Portuguese Language

In this context, the elaboration of a joint strategy for the Seas of the Lusofonia constitutes an indispensable instrument in the definition of the politics and the strategies for the oceans, appearing as a natural and necessary process of assumpo and consolidation of common and considered objectivos of the biggest importance for the development of each State-member and of the organization. You unite on-line with the orientaes politics, the Cabinet of the CPLP determined in November of 2007 that ' ' concertao of efforts between the countries of the CPLP in the direction of the elaboration of an integrated vision, with sight to promote the sustainable development of the oceanic spaces under its respective national jurisdictions, also by means of the international cooperation ' '. The main ones was thus definite (first) orientaes for the Community in the direction to be widened, in a next future, the domnios of the cooperation for problematic of the sea, representing the first formal act of this ' ' nova' ' strategical orientation. The approach politics in the scope of the subjects of the sea between countries of the Community has had place in some areas and for diverse occasions, of that the Conferences of the Ministers of Pescas of the CPLP, the I Symposium of the Navies of the Countries of Portuguese Language, the I Meeting of Ports of the CPLP (Leixes, Portugal – 2008) and the II are example Meeting of Ports of the CPLP ($fortaleza, Brazil? December of 2009). Perhaps however, it lacked to a politician-strategical vision for the Seas of the Lusofonia and a bigger public quarrel in the seio of the State-members, on the importance of the Seas and the necessity of if defining a common maritime strategy. Congregated in the Executive Secretaryship of the CPLP, in Lisbon, in 8 of July of 2009, the Focal Points for the Strategy of the CPLP for the Oceans they had debated projecto of this Strategy, whose redaco if resembles more to a declaration of intentions, of what to a strategy of institucional scope, therefore not yet it made use of delineated projectos, with concrete and possible objectivos to evaluate in data secular space.


What it seems, to make of account or to continue to have for itself the absolute power it is what it imports you of the false one to be able. One or 1550 ogives represents the same intenso in the direction to have the destruction power. Of the mouth for it are divulges it ‘ ‘ intenso of elimination of amea nuclear’ ‘ , but those that withhold the armaments and the technology do not open and never they will open hand to have them.

Nation that always obtained what it wanted and if developed for the manifestation of its warlike and technological power (that started if to reveal with the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagazaki), will never open hand to have it. Nations that had developed its warlike industry during the two great world-wide wars, now is having of feeding its monsters, which dominate the politics internal and continue with high hunger of production and manufacturing armaments with being able of destruction and to dominate excessively with this belicoso power and through its interventionist actions; while nations without any litigious pretension are barred in its pretensions, exactly that being for pacific ends. Now, after the Cupola, the excuse can be of the production of armaments and the equipment for the defense, the protection or ‘ ‘ to move away to the threat terrorista’ ‘ , a time that ‘ ‘ increasing protagonism of the private sector in the security subject nuclear’ ‘ he was recognized. It does not have no guarantee to be given to those nations that today want to excessively hinder to develop the nuclear technology, of that proper they cannot make its use again.

Also it does not have no guarantee of that the climatic and seismic events that there as she was that one of some years behind in Brazil; but we can evidence that the accessible weapons continue sales and for any one in that country (of the one not to forget that the father Bush, promised a weapon to it to each citizen who opened a banking account and nor to take off of the memory those scenes of students invading schools and killing its colleagues and professors with weapons of high being able of destruction 95% of all the external military bases of all the countries of the planet.

