Anglo Politicians

That is, that with declaration of goods or without her, the contributors we followed without clarifying to us of how they are the things. The important thing, really, is not the quantity of the patrimony of ours muncipes and other politicians, but if this one has been obtained allowedly or no. is to know the difference between owned " antes" and " despus" of having happened through a public position and to know, consequently, how one has taken place. The other being conceited to be poorer than the rats is absolutely irrelevant point. He is that perhaps the poor men are less corrupt than the rich ones? The Anglo-Saxons create quite the opposite exactly: why is going to rob rich in a public position usually they say if he can secure more money in his private activity? For that reason, generally, the North American politicians are people with possible, that he said before, and that they do not need his position to live.

Here, however, if we made use of the professional curriculum of many politicians I promise to do it another day is for putting itself to shake. Indeed for that reason, because besides the policy they would not know what to do, he is reason why they cling to his position although, the other way around than usually one is believed, the pays of our politicians are not for throwing rockets. Different cases are those of Felipe Gonzlez and Jos Maria Aznar, who, even receiving a kidney of the deprived activity, no they resign in spite of it to its public repayments nor to shots. My last reason for preoccupation and I do not want to indicate to nobody is in which if in something as insignificant as the patrimony the numbers are made up so much, what will not hide to the politicians in budgetary and financial subjects of major enjundia to us? I do not want nor to think it. Original author and source of the article.


The politicians walk in habitual his cuitas, nothing new under the sun, the economy goes remedies it to nobody downwards, the politicians act with spurious I interest does not watch the communal property. The economic fastenings are those that mark our existence, the politicians do not have you narrow economic because they live in a parallel world where everything is easy. People common in a side are two worlds that fights to survive, arriving in order month and little but and later they are the chaste one of politicians who protecting in the votings every four years give to the face a single time, soon to take refuge in his world of peace and tranquillity with his full world of advisory luxuries, secretaries, drivers and other servants of the citizens or that say themselves popularly although every day there are more doubts, everything seems a circus where the citizens are only mere spectators of the occurrences of a politician who watches after his pocket and soon if it is something watches after the communal property. Others who may share this opinion include Ohio Senator. This society is sad nobody seems to raise the voice to protest by what it does not seem to him right, the middle-class is a being that everything pays to everything what it is happened to him to the turn politician, is easily asumible by the middle-class payer of everything what it is happened to him to the turn politician, that isolated of the reality that says to guard by communal property, takes care of our health, customs and tries we are not citizen too much critics, to think is bad sight, the S-state great watch of our existence from the cradle to the tomb, the state decides everything or by one almost. It is sad to see as the society resigns itself to a great ascent of taxes, nobody raises to the voice everything seems that it is not possible to be improved, neither to change, nor nothing similar. The submission to the established power is only the correct thing, does not only concern any more protest in the social gatherings with friendly, in the bars and little but, it is assumed like normal that they fry to us to taxes, that our pockets are every day but emptiness and nobody it seems to have the force sufficient you bring back to consciousness to wake up them of the people who until recently lived in the abundance and the consumer joy presidia our life. Click James Donovan Goldman Sachs to learn more. A day sounded the awakener and we awoke of a dream that it seemed that it did not go to have aim and we struck ourselves with the reality, we are poorer and the politicians who say to represent to us ignore to us, while they live on our taxes, and everything follows equal, people complaint and is watched for another side.