Swiss Stud Book

In 1917, AKC registered the first white Tracy Shepherd breeding. By the sixties White Shepherd became popular in the U.S., mainly through television. For example, these dogs become family Rockefeller. The first White Shepherd Club was established in 1964 in California town Sacramento. But in 1968, out of solidarity with the German Shepherd Club of Germany, the American Kennel Club removed from the standard German Shepherd white coat color. At the same time, Canadian fans of German Shepherds no thought the color prohibited, and considered it undesirable characteristics. In 1971, Canadians have opened a club of white shepherd dogs, but since the white sheep was not considered an independent breed, and belonged to a German, it was impossible to legally present in various exhibitions.

Then, in the United States was established an international club of white German shepherd, who was among the first recognized the white color in America and Canada. In the seventies, the Canadian dog owners it was decided to separate from their American counterparts and to open their own breed club called Club White Shepherd Canada. From overseas – back to Europe In Europe, the existence of the US-Canadian White Shepherd learned only in 1970, when, because of Canada were brought to the first representatives of the "new" breed. It was at this time, several representatives of this breed has got to Switzerland. Male Lobo, who was born in 1966, was listed the Swiss Stud Book. In many countries, particularly in GollandiiiShveytsarii, breed officially registered under the name "white sheep", and the German dog lovers called it "the white US-Canadian sheepdog. " It became the official name of the breed since 1998.

The Germans, although from time to time and published photos of white shepherd dogs, but every time I repeat that the white color is not provided for the breed standard. But the Society staronemetskih Shepherd saw a white dog to its cultural heritage and leadership began to cry for its preservation, which has another white shepherd from Germany, has a European origin (based on a German shepherd dog 's). In 1982 a small European country of Luxembourg, a white Shepherd recognized the UCI (World Canine Organisation, an alternative FCI). In 1984, after she was given the name of the US-Canadian shepherd dog, breed, finally, recognized by the Germans who organized the Union of White Shepherds. Finally, in 2002, Switzerland has applied to the FCI and a white shepherd dog registered as a new breed of White Swiss Shepherd. Features breed As in America, and in German Shepherd white differ vigor, strength, well-developed muscles, they also have guard qualities. New-fangled notions of "correct" the addition of a German Shepherd, fortunately, did not affect ekserer white dogs. They are characterized by proportioned, body length slightly exceeds the height at the withers. Wool has the ability to clear itself, so the dog must comb every day only during the period molt.

Daily Indicator

If the maximum combustion pressure and the pressure pr pt on pimetru in individual cylinders to be within the limits specified in the instructions of the builder for this mode, the load on diesel may be increased to 75% of nominal. If the values of these quantities at 75% strength load beyond the specified tolerances, you must control a diesel engine. Finally, marine diesel govern with the power and frequency speed close to nominal. Many of the settings required for the regulation of diesel, can be identified by the indicator diagrams or waveforms. The most accurate data obtained by processing the waveform data. However, apparatus for the removal of waveforms is complex and cumbersome, it is usually only used for special studies and tests conducted by research institutes or thermal lots of shipping companies. With the daily operation for the regulation of marine diesel engines typically use charts, shot an indicator of power. This method is simple, accessible and sufficiently accurate for practical purposes.

The contour of the indicator diagram shows the change in gas pressure in the cylinder diesel engine, depending on the stroke. Area of the diagram corresponds to the work that is produced gases in the cylinder in one revolution of the crankshaft. For the indicator diagrams, withdrawn, subject to the conditions necessary indexing, we can define the indicator power of the engine and make the necessary distribution of the cylinders, to investigate the mechanism of gas distribution, fuel pumps and injectors, identify weaknesses and eliminate them, as well as to detect the fault of the ship's engines (gas passes through the piston o-rings, incorrect installation of the compression chamber, etc.). However, the judge of the existence and nature of the malfunction in the engine and its distribution in the body only if the known shape of the diagram, which can be taken as normal. Considered normal, such diagrams for which all points of distribution (intake, compression, fuel and combustion, expansion, release, and purging) are carried out without deviation from the rules provided for in the design of the engine. Deviation from the normal contour diagram indicates the presence of defects in the engine. Keep in mind that the distortion indicator diagrams may be due not only to violations of the distribution and wear some 'parts of the engine, but also secondary causes unrelated to his work (fault indicator or actuator, inept shooting diagrams, etc.). In connection with this regulation before the engine should check the indicator, it drive indicator valves and tubes and if necessary, to address deficiencies.

