It came suddenly, and of course very surprised not only beginners but also experienced drivers. SDA – a legal act, which recently came under the gaze of local politicians and was very much changed. Well, ignorance of the next edition of the rules does not exempt, as is known, from responsibility, so let's get down to study them. Perhaps representatives of the people in what is right, but such a radical change in the SDA gives birth dissatisfaction. Concepts – click the SDA, which podvergnulsya comprehensive editing. Of course to start with, the definition of 'Anticipation', 'limited visibility', 'Obstacle' after a long existence uncertainties were finally introduced. As for overtaking, the amendments also affected him. To date, overtaking is only a maneuver that involves travel to the oncoming, and everything else will be called ahead of schedule.

Not leave aside the additions and respected owners to traffic police. They are now getting closer to the people and, as do all others, should always wear seat when traveling. Vans with sirens included now have more authority in a way even for pedestrians, which will be mandatory to release the road do not hesitate for a moment. With regard to entry into the opposite side of the road for four-lane roads, the New rules allow him to perform, though it concerns only a reversal. Overtake on the wrong side of the rules is not allowed.

Did not pass the amendment and how to use headlights. Laid while driving always keep our lights included. It should be noted that if your car is somehow forced to move medelnee than thirty km / h, all the other passing car on your machine will have an advantage and they need it provide. At this permit to complete the note. I think that the above information you will rescue more than once while driving.

Legal Marriages

Today it has become fashionable to marry foreigners. Statistics says that in marriage agencies in the year two thousand calls about foreigners and about the same number of "Ukrainian brides" … sociologists and Psychologists explain this fact is that Ukraine is female dominated in about half. Establish the exact cause of marriages with foreigners – it is impossible because, as everyone has it – an individual. The number of such marriages is growing, and today virtually every regional or district town, there are dating agencies that help people find "your soul mate." Employees of one of the agencies agreed to Poltava comment on the situation: – Our agency has been in existence for five years, the first two – three years we were asked about five hundred men, aged 35 to 65 who want to legalize marriage with our countrywomen, and Ukrainian women with the same aim was paid half as much. Today the situation has changed from almost all over the world come to us letters from the "foreign brides" (in a year – more than two thousand), about the same news we get from Ukrainian women who want to marry people from other states. Approximately 5 – 10 years ago was considered a marriage with a foreigner, almost analogous to that which was put in prison. Women who are married "over the hill" in the society of those times, despised, to be treated as a doomed to unhappy family life. "And as you can in fact be happy with a foreigner, we've got a different mentality, habits, cuisine, and even air? .." – It was the most strong arguments "against." How can today refer to "foreign marriage"? Natalia, 30, accountant: For whom to marry and with whom to raise children and celebrate old age – an individual matter.

Civil Procedure Claim

Adding the three claims will reach the amount indicated by our civil procedure to be dealt with in the way of the process of knowledge and proficiency in the Civil Judge. These claims have no connection other than the creditor and the debtor in each are the same, so that you can not raise them subordinate, alternative or ancillary. It is autonomous pretensions different factual and legal basis different. However, this type of accumulation proposed claim is viable because it has backing in principle of judicial economy and in the second paragraph of paragraph 11 of the Code of Civil Procedure. The judge may very well cover a claim and reject the other, depending on the evidence. b. Accumulation of claims successive objectives occurs when entering the procedural claim process after the presentation, admittance and notice of demand.

It occurs in the following cases: 1) When the plaintiff, large demand, with one or more claims Article 428 .- In the Code of Civil Procedure provides that the applicant may extend its application until notified the defendant. Means that you can accumulate additional claims to the demand that has been accepted for processing until the time of notification to the resolution that supports it, to sue. Once the defendant notified or notice is not possible, expand or build new claims demand except accessory that can be made to the Settlement Hearing. 2) Where a defendant reprimand (Art. 88, inc 2, CPC) .- In this case, there is an accumulation of claims, ie the one containing the demand and containing the counterclaim.

Authority Traffic Police

What will happen to from this innovation? Consider the most common cases: A person has committed an AP, while a few hundred kilometers from their place of residence or vehicle registration. In drawing up the protocol on the case of AP, the person filed a motion for the case of residence or place of registration sheet. On arrival of a person to their place of residence or place of registration of vehicle is subsequently found that because of the frequent failures in the mail or body aroused STSI administrative proceedings, the case file within 2 months are not available to the authority specified in the application. If interpreted literally the future rule of law, it turns out that the validity of BP renewed only by the body which is competent to hear the case on administrative offense. The authority of the residence or vehicle registration shall not be entitled to extend the BP, since he has not yet made it to production, and therefore does not have the powers in relation to the face.

The authority has sent materials of the case also took off further powers in this case. It turns out that a person deprived of legal rights without a court order. If a case of SARS on the declared motion was not directed and continues to be in Authority Traffic Police initiate a PA, then in this case, the person liable to administrative penalty, after 2 months deprived of the right vehicle control due to the fact that the physically unable to visit the body.