Sunday syndrome do you know if its staff suffers from the syndrome of the day Sunday?. That it is?. Perhaps a worker arrived on Sunday afternoon, paralyzes you and mentally says: tomorrow Monday, again go to work in that site’s…. If your staff suffers from this evil, here you will find some measures practices to correct that discomfort. 1 Pay considerable attention to the discovery of emotions, feelings and attitudes study to its people; use their attitudes in favour of the company; Discuss the negative attitudes from the beginning; anticipate them and reduce them.

2 Scanned you 3-analyze the causes of dissatisfaction, quickly and sincere. 4 Establish a sincere policy of open doors 5.-praise to those who deserve 6.-say his colleagues, that makes things 7.-take a sincere interest in improving the conditions of work, according to their possibilities 8.-make every effort to make work safe and healthy. 9. Do not make promises that no You can meet 10.-avoid frequent changes and whether to make them prepare the contributor advance 11.-locate his collaborators where can best apply their skills and experiences 12.-reunited with his collaborators in monthly Conference 13-demonstrate that you have greater interest in their partner than production. It’s hard but try. 14 Click confidences to its collaborators; When them how matters; will the feeling of us.

15 Set and name a responsible among its collaborators of a suggestion box. 16 Dele importance to the work of each 17.-remember that the reasons given in the first term are almost never the true causes of low motivation, investigate the true. Remember: The worst companies to work for are distinguished by the absence of respect. You feel compelled to represent a role when he is at work. Paper that is not theirs, i.e. that forces it to be a different person. Absence of credibility: some managers are never willing to candidly discuss problems with your staff and act as if everything left to perfection. You feel that you will not receive a fair deal. Stay away from any company that his staff promotes more based on the policy, based on the performance avoid companies that pay poorly and promise unrealistic promotions based on performance passed eventually, and perhaps you are agree with me, is not a good idea work in a company where feels exploited. Well since it seeks to motivate your staff, your business is not so. truth.

Technically Micro-entrepreneur

If you have a great business idea that you seems difficult to start, always wanted to be your own boss but you think that it is complicated or you’re looking for a way out of your situation of crisis and do not you know what to do, the solution is to become a micro-entrepreneur. Pay attention to this article because probably today give a radical change to your life. Technically defined to micro-enterprise or micro-entrepreneur as the smallest unit of business with business projection, which are characterized by having less than 10 workers, although it is quite usual to initially start only the micro-entrepreneur, and a volume of turnover below 2 million euros. Until not many years ago to start a business, however small that out, it required investment was not within the reach of everyone, and take risks that could significantly affect the economics of the entrepreneur. Fortunately, Internet appeared in our lives to bring us many good things and break down barriers, not just social or geographical, but also in the business. Proof of this is that there are thousands who have been launched around the world to create their own business online to virtually nil or very low costs, finding in the microenterprise online income extra, that well used has become one business more than profitable for many people, coming to devote himself fully to this, abandoning their traditional jobs or finding a solution to a delicate economic situation caused by the current crisis. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a product to sell, because well you can offer your knowledge, others will appreciate and will be willing to pay for it. There is only to do some Internet searches to find the housewife who offers his recipes, the computer which provides online assistance, or who provide their services physical form or remotely using the Internet as a platform for advocacy and communication.

The Bid

However the wage they earn does not give to live the rest of the year. Precisely to keep such work should be such workers with a maintenance the months in that they are not working. The same thing is subsidized to the owner of land, for these temporary workers of the field not? Low wages and conditions of scarcity with which they develop makes it become a typical activity for immigrants, whose standard of living in the countries of origin is so low that it does find them profitable. Formulas for this type of labour relations, whose members in places like Andalusia or Extremadura is part of a broad social substrate have been experienced. Errors have been made conditional aid at the time of working hours, which gave rise to corruption cases facing councils more hours than those carried out. And that subsidies were eliminated to be day laborer hired labor time, so to lose aid work, rather than assume a benefit becomes a negative consideration. On the other hand it fostered with the model of Andalusian socialism, the placement of municipal jobs, in a string of traffic of influences that caused political plots and networks of cohesion within parties responsible for governing.

