Puerto Rico

What does it matter who when accused of developing or buying weapons and threatens to invade? a shit. What history, name, intelligence, nationality, can be imported into you if each of these things is a problem for them, a nationalist stupidity to resolve, or better said, a trifle to destroy? a Where is the logic intelligence, statistics, which eventually may be invoked to arouse the justice? a What good is knowing that you're right if the final die also bombed? A is not the reason in the service of life, could, in the case, said the philosopher. a Oeyo'm an idiot, you're an idiot, they piensana a And in the case of Latin America and the Caribbean, can not this country (USA) to exert more derogatory cinismo.a there no one can be intelligent or have a history , let alone the statistics, nor logic, nor have heroes or moral, no country, to refute nada.a a A a patio traseroa and point to that currently fit you their latest inventions irrefutable: a drugs and militarismo.a Venezuela is supposedly nuclear-weapon (say it like that) and the rest from other countries and contributes to drug trafficking or are narcotraficantes.a A Bolivar, Marti, Sandino, Guevara, are only historical-nationalist objections that would prevent flourishing of cultural domination and civilization, or at best for them, labels overlap after which the subversion and terrorism. What they say must be the truth and hear what others must be true, the rest of any consideration is estupido.a I'm an idiot, you're an idiot, they piensana We militarists and narco-traffickers, period, greatly the latter charge, they seem providentially reserved for our paises.a can not make sense a " or merecea" who will destruido.a As if that was the slogan of his machinations, his political imperial.a Consider the sarcasm about this drug: For the purposes of which can serve to expose someone to Puerto Rico, for example, is dominated by them in sea, land and air, and that country is a haven for drug trafficking, someone alleges that they used drug money to finance wars, as the Iran-Contra for Nicaragua; that they are the largest producer of marijuana and the largest consumer of cocaine in the world and that drug production is increasing where they allegedly set ayudara a with its DEA, that the Plan Colombia accelerated rates of drug production, they only certify and penalize a " a putting them on lists negrasa a " who only produce and not uncommonly eaters, like them, to compel other countries invaded (for reasons of drug trafficking) to exercise impunity towards them, as the case of Colombia, where his troops have a kind of droit de seigneur on the female population, who can break without penalizing the state? There is only one answer: for nothing, just to see the young gentlemen of the north do not give a reed your intelligence and your convicciones.a Was not that, of course, that Obama came to the summits of our countries, for a Own mocking face of our presidents and have a profound contempt for the state? a Looks like there, incidentally, be institutionalized contempt under discussion.

Much Simplified

Many people nowadays are the owner of the car. If you look back, you will understand – the car was a real luxury. Not everyone could afford to make such a purchase. But one thing is for sure – is to sell your car profitable at all times. Time passed, and all around me and, of course, the changes could not relate to the automotive industry. New models and new technology, new materials and inventions. Ultimately, older models are sold at a lower price and, consequently, have more people could afford to buy cars with mileage.

Today, new models appear much more frequently than before and all this thanks to progress. In addition, the dealers seemed to have what you need to change something, they simplified the sale of the car, which attracted more buyers. That is, now, if you do not have enough money for a car, you may well take the credit and not only in the bank and the various offices, but also in the showroom. Car dealerships in Moscow for the most part provide such services. Practice has proved that it met the expectations of innovation – the machines sold more than before. What's more, you can buy on credit not only to new cars, but with the mileage. Fashion in these days is very capricious lady, you can see how their clothes and on cars. Sometimes this rate is so fleeting that hard to keep up with novelties.

Then look at the forefront of big SUVs, but something quite small and neat cars. Of course, to dictate to someone their taste would be foolish, very much depends on the preferences of the buyer. If it is a family men, naturally, is not worth it to prove that the two-seater is all the rage, it will still need to buy a family car. It is impossible not to stop their attention to new materials that are as participate in the transformation of both external and internal appearance of four-horse, so parts are more durable and lighter. We can say that today lack the choice is simply not available, anyone can pick up a model of taste and possibilities.

Harmful Food

We get great pleasure from food, but do not think what harm it brings the "wrong" foods. Before you eat another packet of crisps or a can of fizzy drink think about the benefits of these products. To feel and look good, you need to eat right and we should start with the most commonly used products. With proper nutrition is necessary to stop using salt or to minimize it in their food. Worth abandon pickled mushrooms, cucumbers and tomatoes. Also abstain from sugar and foods containing sugar such as cakes and pies.

Do not drink sugary drinks and nectars, replace them with fresh juice or water. Sugar can be replaced with honey or fructose, but these products also should not be abused. Canned foods are harmful to your health. You should not eat canned fish and meat, they contain many preservatives and salt. Canned fruit and vegetable purees can be used only in rare cases, if there is no fresh fruktov.Pri nutrition should not be used a lot of spices and seasonings, eliminate from your diet vinegar, mayonnaise, ketchup, different sauces. Various flavor enhancers contribute to greater consumption of food. Eat more fruits and vegetables, they are very helpful. Meat and fish dishes is better to boil, simmer or bake.