Administrative Offences

Complain about illegal acts the St. Petersburg traffic police officer who, without a legitimate reason, withdrew from Denis driver’s license was considered by the District Court, St. Petersburg. The court found that the decision of the Inspector dps St. Petersburg, Dennis was prosecuted on the basis of Part 1 of Art. 12.7. Code of Administrative Offences for driving, not having the right management vehicle, which violated paragraph 2.1.1. sda. Later in the course of a complaint in court, it was established that under the Convention on 5 October 1961, ratified by the Russian Federation by a succession of 04 September 1991 and Moldova by joining 19 June 2006, documents issued in the territory of Moldova does not require additional authentication, and have equal power with the documents issued on the territory of Russia. Dennis has been a driving license decorated in two languages, including Russian. On what basis is the traffic police took over the responsibility for determining the validity or invalidity of a permit from the protocol should not be. In connection with this,

Denis was carrying a document authorizing the driving of the Russian Federation. The fact that he is a citizen of Russia, does not entail a duty to issue driver’s identity of the Russian sample, since the documents follows that the applicant lives in Russia temporarily. It was also established by the court that a driver’s license taken from the applicant incorrectly, his fate appealed Resolution is not defined. In this regard the court decision was made to cancel orders and materials of the case. It was also agreed: withdrawal of a driver’s license back. Would like to pay tribute Denis, that he was not afraid to defend their rights and restore justice. Incompetence of some traffic police officers, because of mistakes which ordinary citizens have to travel procedure for the collection of materials and protection themselves and their rights in court, can not be ignored. Situation raises the issue: on the one hand, there is incompetence and abuse of authority traffic police, on the other hand, may have a international hostility, and it “smacks of” incandescence of relations between states, which have historically been associated fraternal ties.

States Joined

In the case of more than a candidate to have gotten this majority as well as equal number of votes, the Chamber of the Representatives will choose one of them immediately, for scrutiny, for President, but if nobody will have gotten majority, the same Chamber will choose, equally, the President amongst the five that they will have congregated bigger number of votes. In this election of the President, however, the votes will be taken by States, fitting a vote to the representation of each State. To establish necessary quorum, they will have to be gifts one or more members two teros of the States. In any in case that, elect the President, the candidate who if to follow with the biggest number of votes will be the Vice-president. But, if two or more will have gotten the same number of votes, the Senate will choose amongst them, for scrutiny, the Vice-president.

(This part was substituted by Emendation XI, ahead) Emendation XI The voters will congregate themselves in its respective States and will vote for scrutiny for President and Vice-president, the one the least of which will not be inhabitant of the same State that the voters; they will use separate ballots, in one of which they will indicate the name where they vote for President, consigning in the other ballot the name of the Vice-president; the people sufragadas for President will enumerate in distinct lists the names of all and stop Vice-president, as well as the number of votes gotten for each one of them; they will sign and legalize these lists they will send and them stamped to the seat of government of the United States, directing itself it the President of the Senate. All the ballots will be for these opened before both Chambers, counting themselves the votes. The candidate will be elect President who to congregate greater number of votes for this rank, if this number to represent the majority of the appointed voters. If nobody to get this majority, the Chamber of the Representatives will immediately choose for scrutiny the President, amongst the three voted candidates more for the Presidency. But in the choice of the President the votes for States will be overcome, having right to a vote the representation of each one of the States. For this intention, the quorum will consist of a member or members of two teros of the States, being necessary for the election the majority of all the States.

When, charged of the election of the President, the Chamber of the Representatives if not to play of this duty before the room day of month of following March, will exert the Vice-president the functions of President, as in the case of death or any constitutional impediment of the President. The candidate who to congregate the biggest number of votes for the Vice-presidency will be elect for this position, if the gotten number to correspond to the majority of the appointed voters; if nobody to get this majority, the Senate will more choose the Vice-president amongst the two voted candidates. For the quorum formation if it demands the presence of two teros of the Senators, and so that it has election will be necessary to congregate the vote of the majority of the total number. Any person, constitutionally ineligible for the position of President of the United States will be ineligible for the one of Vice-president of the States Joined

Electoral College

Through this, it was taken as premises in this article, to present as if they carry through the North American presidential elections, the predominance of the bipartisanism, the candidacy of Obama to the presidency, as well as its proposals and the world-wide repercussion with Obama in the power. NOTES 1.