Multiplied the bureaucracy, which extended to the labour field, making many tasks inefficiently and destabilize the job market. Has clearly been a political reaction necessary to resist to the interests of the landowners and large families. Passed that pulse is required of an individual measure and within certain economic parameters that addresses the possibility of establishing a labour market. real and effective. Agriculture should be governed by the various markets, the globalized at the global level, the district or for small transformation industries. When the bid touches ceiling and also the demand for certain products, the business relationship is adjusted. Economic growth in this sector is not possible.

Toader Matei

With your permission, we will start the interviu: Toader Matei: 2. many people agrees that you are a woman’s success in business on the net, what main habit you consider that it has helped you to have so much success? Carmen Robayna: Thank you. I think my main habit is patience, give businesses enough time to ripen, and thus be able to mature I at the same time. It seems to me that online we usually have a hurry to make money and not give opportunity to our business to be profiled and finding your site on the net. We also stopped to learn and train us to be good professionals, and that plays against our. Attached to the inner strength, patience and perseverance, open us all the doors. Toader Matei: 3. what skill you would develop in the future? Carmen Robayna: Well, in the future I would like to continue learning to develop my intuition, and better connect me with my interior.

It is my next challenge. Toader Matei: 4. What is your main purpose in this life? Carmen Robayna: I have two. My mission for this life, and be happy. Almost nothing! Toader Matei: 5. what your family, your husband, your children, in your life? Carmen Robayna: Are a gift for me.

With them I feel stronger, drive me to go ahead, and problems seem less when I look at them it is a privilege to be able to count on his energy and his joy near me. Toader Matei: 6. what would you do if you’d have all the time and all the riches of the world? Carmen Robayna: He would live a simple way, in nature, and I devote to my inner work, my musings and my personal balance. Also it would continue helping who ask me for it, I don’t think that I could stop working, I’m too restless. Toader Matei: 7. what, in your opinion, the essence of MLM business?, no matter whether face-to-face or online. Carmen Robayna: For me, the essence of this type of business is the union between people who make up the network. It is to learn to work as a team and help to the new ones that are coming. We have forgotten how strong we can be working together, we live in a society where everything is individual, each going to theirs, so when many people come to this business, still believing that only your paycheck and your status is important, aside from the care of his group. This is a mistake. Here cannot last much time at the top without strong leadership, and an impeccable ethics, and this can only be achieved looking for others, and wishing for them the same that for us. Toader Matei: 8. Please, do want to add something more? Carmen Robayna: I would like to thank you for the opportunity to speak here in your blog and congratulate you for the great work that you are carrying forward. I wish you all the success in the world! Toadr Matei: Thank you very much for your kindness of giving me the possibility of entrvistarte. That’s all, at the end I would like to me to leave a comment on this article, your opinion is very important to me. Thanks a lot. Toader Matei video Gratuit * or: how Reprogram your mind to be the leader of your MLM business click and download it now!