French Guerrillas

Others died under bullets of the guards, or were captured by the fascists, they were severely punished and returned back to camp. In the pow camps and concentration camps worked civilian Frenchmen. Among them were the agents of the Resistance, which, when opportunity helped shoots small groups of prisoners and detainees. And transferred fugitives to those who brought them to the guerrillas – the Maquis. After several unsuccessful escape from hard labor on the car-repair plant in Saarbrucken managed to escape from the Nazi hell, gp Ponomarev.

About a month along with another ap he made his way into occupied France. Meeting with leaders of the Resistance in eastern France, decided their fate: they Steel frantirerami – guerrillas. The first baptism of George Ponomarev received the night of 13 to 14 December 1943, participating in start-up enemy trains derailed near the station Barankur. Soon, along with a connected G. Ponomarev left in the forest area near the village of Lauzon, where he met a group of former Soviet prisoners of war. Then there were several people who arrived from Paris, all of them together and made into a forest of Verdun battle core partisans, which is called 'Stalingrad'.

In early February 1944 was still almost unarmed guerrillas derailed train with the German outfit. In two weeks 'George', as the French called G. Ponomarev, and six guerrillas in the area Spenkura derailed German troop train with guns and vehicles. Day of February '23 'guerrilla commander,' George 'said another blow to the enemy – the guerrillas brought down the German defense in the post Canton of Fresnes-en-Voevr.

Prague Czech Republic Received Permanent Residency Status Living

Registration of permanent residence in the Czech Republic in 2010, engaged in high-class professionals with a legal education and legal profession in the Czech Republic and particularly in Prague. Only documentation lawyer and training alien to examinations and interviews allow at this stage in the emigration of Czech Republic to get a positive result. In the past 2009 CoML Czech Republic managed to get units of foreigners who actually been prepared and briefed on procedures and requirements imposed on foreign applicants. Allegedly issuing permanent residence in 2010 in Prague, will not undergo strong changes, and will be available in limited volumes. The status of permanent residency in general assigned to the Czech Republic for foreigners, which are of interest for the Czech Republic and have a steady income as wages, dividends or other income from a business in the Czech Republic or from the Czech employer. Significant differences in the procedure for obtaining permanent residence in the Czech Republic for citizens who have a work visa in the Czech Republic or entrepreneurial business visa there. Foreigners with work permit have the option of an accelerated registration of permanent residence through a pilot project, working for foreign nationals residing in the Czech Republic on the basis of employment contracts. To obtain permanent residency the alien must live in the Czech Republic a full five years and have no problems with legislation of the Czech Republic, both in business and professional and administrative law.

Ritual Monuments

Tombstones known as memorials, grave stones, tombstones and funeral monuments, have the same function and erected with a common goal. This method is to perpetuate the memory of the deceased. Gravestone Stones were originally made of wood. Archaeologists have found Neanderthal graves that date back 50 000-75 000 let.Tela were found in caves with large mountainous piles, covering the entrance. Over time, develop various methods of burial.

The Chinese were the first to use coffins to contain their dead (about 30 000 BC), Mummification and embalming were used about 3200 bc to preserve the body of Egyptian Pharaohs for the afterlife. Pharaohs were placed in a sarcophagus and buried with statues representing their servants and advisers they trust, as well as gold and luxuries to ensure their adoption in the next world. Some King demanded to have their servants and advisers accompany them in death, and his servants and advisors were killed and placed in the grave. Cremation, which started at the same time as mummification, was also a popular method of getting rid of dead bodies. With the development of various religions, began to forbid cremation. The Inquisition claimed that it resembles the pagan rituals. In 1348, the Plague hit Europe and forced people to bury the dead as soon as possible and away from cities. Very often the relatives and friends of the dead were infected with the plague during the ritual burial, because cemeteries, while many tombs continued to spread the disease, beyond the cemetery.

In 1665, British Parliament banned the holding large funeral and set a minimum depth of graves 6 feet (1.8 m). This reduced the spread of the disease, but many cemeteries continued to overpopulate. The first cemetery similar today, there was a cemetery 'garden' set in Paris in 1804. It is in this cemetery headstone and memorials became difficult work of sculptors. Social status is defined by the size and beauty of the memorial. Early memorials depicted horrific scenes with skeletons and demons to instill fear of the afterlife in the residence. Later in the nineteenth century, tombstones have developed in favor of peaceful scenes, such as cherubs and angels, leading to higher peace. Materials Early headstones were made of slate, which was available everywhere. The following material, which became popular was marble, but marble tombstones were destroyed in time and erased the inscriptions, and details of the deceased were not clear. By 1850, granite is the preferred material of the grave monument because of its stability and availability. In modern memorials granite – the main raw materials used. Granite – igneous rock, composed primarily of quartz, feldspar, and plagioclase feldspar with other particles. Granite can be white, pink, light gray or dark gray. This breed can be obtained from the magma, which slowly cooled and eventually eroded by the soil.

Construction Supervision

Documentary warranty All the time we talked about the construction quality. However, it is unattainable without the support good quality materials and technology. Unfortunately, the mechanism of certification is almost not working. This is partly because the reform of standardization: SNiPs passed into the category recommendatory documents, and the majority of technical regulations is now under development. In this connection special importance is the voluntary certification. It is profitable today, not only consumers but and producers as well as confirms the quality of their products and enhance competitiveness. In construction there are several voluntary certification schemes.

