Shifting Subordinates

We regularly become objects of manipulation. We manipulate the spouses, parents, children, friends, colleagues … The list goes on. In any communication there one way or another element of manipulation. If you are dealing with similar people we are often willing to accept it and not "notice", in communicating with colleagues manipulated faces serious problems in the functioning of the company, disrupting the production process and the loss of profitability. In especially if the object of manipulation by their subordinates become head of the company directly.

Shifting responsibility to the head – a classic case of manipulation. Do you know situation when the subject comes to his boss and says he can not solve the urgent question, because to solve the situation requires a higher level professonalny, and therefore it needs to you advice? At the same time you hear from a subordinate phrases like: "Can you please tell what should be done?" "You, as the director, it is better to know, tell me and I quickly filled, and then I'll have to sit for a long time to wrestle, and I would better engaged in other important things … "Yes, to offer an effective solution leader, often, there is no difficulty. However, whether this pattern of behavior favorable to the implementation of business processes? Supervisor should not perform the work of his subordinates who were just hired by them to address their respective responsibilities professonalnym problems. Moreover, taking on the responsibilities of others, head hurts business, because solving problems for his subordinates, he, at this moment, on the one hand, distracted from their cases and not doing its job, which is much more important and more important for the organization, but on the other hand, encourages irresponsibility of their subordinates.

Every employee, regardless of position, must cope with their responsibilities. He paid for it. However, the employee, once having done such a trick director, will return to this method again and again, make your life easier and to give undeservedly high pay for the work with which he, in fact, can not cope. Learn more about the kinds of manipulation and how to protect of manipulative techniques you will be able to link

Corporate Information

Sites for raising brand awareness industries company distributes its products through distributors, can create a web site for the branding and software distributors and relevant information on products. These sites complement other ongoing company activities to stimulate sales. Connecticut Senator contributes greatly to this topic. E-commerce sites through sites e-commerce sales made through the Internet on a professional level. The main characteristics of e-commerce site are: 1.Detalnaya information products and services, accompanied by illustrations, and sometimes multimidiynymi presentations, drawings, diagrams, etc. 2.Korzina that buyer needs to be able to choose an item from the list to complete the purchase 3.Platezhny gateway is required in order to buyer can pay for a product or service portal Corporate portals usually called the corporate Web site, offering a wide range of resources and services such as email, forums, topical news and Article zone for registered users, etc. Portals are designed to provide information and implement the interaction with customers. B2B portals, B2B portal is a platform on the internet where buyers and sellers communicate, collaborate and make business deals. The main task of B2B portal – provide the user with a portal that has the functionality to effectively manage business processes through the Internet.

Private B2B portal may include a CRM center, trading floor, commercial and procurement chain and other components for managing various business processes. Planning a Web site to create a site to make a plan taking into account your objectives, target audience and resources. Plan can be written as a script or block diagrams, which should reflect the interaction of all the necessary components of your site. .

Microsoft Invests In Russia

Microsoft has invested in 2009 to $ 300 million to Russia, and in 2008, Microsoft's investment is approximately the same amount. The money will be used to increase computer literacy among the population and development training Russian schools, as well as the establishment of research centers that will lead to at least the increase of jobs in Russia. The market of Russia's intellectual potential is immense, our domestic left-hander, government's program of computerization of schools, the Internet has gone in the outback. Richard Blumenthal: the source for more info. Now, even in remote villages where no roads had already conducted online and students enthusiastically learn new kind of learning. Literature which was previously available only to residents of cities lies in public Internet access, plus distance learning, which is also a positive effect on the development of a computer, and not only literacy in the regions. In well-known Silicon Valley work and on the amount a certain percentage, Russian programmers, one of the founders of Google, has Russian roots, our programmers have great potential. Therefore, Microsoft relies on Russia, the main supplier of programmers, and our hinterland, from which came barefoot Lomonosov, a great blacksmith training, what else do students when there is no place to go so nothing, that's still engage in learning, the more they like this kind of study than the established traditional approach to learning. Who ever heard of a Russian computer, no, it's not an anecdote, Everest, a Russian processor, with more perfect logic than from Microsoft, but the advantages of Microsoft's more, they came to the 45-meter nanotechnology for a long time, and we are only 120 meters introduce nanotechnology. Potential is there, just use it to Microsoft, more flexible control system, compared to our bureaucracy, looking for new resources. Investments in intangible assets that can not touch it, Russian investors are not arouse interest, Russians are more interested in real estate, a la Britain, and so on. Internet is a global network, and it blurs the boundaries between states, thanks to the internet we are able to acquire the dating world, so that make way for Russians to Microsoft will help to introduce and develop new innovative technologies that we have because of their mentality simply buried in the bureaucratic jungle.

