets out the procedure, terms and procedure for tendering, as well as characteristics of the object – the subject of bidding and the requirements for applicants. Applicants on the basis of requirements set forth in the solicitation documents, must prepare tender bid to supply its price to fulfill the object and submit it within the stipulated period in the tender committee. There are several types Trade: Competition open, closed competition, contest a two-stage auction, request price quotations and purchase from a single source. In the bidding process, the conditions for equal competition between several applicants.

With an open competition – the most common method of public procurement – applicants are attracted by the open publication of information about the competition in the media and the Internet. There are cases where necessary to carry out private competition – if there are a limited number of companies capable of executing a specific set of works. At a closed tender to applicants send a special invitation, without publication in print. Procedures for two-stage competition is used in case of special complexity of the subject of trades when it comes to their process to refine the characteristics of objects. Auction – a procedure in which bidders may offer to change the price downward, until you reach a reasonable, minimum possible price. In some cases, when the volume and cost of the works are small, you can use the simplified forms contractor selection process – request price quotations, and purchase from a single source.

When you request quotes organizer of the sale sends a query to multiple bidders on prices for this type of work and then selects from the received offers one of the lowest price. Buying from a single source is used when there is only one producer of certain goods or services. The entire bidding procedure takes place in a strictly defined period of time – usually within 45 days of the announcement – and ends with a meeting of the tender commission, which opened the envelopes with the bids and determine the winner. Information about the auction results should be published in the media, and 10 days after that with the successful bidder is a government contract to carry out works.

China Achievements

3 trillion, an increase of 22.5% over the previous year. Revenues from sales amounted to RMB 5.1 trillion, an increase of 22.5% on an annualized basis. Revenue was RMB 530.0 billion, or an increase of 21% on an annualized basis. The level of product sales amounted to 98.6%, which is approximately equal to the previous year. Investments in fixed assets is expected to reach RMB 635.0 billion, an increase of 34% on an annualized basis. The aggregate import and export value amounted to US $ 319.79 billion in 2007, which means an increase of 25.0% on an annualized basis. Import value amounted to US $ 218.0 billion from the total cost, an increase of 20.9% and export value amounted to US $ 101.78 billion, an increase of 34.9%.

1.1 Preservation of sustainable growth in production In order to cope with the excessive growth taking place in certain sectors and requiring high energy costs and high yield, the Chinese government has used in 2007, a number of strategies action. Was conducted nationwide special study of the implementation of these strategies in industry, agriculture, environmental protection and pricing policies. Judging from the indices of economic development, these measures have gradually started to exert its influence. According to statistics, the production of crude oil totaled 187 million tons, an increase of 1.6%. Natural gas production amounted to 69.31 billion m3, an increase by 23.1%.

Improve Tax Administration

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has initiated changes to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter – the Tax Code) and the Civil Procedure Code regarding collection of taxes from the population out of court. As resulted from the amendments received by the State Duma, asked to amend Article 48 of the Tax Code and add the provision that in case of nonpayment or incomplete payment of tax by the due date, this responsibility is executed in a forced order "by the foreclosure of the funds in the accounts of the taxpayer – an individual" without a court order. The same procedure is proposed to extend and to pay fees and fines: is not paid on time payments to tax authorities could, in the case of a law debit directly from your bank account, as is done in relation to legal persons and individual entrepreneurs. Suggested by the Supreme Court's changing legislation was aimed primarily at the unloading of judges to hear cases on recovery of debts not exceeding often the legal costs. It should be noted that a number of Duma deputies did not support this Bill (B. Resnick, P.

Krasheninnikov). And after the negative feedback on the bill of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court, without waiting for its rejection, decided to withdraw from State Duma. However, after that, this initiative has already addressed the Supreme Arbitration Court Chairman Anton Ivanov, who offered not only to create the tax courts, which, in our view, should be welcomed, appears as a unified judicial practice on disputes arising from tax relations.

State Statistics Committee

It is worth recalling that these duties with her has not been removed, and for his work Opposition MPs are still receiving taxpayer money. But judging by the dead silence in the opposition camp, there thinking about something else. Part of the situation explains the fact that some opposition leaders today or are behind bars or out of the walls of the prosecutor's office. But it still does not justify their silence. Where Mr. Yatsenyuk with his party, which many just promise before the election? Where's Our Ukraine? Surely in the BYT No one, except for the Yulia Tymoshenko is not able to lead the political opposition? As Human Rights Watch report says about the stability of positive developments in Ukraine. But if "stability" implies the possibility of freely destroy and ravage the country, in this case should not be surprised massive popular protests that occur in response to the proposed "stability".

The role of the current government to continue pressing for human rights and disregard for democratic principles no one denies, but the opposition's inability or unwillingness to perform his duties necessarily promotes these destructive tendencies. In this situation, confusion reigning in Ukrainian society is understandable. Ukrainians are rapidly impoverished As a result of the economic reforms of the current government and ill-conceived actions of its predecessors, the level of income continues to plummet. In particular, the State Statistics Committee, as of January this year, the number of unemployed increased to 585 thousand people, but only the first month of 2011 the unemployment rate rose by 7,5%.

The Organizers

Better certainly familiar rules of filling in advance so as not to waste time as the correct fill. After getting acquainted with the rules issued by the examination materials (KIMy and forms EGE). The first party to cse must complete the registration field blank use. Once all completed registration field blank, officially announced the beginning of the exam with the time it ends. After all the organizational aspects transgress participants to perform tasks Kimov. You will be allowed to go out audience for a good reason (in the toilet, medical room) only when accompanied by one of the organizers or hostess, after passing the blanks use responsible organizer of the audience, which puts in registration form labeled "Fact out of the audience." Participants use prematurely have completed examination paper may submit it to the organizers, not waiting for the end of the exam, but no later than 15 minutes to its official end.