For example, established in 2004 "RosStroySertifikatsia", which comprises about 50 regulatory authorities and the order of 40 testing laboratories. State Standard of Russia also holds certification today not only in the gost R system, but in a system of voluntary certification. This mechanism is used by many companies. For example, a group of companies propleks have certified it produced of pvc window profile, in which was installed 60-year period of its operation, and increased frost resistance, up to date for the Russian winters. Document the effectiveness of its products in domestic climatic conditions and the company can ursa, a manufacturer of building insulation materials and insulation systems.

It is only natural that consumers prefer materials, high quality is confirmed by a certificate. The last word – for the State to ensure full effect of of all these quality control mechanisms must state examination erected buildings. "Missing the construction of state control – it means losing a real impact on this area, – The head of the fgi "Federal Licensing Center" Alexander Tolkachev. Today these functions are performed by agencies of the State Architectural and Construction Supervision (GASN). His task is to supervise the provision of participants in the building match erected buildings and structures made of building materials, components and structures of normative-technical and project documentation. However, the work of specialists gasn complicated by the lack of legislative decisions on licensing, as well as the current system of technical regulations. Therefore, how effective and straightforward, these solutions will largely depend quality of domestic construction in the foreseeable future. Thus, the construction must be an integrated system of regulation based on the use of a number of independent tools. It can be done if access control companies in the market is accompanied by a certification of services and materials, insurance, consumer interests, as well as government oversight of construction quality. The specialists expressed different opinions, but agree on one thing: the expected today, legislative changes need to be comprehensive. It is possible that in the current situation should not make any hasty decisions and to allow additional time (Eg, within the time allotted for the transition to a system of technical regulations) for the careful consideration and coordination of all aspects of the problem.

Legal Counsel

Promotion and protection of its business in the Czech Republic through a lawyer. Legal services in Prague from the Russian-speaking lawyer for the assignment of the status and long-stay visa with residence permits and permit entry to the Czech Republic provides the company's lawyer Prague Lion. Only the lawyers of our company offers services litigation, drafting pleadings for filing in court against the police and the consulate of the Czech Republic Czech Republic in pronounced by the refusal of a visa. Legal advice is available in Prague lawyer who will deal with the future of the process in court. Would you like to open a company in Prague by a lawyer, please. Statistics of won trials for the 2009 year of emigration is 99% and this confirms wrongful refusal to issue visas per year with a residence permit from the offices of the Czech consulate and the Czech foreign police. Service on the compilation of action and proceedings in courts of Prague is available for free after signing a contract for mediation services and pay the costs of doing business. Knowledge of legal counsel to perfection Russian language makes a promise and reciprocal steps to obtain long-term visa.

In 2009, dramatically increased the number of refusals of visa issuance Czech consulate. A large number of objectors to the emigration Czech market has necessitated the provision of services to obtain a visa through the courts in the Czech Republic. Yes, not all objectors on visas prefer to sue the Czech government authorities due to fear and not knowledge of the laws, but those who decided on this do not regret in the future, confident and of course in their ballot papers with good results.

The Real ‘A’ Team

Red Team One is here to protect our great country. We wish to obliterate our enemies and unmask their evil plans. Are you aware of all the public relations stunts the bad guys pull? Ever hear about Muslim “fundamentalists”? How about Hamas or Hizbullah “operatives”? They should be called TERRORISTS, for crying out loud! Sadly, our own media plays their game and helps them portray themselves as the good guys. Wake up, America! Recognize the threat! Call your congressman or write to the president; do something to make sure we stay safe and strong!

September 11th Leaves Legacy of Patriotism

Two hundred years ago the English author Samuel Johnson said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” However, today, in the post-9/11 America, patriotism seems to be the first refuge of many citizens from every walk of life. According to many polls taken, patriotic feelings have been aroused in a large cross-section of U.S. citizens in ways that have not been experienced in many, many years.

In a poll conducted by Roper Reports, at least 81% of Americans felt that being patriotic was the “in” thing. By “in” they meant that patriotism was an important part of their self-identity. Only 14% believed that being patriotic was “passé,” not part of their identities as individuals.

This feeling of love for one’s country was not limited to any one ethnic group, age group, or socio-economic group, either. In historically non-patriotic groups like blacks or Hispanics it was found that there was “virtually no difference between blacks’ views and those of the nation as a whole.”

Another traditionally cynical group, baby-boomers, also came on board the patriotism train, with 87% of those born between 1946 and 1964 saying that patriotism is a “central identifying fact of their lives.” Those a tiny bit younger, born between 1965 and 1980, sometimes known as “generation Xers” felt the same way in 78% of those who were asked.

One factor which may be helping to maintain the high level of patriotism experienced in the U.S. even years after the events of September 11th, is the new world order whose modern narrative is that the U.S. is the bad guy. According to one commentator, “if anything fuels patriotism (the negative feelings towards the U.S. by the rest of the world)will do it.”