For better understanding of the functioning of the North American elections, to see part of the Constitution of U.S.A. in annex. 2. Idem to the note above.> Obamanomics : as the economy of justice can change the world, of John R. Talbott, CAP. 4, P.

126, Ed. So Paulo Hail, 2009. 4. To see in annex first the 100 days of the Obama legacy. Bibliographical references CAMARGO, Julia. Obamania for Brazil. Available in: . Access in: 19 May 2009. BATISTE, Marcio Nunes. Indirect elections in the United States: the apparent paradox. Available in: . Access in: 2 jun. 2009. United States of America. Constitution (1787). Constitution of the United States of America: promulgated in 17 of September of 1781. Withdrawal of the small farm of the embassy of the United States in Brazil:. Access in: 15 abr. 2009. GEHRE, Thiago. Obama and the new democratical cycle in the imperial external politics. Available in: . Access in: 19 May 2009. PECEQUILO, Cristina Soreanu. Obama, Week I: Now We Will.

That Is Journalism ?

A reflection of a journalist in front of what is happening around press freedom in Latin America, as in the case of Honduras where it is violating the constitution and in particular Article 72 of the Constitution, and as journalists free and independent support the statement of President Enrique Santos Calderon of the SIP which he described as absurd as the de facto government’s decision in Honduras to suspend public liberties including freedom of expression.) The practitioner performs a work of journalistic inquiry, investigation, research to report regularly to a target audience target audience. But the question raised is: is journalism? If we decompose the question in two parts: 1. is? 2. Periodismo? Can she give us the response parameters to find a definition that minimally we justify the construction of a desirable and acceptable exposure by various academics and practical work journalism. When asked by the is? a “It is asking for the basics, the support which is essential to an object and how it can transcend its existence, then the basis of journalism, her, sustaining the human capacity to communicate through different languages, but what distinguishes journalism from the media in general, is its fundamental purpose, to act on l inform human communities as large and more or less breaking parameters of the households.

The more widely information spreads can talk about journalism. Next period is: Human communication carried human groups, which may perceive different positions toward which human action in all political, economic, social or cultural knowledge that will enhance information for the collective and the individual perceives news reporting can decide and act accordingly. Journalism is the development of effective communication, which allows freedom of expression in a sovereign exercise which can be criticized, I support self-critical, making human beings interact and find mechanisms that allow this to resolve their conflicts. But journalism requires Judgment and social responsibility and should be subject to union self-regulation.

Scud Missile

The bomb properly said needs to be remodelled to inside be able to be lodged of a missile that can load it, ogive. Until this to happen the north korean they can be surprised or provoked with the intention of it replies. I do not believe that the Coreia of the north has the desire to launch a nuclear attack against its Coreia neighbor of the same south or Japan, the retaliation would be sudden with the United States launching its Minutenam and Trident, without defense possibility. A conventional conflict also is not of the best choices for the Coreia of the north. Its army is numerous and makes an impression for the organization, but, not for the equipment. Its I exercise more than of 1,2 million soldiers possesss old Russian tanks T-34, T-62, T-72. It I still exercise account with more 6milhes of reservists and a troop of the 120mil elite men. It has, 13 a thousand cannons still pointed with respect to the Coreia of the south.

It has about 1000 missiles, between them 600 Scud and 200 Rodong. The north korean had started its partnership with the former-Ussr in the attainment of missiles in 1960. Between 1976 and 1981 the war of Yom Kippur against Israel had received shipments from Scud-B saw Egypt as repayment the aid of Pyongyang. Of these 600 Scud has the Hwasong-6 models with reach of 300Km and the Hwasong-6 with reach of 500Km. The Rodong has a reach of 1.400 km. The KN-02 with reach has also a missile of short reach enters 100 200km that although to be of lesser reach it has the best precision between the korean missiles north. The great pride of the Coreia of the north this in its Taepodong. The Taepodong-1 is a missile of multiperiod of training with fuel eliminates that it was tested for the first time in 1998 on the sea of Japan, has a reach that it turns enters 2.000 3.000km.