If a participant use on objective reasons can not complete the examination paper, it can prematurely retire from the exam. Brief instructions for completing the forms. How to fill out When filling out forms, forms cse must accurately follow the rules, as the information entered in forms ege, scanned and processed using special technical equipment and facilities computing. Forms ct filled with black ink. Use only helium, capillary or fountain pens. When using a ball point pen (in the absence of helium, capillary or pen), it is necessary for 2-3 times gently trace the outline of each character to avoid "glimpses." Do not use for filling out the forms colored ink instead of black, a pencil (even for the rough recordings forms), tools to fix introduced in forms of information ("putty", etc.).

Small Chinese Doors

Tambour door guard rest for several families – some none at all, but the collective, so the doors are usually set up a purse. In addition to added protection from professional attacks, tambour door is convenient for many other reasons. Firstly, it creates additional insulation, which is important for our cold climate. Our Approach – a concrete pit, where the drafts are inevitable. Secondly – tambour door creates more and more space, which tenants can use for commercial purposes. In the winter – it's a good replacement cellar in a private house. You can not leave perishable foods, potatoes and other vegetables, for example.

Young mothers can leave at "Vestibule" strollers. Children will be there to hold bicycles, scooters and that for Moscow the most convenient form of transport, among other things. Small Chinese mokik can easily pick up in the elevator, but for what it drag in apartment? Let the stands at the door. For its size, metal doors, of course, greater than conventional steel door to the apartment. Need to weld additional side panel. But due to the fact that its production is not need to let expensive finishing materials, the price tambour door is readily available, that would be a few families could afford to put it. Special requirements for the design of tambour doors are usually not impose, the only thing you need to pay attention – this castle.

Locking tambour doors can be opened several times more than the usual lock the door, therefore it is necessary to choose the lock approach seriously. Typically, firms engaged in installation of iron doors, know this, and will offer residents the appropriate locks. Incidentally, he can be one-sided, only the input for the tenants so much more convenient. With regard to legal and judicial aspects of the issue. Special causes of the legislation, preventing the installation of additional door on the landing there, although the area around the apartment and is not owned by residents. In most cases, workers are not opposed to the organization vestibule. Their employees, retractable staircase, will be just less work to restore purity.

Acoustic Insulation

Polypropylene fittings are indispensable for changing the direction of piping, as bend PPR-pipes are not allowed. ppr pipes are connected by polypropylene fitting method of contact thermal welding or by using the combined fitting with metal thread inserts. The advantage of the second option is that the combined polypropylene fittings can receive detachable connections. For plumbing and heating systems are designed pipes, reinforced aluminum foil, as foil prevents deformation of the pipe under the influence of heat. In addition, most plastic products are permeable to oxygen and the presence of a solid aluminum foil prevents his penetration.

Polypropylene pipes and polypropylene fittings are resistant to corrosion and to low temperatures – the freezing of liquid polypropylene tubes do not collapse, but only increased in diameter. The most important characteristic of polypropylene pipes and fittings of polypropylene is also resistance to high temperatures, so they are used in heating systems. PPR-pipes and fittings are very economical material, because the installation is virtually no waste. The very process of installation does not require much effort and is 2-3 times faster than the installation of steel pipes, as the PPR-pipes much easier. This not only reduces the complexity of installation works, but also facilitates the transport of pipes.

Thus, maximum reliability, practicality and durability of polypropylene pipe and polypropylene fittings provide: – Resistance to chemicals and corrosion – Lack of flora for the emergence of bacteria – an obstacle for lime because of the smooth inner surface; – 70% probability savings and no waste during installation PPR-pipes – Lightweight and ease of installation and transportation; – Low thermal conductivity and heat savings – No electrical conductivity – Acoustic Insulation – Save color and shape of PPR-pipes and fittings for the entire life cycle. So , the polypropylene tubes and polypropylene fittings for most physical and technical characteristics and consumer characteristics are far superior pipe materials traditionally used for systems water supply, heating and sanitation. The range of construction and repair organizations, polypropylene and metal pipes occupy the first place, leaving behind even the copper pipes and sent to deserved rest of our ancestors – plastic and steel pipes. With regard to the replacement of pipes, then, of course, do not do it myself, at first glance it seems that the solder pipe is very simple, yes, but only to the master. Must ask for help not to the nearest housing office, and pick a team, perhaps on the advice of clients, neighbors can to help you determine the type of pipes, to advise you and make the quality that much important, with a guarantee! FD-Alliance for you!

Red Square

So this tape, released in theaters in December 2008, was unfamiliar to my guests. Only the son of one of her friends disparagingly declared that the story, they say, as always, shamefully stolen from Hollywood. Junior critic reminded the audience about “The Lake House” with his dearly beloved mother, Keanu Reeves, and said that our film through a second time, but because like it can not in principle. Call is accepted, and now we are quarreling about what various types of temporary conflicts in general often-used method and most importantly their right to file and do not understand anything until the girls charged disc into the player. Finally, the boy handed us a piece of cake, we’ll shut (temporarily, alas) and start watching a movie.

New Year’s Eve. At Red Square vast Russia meets holiday with friends. One of the them, Andrew (played by the charming and budding Maxim Matveev) just returned from Austria. He barely had time to get together with friends to buy a cabin in sealable communication with the phone connecting to the tariff of his dreams. Exactly described in this tariff mysterious girl (played by Tatyana Vasilyeva, which under mysterious sorceress and makeup is not necessary). Phone is a very important thing – the guys a tradition: every year they (no, to the bathhouse later), in the first few minutes of this year, call the dialed number at random and congratulate answered with the New Year. Andrew rang and I heard a very sad voice of the girl Alena (Valeria ), which is literally half an hour before the holiday threw the guy.