The site NEWSLAND 31.01.2011 15:10, published an article the author kolya_lukoilov under the name "130 million people do not fit into the market economy?" The article is written based on the well-known for several recent books Parshev "Why Russia is not America." The main idea of the article lies in the fact that under the present conditions, Russia will never be able to get out of a deep economic crisis and its fate awaits the inevitable collapse into separate territorial entities and considerable (several times) decrease in population. Since the question for me was quite interesting, and commentary articles on the site is limited technical capacity, especially as the unfolded debate on the discussion paper was not wearing a deeply analytical, but only limited appeals and slogans, I let my notes in substance to publish here. Setting aside the specific numbers which the author cites the processes taking place in Russia, then the logic article is based on two fundamental theories – the theory of Darwin, with its final conclusion that the "survival of the fittest" and the theory of Malthus inevitable overpopulation of the planet Earth, with consequences of regulation is inevitable in its population. Described in the book and paper scenario is quite logical and seems very real and plausible, especially since the figures quoted by the author and the course of contemporary events, only confirm its successful development at this time. But there is nothing new in the submission there is a different matter that most of the people had not thought about it (or do not want to think).

Kyiv City Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky

Kyiv city mayor Leonid Chernovetsky, as well as the famous Ukrainian boxer and politician leader of the Bloc Klitschko Vitali Klitschko told that allocate funds from their own pockets for the Kiev Zoo. That is, the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky and a prominent politician and sportsman Vitaly Klitschko, willing to sacrifice money in favor of the Kiev zoo, for the purchase of a new bishop. Administration of the Kiev zoo said at a news conference that they have long negotiating the purchase of an elephant, with different zoos around the world. Want to buy an elephant and in European zoos and in Asian zoos. Also, the administration of the Kiev zoo reported that the talks nearly finished. That is quite soon will be in Kiev zoo elephant again.

Administration of the Kiev zoo still in the thinking of buy one elephant or buy two females. And all this thanks to the generosity of the Kyiv City Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky and Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko policy. Who are willing to pay not only the cost of an elephant or a few elephants, and the cost of transporting the elephants. The cost of the elephant range from 250 to 850 thousand hryvnia thousands. This is very welcome news, Considering how many terrible happened in the Kiev zoo, since the present was appointed director, who was again restored to the old position. That even the Kiev zoo included in the list of most bad zoos in the world. In 2008, in Kiev zoo animal has died 51. This year, died many large and conspicuous animals, such as female gayala, the female buffalo, camel, and a favorite of visitors to the Asian elephant battle, whose death and caused many scandals and nerazberih. Examination did not show anything really, that is nothing concrete. But soon the Ministry of Environment should put an end to this matter and will then know everything.

Russian Armed Forces

Talking about these threats came in connection with his statement that a complete translation of the Russian Armed Forces to the new organizational structure will be completed by December 1 this year. As of June 1 this year, half Army, including the Army, has been translated into the new structure. Massive changes are needed in the first place because their pre-reform Russia’s army and navy, in the opinion of the Chief of Staff, could not adequately respond to major threats, which he took the U.S. military and NATO have repeatedly superiority in conventional forces in all strategic directions. Moreover, the Chief of Staff believes that Georgian forces now armed with a “better than during the August 2008 aggression.” And the Baltic countries and Poland, complained Gen. Makarov, persistently demand to punish Russia. It is not easy, he said, folding relations with Ukraine, whose leadership is seeking to enter the country in the North Atlantic bloc.

According to the chief Genshtba in the Ferghana Valley is focused “more than 60 unresolved territorial claims of countries which have interests in the region. ” In these circumstances, Russia needs to have the Armed Forces that could adequately respond to the threats of the modern world. General Makarov also said that “to be very a lot of work in the Arctic, to our national interests were protected there. ” “There was also many new challenges and threats”, – said the army general.

Chechen President

I must say that the Russian president did not err in making this, as it turned out, a true choice. And with regard to Ramzan-Hadji, I would add that it is belongs not just Chechnya, but also throughout the Caucasus, and then, perhaps, the whole of Russia. I am confident that we will fall honor to see in the near future, many of the new achievements and feats, both in the interests of the peoples of the Caucasus, and in the name of Russian people. JH: – That you said something about 'the interests of people of the Caucasus'. Very often we say: 'The interests of Russia', 'Interests of Dagestan' or 'interests of the Chechen people. " In Dagestan and Ingushetia, as far as I know, no link their interests with the figure of Ramzan Kadyrov. He is too elevated and too close to the Kremlin. Here, apart from an instinct of power, works and popular 'instinct'.

Strong neighbor-favorite center – may encroach on their interests. We also know, if someone wants to, can inflate the territorial issue, even fatal to the kindred peoples. And this question, in respect of Ingushetia, occasionally exaggerated. In Ingushetia, as far as I know, decidedly does not want unification with Chechnya. 'Fraternal peoples live better in their own apartments' – this is the main message and the elite and the people of Ingushetia. This is especially true for Dagestan. So what's the question: 'What, indeed, are these most 'interests' of neighboring peoples of Chechnya and how they relate to attitudes and activities of the Chechen President? " – It is still relevant.