Multicoloured Event

One of the biggest obstacles to achieve success in life is human apathy. It is an attitude towards life that very often, unfortunately it is also found frequently in young people. It is basically a lack of motivation that does not allow our genius is revealed. Simply we no longer wait for tomorrow what we live today. Life is transformed into a sequence of grey monotonous event with a sudden tinge of color here and there, if we are lucky. This mental state is an extreme passivity toward life product. It is sometimes caused by hopelessness, but most of the time is product of a wrong education. It is a typical mentality of a person who lives according to outside he or she demands. The motto is: tell me what to do and when to do it, I will follow the instructions, you pay me and both are happy. What’s wrong with that? A lot. This kind of attitude will never succeed. It only seeks to please and satisfy the requirements of others. And it will not lead to the personal development that is necessary to achieve a full life. If you are tired of living a mediocre life, you can take a step today and begin to develop. Let your creativity rises up through a process of independent education. Follow these 7 steps, and then bring a kaleidoscope of colors to your life: 1. dig those dreams. Every great achievement began with a dream and in this moment there is one in your heart. 2. Discover your talents and unique abilities. You will probably find them in the activities you choose at your leisure. Close friends can also help identify their strengths. 3. Find out how you can develop their talents and skills even more. Don’t worry if it seems a daunting task, simply take a step. But start today! 4 Be willing to work hard. Success will not fall from the sky. Each change that you want to do in life means an effort. Take determined to be diligent. Think you’ll learn something about the area that you you are passionate about. 5. Find at least a good mentor. It may be in the form of a book, a course or a personal mentor. The Internet is an excellent source today. 6. Secure medium and long term goals which I would like to achieve. A goal is a dream with a deadline. Write down them! 7 Close to its creator. That is what will keep you with eyes on the goal with faith when things get tricky. In short:! take action today! Visit. com and you will immediately get an inspiring e-book free with valuable data about how to teach them to your children (and you) to think differently to be able to build a business. You’ll also get support, inspiration and tools so that personal fulfillment is not only a dream for you Blogs related Catholic Church offers Mujica to social task Uruguay the day famous proverbs about the principles of development staff Ideas to make money by exploiting your skills Entrepreneurs 90.5 Classical Human Festival Fissures (lost and found) Classical 90.5 Human Festival Ground Tvindalert an investigation into human, Planet Aid, US’again Tvindalert an investigation into Humana, Planet Aid, US’again Tvindalert an investigation into Humana, Planet Aid, US’again with chess discovered rules and skills El Universal (Mexico) your task is to study a lot, my serve to make them

Nobel Peace Prize

Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize, will attend to inaugurate a library and to participate in a forum with young people. He met with the Minister of labour, which has been interpreted as a change in the regime in the country. Burma was ruled by generals until 2010, when they handed over power to civilians, many of them exmilitares. The main Burmese opposition, Aung San Suu Kyi, is testing this Sunday new freedoms in his country with his first trip for political purposes in eight years, once the military regime hand over power to civilians (almost all of them former military) last March. The Nobel of the peace Suu Kyi, of 66 years, has chosen a simple and symbolic program to sound out the disposal of the new authorities and containing its displacement from Yangon to Bago, about 80 kilometers to the North, to inaugurate a library and participate in a forum for young people. About 200 followers waited in a pagoda in Bago Division to receive the Lady, as they call it many Burmese, who appeared as always escorted by members of the abolished party, the National League for democracy (NLD), and accompanied by diplomats and journalists, according to the democratic voice of Burma dissident radio.

Police officers dressed in civilian clothes mingled among the Congregation. Suu Kyi trip comes two days after return to the Burmese Minister of labor, Aung Kyi, to meet in what is seen by some analysts as an apparent change of attitude of the regime. We’re going to meet frequently in the future, they claimed the nobel peace Suu Kyi and the Burmese Minister of labor, Aung Kyi, at the end of his interview at a Government residence in Rangoon which lasted around an hour. Suu Kyi explained later, during questions from journalists, who must first arrange the form of cooperation because if we really cooperate for the good of the country, there will be all kinds of progress. Last month, the Government of the Prime Minister, Thein Sein, resumed official contacts with Suu Kyi after the United States exploited in a meeting regional that Burma (Myanmar) needs to prove to the international community that is moving in the right direction before to talk of lifting sanctions. Burma has been ruled by generals since 1962, only that the military junta was dissolved since the elections of 2010 and handed over power to a civilian Government, formed mainly by exmilitares related. Suu Kyi has lived 15 of the past 21 years under arrest for peacefully asking democratic advances. Source of the news: the leader of the Burmese opposition test new freedom of his country with his first political trip