Slavic Movement

Recently we have been able to learn through communication with the spirits of our mentors the truth about various famous people who are heads of some Slavic movements or communities. They call themselves the wise men, healers, psychics, writers slavyanistami, spend a lot of cultural activities and duties, possess some knowledge, but are not always who they say they are. Many of the Slavs, to awaken in ourselves the spirit of family, come to them for help, but do not get in the long run nothing but nurture pride in themselves, bringing destruction to his own spirit through the hatred of others, but yet I sebepodobnym people. Why is this happening and who is behind all it is worth? Indeed there is a group of people in power who can be called "world government" or bankers. Indeed, they had a plan to weaken and destroy the Slavic people, similar to that described in the "Directive Alan Dallas." Among them is a person who is responsible for the plan, "Slavic people". It implements the program of "world government" and part of these programs is the "Slavic religion" and "national movement ". For this purpose, there are certain tools and established leaders – those great "magicians," "spiritual fathers" and "psychics." For credibility and excitement of communities and movements that have been established educational materials that carry 50% of the truth about the Slavic past, culture and traditions. But the second part of this material has been specially debugged by the task of "world government".

Russian Constitution

The idea of time – society and government, the government of the people?. Currently in Russia, one of the most accessible expressions of opinion is the Internet. Social networks and resources such as Youtube and Twitter are filled with all sorts of messages about misconduct of the authorities and the Ministry of Interior. One of the most objective and comprehensive in its informative source of information is the video (visual / audio information). Having at our disposal DVR, always armed citizen and memorializing everything happening around him. The benefit of the Russian Constitution guarantees the legitimacy of the collection of information that applies to you as an individual. Thought two – Debriefing. Video recording is one of the most complete evidence for the analysis of controversial situations in the traffic police and judicial matters.

The legality of videos prescribed in Articles 77 and 185 of the Civil Procedure Code. The idea of three types and types There are several types of DVR Car DVR. Initially, Car DVR were bulky devices that produce a record of information on computer hard disk drive (HDD), equipped with special shock-absorbing mounts that put out the vibration from the road. With the development of storage devices, car DVR (DVR) to minimize and record video to learn removable memory cards. Mobile DVR recording onto removable media (flash cards) are the simplest to build, easy to use, and cheaper fixed DVR. On top of most models is built-in battery (as in phone) and it can be used outside the car as a mobile device videofiksiruyuschee. The idea of four – a pleasure dear DVR? Prices for mobile car DVRs ranges vary from 2 – 10 tr The difference in price depends on the characteristics of the device itself, the most important of which are: angle of view, hardware resolution video, the presence of the display and so on.

Sample return the DVR: – Dispute with traffic police on the fact that you do not miss a pedestrian at a pedestrian crossing. The amount of the penalty of the offense is regulated by the Administrative Code 800 – 1000 p. One has only to video review and decide the dispute, at least, this is the proof of his innocence, in other instances (if you really respect the SDA). – Who is to blame accidents. In most cases, one with DVR one camera is sufficient for recording of road conditions and the very moment of an accident. – Other benefits, see the youtube!

End Of Evolution ?

Who are we? Where are we going? Why? These are fundamental questions for mankind. Do not reply to them, it's hard to imagine what awaits us in the future. Are there laws governing the process of evolution? Search of the answer to this question is devoted to this article. Crisis in our country in the late 20th century brought many troubles peoples living in Russia. Was it possible to avoid them? Considering the history of successive changes in types of social organization, should recognize that the crisis, then there is a transition from one type of society to another, is its integral part and, therefore, inevitable.

However, it can be assumed that a society that knows the approach of such a transition could in advance to prepare for it to reduce its negative impacts. Consequently, forecasting the time the next change of social structure is an important task. Its solution can be obtained through the establishment of a temporary pattern of crisis states. As you know, society in its development is booming, the stabilization period, the decline and crisis, then the process is repeated at a new stage evolution. Go to the next level means the replacement of old, dysfunctional system of social management on a new, efficient. In Russia, the change in the type of social order that precedes the recent crisis occurred in 1917 year, and the duration of the last completed stage of development of society in our country was approximately 100 years. It should be noted that the estimated duration of the phases between successive crises is highly conditional, so both in terms of the dialectic can not accurately distinguish one stage, stage of development of society against another specific historical date.