Implementing Systems

One leader is difficult to keep track of all staff – timely yavkami at each workplace, employment of each employee during working hours, etc. The revolution in technology has clearly defined what should be a successful company. Equipped with modern facilities – the card of any office. It's not about the usual attributes of the office, phone, fax, etc., we mean completely new technology – access control and accounting working time. Filed under: Amazon. If the discipline, strict control of the parish, care and tardiness of employees – not your creed, access control systems are not for you. They are for those who live by the principles of "My house – my fortress," and wise organization office work. Installing such a system offers great opportunities for access control to your office for all people without exception. Due to the system you are always aware of movement, coming and going of every person.

The basis of such Awareness – provided a system to control access of certain individuals on the premises, depending on time of day and day of week. The system clock keeps track of all movements in territory. At any time you can get a report of finding specific people in the room or area in general. This report contains information about when the man came and went, whether it was trying to penetrate into the forbidden for him premises. For security access control and time tracking – that complete control of interior, remote locking and unlocking doors installed by them Electrical locking devices (electromagnetic locks, video door phones, intercoms). If you have the quality and effectiveness of your security, Access Control and Time Attendance should be a fixture of your office. Through this system, the security service will be able to identify one hundred percent of those on the territory, to compare the appearance of taking place with a photo of your record.

Personal Assistant: Selecting The Chief

If you – the head of the company, sooner or later you face the problem of choosing a personal assistant. Historically, this basically acts as a woman. But "just" a secretary, responsible for calls, today few people are interested. Click Richard Blumenthal to learn more. By recruiting an assistant, you would expect to see as a leader in her face, a reliable professional, combining many functions. Regardless of that, the first whether it is an exhilarating experience for you, severe production need or a romantic ideal of search – you still are aware that choosing the right assistant for its severity is comparable with the intent to marry.

The difference is that with wife, you live, and an assistant – to work. And in fact, and in another case, a wrong choice bodes fatal. Ohio Senator helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Therefore, the head usually relies on the basic skills and qualities that should be inherent professional assistant. High degree of organization, ownership of office equipment, complete training managers or assistants, language skills, presentable appearance and level of culture – such things are not in the discussion need, it just has to be. And then the fun begins: the nuances, on the basis of which an employer forms an assistant with a real "team of two" and the other is suffering "severe bondage" of ineffective interaction. But is there any criteria for error-free choice? In life, as in family and in business, no single recipe exists.

"Everybody chooses for himself" – as the poet wrote. But along with the way humankind is divided into four basic psycho, and the invisible army of personal assistants can be divided into four main types. 1. "The Secretary of the Executive." Type of the assistant successfully moved into our environment from the "scoop" bureaucratic reality. Mentally, we imagine a woman of middle age, slowly rustling in the workplace and looking intently at a computer screen, where it has solitaire.

The Company

'To be or not to CRM? " – That is the question most of the numerous articles on the subject which interests us, view CRM as a 'ray of light in the darkness' that could take the company out of impassable jungles of competition, 'fixing' her Noe N-number of clients. Pathos in these publications, behind whom are IT company visible to the naked eye. Therefore, taking the strategic decision to launch CRM-initiatives, it is important to be able to separate the 'grain' real needs of the company in relationship marketing of 'Pleven' promotional offer Software CRM-software firms. All the memory is at least one story of commercial failures of goods and services of mass consumption: Perhaps the most striking recent example of the failure of advocates of global satellite communications IRIDIUM. Buyers can accept, or may reject the innovation of the company, though covered with intentions to meet their needs.

Similarly, customers may reject the system of such actions, for example, under the idea of creating, maintaining and development of long-term relationships with them. In other words, the need for relationship marketing only occurs when the buyer can see in these respects, self-worth. Otherwise, the client will 'cross' from a competitor to rival the proposed under the influence of lower prices, and investment in the implementation of CRM-strategy turn to ashes. Approaches to the determination of the values detailed in a number of scientific publications (see, for example., Dwyer et al., 1987; Storbacka et al., 1994; Bendapudi and Berry, 1997). Many of the approaches are based on well-known theory of transaction costs. These costs, in particular, are associated with the costs of gathering information about a business partner, anticipating Finally, with the deal. For example, going to change the attending dentist, people will spend a lot of effort to get recommendations from former patients of other specialists to determine the quality of their services.

Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation. Understanding people. 2. Machinery sales and service standards clients. That art should be carefully and constantly train (sales manager), as sellers who do not pass training on sales, use their potential in the best case by 30% (so why waste 70% efficiency, or lost profits “). And those who were once, or occasionally – only 50%, as if training is not secure in the company of constant training, they are forgotten. 3. Leadership and administration. K These include: staff meetings on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Plan and assist staff in achieving the plans (“Poking” and the motivation to exploits). Develop and maintain administrative standards, job descriptions and (rules) in the company. a reward system, organization of competitions, games for employees and customers. Performance analysis (statistics), sales staff and company whole. Very important tool to see – to whom to give the prize, someone to raise, who should be given one last chance to fix, and whom to send to the strengthening of the labor market.

Manage customer base through the creation of databases and files clients. Needed at least two bases: 1 – Patrons, or at least once bought something within the organization, and 2 – base of potential customers. 5. Management service for the whole company, building organizational structure and relationship between all departments of the company to implement the principle: no one in the company does not earn money if the client is dissatisfied. It has to do absolutely all staff, including accounting, warehouse and guards. Here, you will help develop a quality department, or at least one employee who will monitor the quality of customer service, receive feedback from them and be responsible for ensuring that the company immediately take the necessary steps to resolve the customers. Construct a system of sales management is easy, but it takes energy, time, finances and your patience to implement such a system. Speed construction depends on your approach: 1) You can do it yourself, train, and patience (sometimes it can take up to 2 years – if you have not built the system, and the best salesman in your company today – it’s you). 2) Seek professional consultants on administrative technologies that can help you build and implement the system much faster (it may take from 1 to 8 months depending on the size and activity company, part of this work can be done remotely). A good consultant can really help you to save you time, money, nerves and avoid many mistakes. You can contact us, and we recommend You the best consultants, the necessary training and literature.

China Population

In contrast to pharmaceutical giants to increase sales in developing countries will increase to 51%. Among the latter, it is worth noting Brazil India, Turkey, China, Mexico, Korea and Russia. This so-called developing countries are the first level. Another 21 countries coming on the heels of nouveau-leaders. However, while it is projected that its annual sales volume will be only 6% of the total market.

Total to developing countries include 28 States, the total number of population which is 45% of the total population. That these states are likely to form a new vector Development farmarynka XXI century. Among emerging markets worth special mention China and India (the reasons for their active development has already been mentioned above), and Venezuela. It was the last country in the near future will be a leader Latin America in terms of sales. Thus, experts believe that sales of this country in 2009 will grow by a third. The reason for this boom is the rapid population growth, as well as common here hypercholesteremia, which allowed actively to sell some analgesics and inhibitors of specific enzymes. But the Venezuelan government holds back the country's development in this direction have implemented laws that restrict the rights of entrepreneurs.

Another feature of the pharmaceutical market is the growth of production and marketing of generic drugs. This class of drugs now dominates the emerging markets. As mentioned above, sales growth of developed countries will be significantly less than in previous years. For example, in U.S. experts predict he will be around 1% in Europe – 3-4% in Japan – up to 5%.

Competition Price

To conduct contractors bidding the customer object assigns a trade organizer and creates a special body – the Tender Board, which conducts and supervises the whole procedure. Bidding procedure begins with the publication in the print and the web Internet announcement of the competition on a particular object or set of works. During the specified time applicants, that is, persons or organizations that are going to fight for the right to receive the contract, should get a set of tender documents. It sets out the procedure, terms and procedure for tendering, as well as characteristics of the object – the subject of bidding and the requirements for applicants. Applicants on the basis of requirements set forth in the solicitation documents, must prepare tender bid to supply its price to fulfill the object and submit it within the stipulated period in the tender committee. There are several types Trade: Competition open, closed competition, contest a two-stage auction, request price quotations and purchase from a single source. In the bidding process, the conditions for equal competition between several applicants.

With an open competition – the most common method of public procurement – applicants are attracted by the open publication of information about the competition in the media and the Internet. There are cases where necessary to carry out private competition – if there are a limited number of companies capable of executing a specific set of works. At a closed tender to applicants send a special invitation, without publication in print. Procedures for two-stage competition is used in case of special complexity of the subject of trades when it comes to their process to refine the characteristics of objects. Auction – a procedure in which bidders may offer to change the price downward, until you reach a reasonable, minimum possible price. In some cases, when the volume and cost of the works are small, you can use the simplified forms contractor selection process – request price quotations, and purchase from a single source.

When you request quotes organizer of the sale sends a query to multiple bidders on prices for this type of work and then selects from the received offers one of the lowest price. Buying from a single source is used when there is only one producer of certain goods or services. The entire bidding procedure takes place in a strictly defined period of time – usually within 45 days of the announcement – and ends with a meeting of the tender commission, which opened the envelopes with the bids and determine the winner. Information about the auction results should be published in the media, and 10 days after that with the successful bidder is a government contract to carry out works.