French National Committee

After the Nazi occupation of France Defeated fallen on hard times. Two-thirds of French territory had been occupied by German troops. Being under the yoke of Nazi occupation, the freedom-loving French people do not ceased to struggle against them. To finally break the will of the French people to resist, the German fascist occupation forces and the Vichy government established in France, the bloody regime of violence. They cover the country concentration camps, driven into the underground all democratic organizations, fire and sword to suppress the slightest manifestation of discontent with the Hitler 'new order'.

The French people could not tolerate a situation. He all actively involved in the struggle for freedom of France, for the triumph of democracy. The heroic struggle of the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany intensified resistance to the French people of German-fascist occupiers. Strength of the resistance movement outside the metropolis were consolidated under the leadership of the French National Committee in London. The growth of anti-fascist sentiment is increasingly felt in the army. After the shameful surrender and armistice many French military pilots were still in the parts subject to government Petain. But, finally convinced that the remains of French aviation gradually transformed into an appendage Hitler's war machine, many of them did not want to be traitors to the French nation. True to their homeland, they were getting into the ranks of fighters under the banner of the Free French. In late 1942, the French volunteers – 14 pilots and 58 Aircraft Mechanics – arrived in the Soviet Union to continue the fight against the enemies of their country together with the Red Army.

Metal Furniture

Some of my friends to know that there is a whole company for the production of metal furniture, ask: "Companies producing some furniture? Furniture made of metal? And it exists? Where she may come in handy and she looks like? Few notice that such a 'non-existent and unnecessary' metal furniture is in most offices, locker rooms, sports clubs, supermarkets and convenience stores. Often we just its use and do not pay attention to it. But imagine if the metal furniture would not have been invented. You can fantasize about it. For example, cargo racks are used in our usual supermarkets – they withstand enormous loads. So, instead of them would stand small wooden shelves with a large kolichestvov goods (wood can not withstand such loads that can withstand metal), the large production companies would stand a conventional clothes hangers or racks of chipboard (instead of a convenient modular cabinets made of metal), in our doorways hung to wooden mailboxes that have had to continually change, such a notion as ultra-safe to keep money and important documents in general would be absent. A list of these 'if' can continue for very long. Of course, all these inconveniences are not critical, but they are now make up our lives to which we are accustomed to. Which only the products can be made of metal – that a variety of wardrobes and storage of documents and files, are widely used in commercial enterprises and in government offices, and mailboxes in a variety of modifications, and archival and office shelving and bins, and carts Metal products a huge amount. And, despite the fact that sometimes we even thinking about where and how are these everyday things, with great pleasure that use them.

Improving Health and Eduction in Latin America

They relate to basic physiological needs and just a few that manage to sneak in the second hierarchical stage, such as health and education. Gone is the affiliation, recognition and self- in societies where poverty is present. This short preamble can quickly start to admit that a society whose main needs for food, rest, health and education are not met, will greatly suffer the consequences in their own behavior and may also impact the form of government and in social life . Moreover, in a regime where, at least from the primary concept of democracy and immaculate, each member should be free and equal. As mentioned Candido Grzybowski, in his text “Democracy, civil society and politics in Latin America: notes for a debate” (1), referring to the portion of poor people immersed in a democracy: “Like all social subjects these groups need to become democratic in the very process by which individuals become.

“To put this analysis in a network that contains the outline hypothetical to raise, we shape the following statistics on the poverty factor, quantifying an alarming reality that will be an anchor for the understanding of the binomial “poverty-inequality” and its link to democratic stability: There is about 1.2 billion people living on less than one dollar a day in the world. Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest proportion of people living below the poverty threshold. In the former Soviet bloc, the poverty line rose from 1.1 million in 1987-24000000 estimated in 1998. In 2003, Latin America had grown to 225 million people whose incomes were below the poverty line.