Acoustic Insulation

Polypropylene fittings are indispensable for changing the direction of piping, as bend PPR-pipes are not allowed. ppr pipes are connected by polypropylene fitting method of contact thermal welding or by using the combined fitting with metal thread inserts. The advantage of the second option is that the combined polypropylene fittings can receive detachable connections. For plumbing and heating systems are designed pipes, reinforced aluminum foil, as foil prevents deformation of the pipe under the influence of heat. In addition, most plastic products are permeable to oxygen and the presence of a solid aluminum foil prevents his penetration.

Polypropylene pipes and polypropylene fittings are resistant to corrosion and to low temperatures – the freezing of liquid polypropylene tubes do not collapse, but only increased in diameter. The most important characteristic of polypropylene pipes and fittings of polypropylene is also resistance to high temperatures, so they are used in heating systems. PPR-pipes and fittings are very economical material, because the installation is virtually no waste. The very process of installation does not require much effort and is 2-3 times faster than the installation of steel pipes, as the PPR-pipes much easier. This not only reduces the complexity of installation works, but also facilitates the transport of pipes.

Thus, maximum reliability, practicality and durability of polypropylene pipe and polypropylene fittings provide: – Resistance to chemicals and corrosion – Lack of flora for the emergence of bacteria – an obstacle for lime because of the smooth inner surface; – 70% probability savings and no waste during installation PPR-pipes – Lightweight and ease of installation and transportation; – Low thermal conductivity and heat savings – No electrical conductivity – Acoustic Insulation – Save color and shape of PPR-pipes and fittings for the entire life cycle. So , the polypropylene tubes and polypropylene fittings for most physical and technical characteristics and consumer characteristics are far superior pipe materials traditionally used for systems water supply, heating and sanitation. The range of construction and repair organizations, polypropylene and metal pipes occupy the first place, leaving behind even the copper pipes and sent to deserved rest of our ancestors – plastic and steel pipes. With regard to the replacement of pipes, then, of course, do not do it myself, at first glance it seems that the solder pipe is very simple, yes, but only to the master. Must ask for help not to the nearest housing office, and pick a team, perhaps on the advice of clients, neighbors can to help you determine the type of pipes, to advise you and make the quality that much important, with a guarantee! FD-Alliance for you!