Total Climate Summit Failure

The last verdict of the climate summit held in Copenhagen in the month of diciembra is: TOTAL failure to the efforts and expectations of the planetary community, because Presidents, delegates and authorities together, after so much expectation that became, not be got nothing, nothing, nothing, so will not be get decrease the polluting gases with greenhouse effect in a way important enough as to limit the increase in global temperatures to 2 C and its devastating consequences. What is expected is that with an increase of 2 to 4 C will cause that much of the Amazon rainforest to dry and burn-out, emanating millions of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere already resentful. The ice of Greenland to melt, so marine waters levels increase by about 6 to 7 meters. Another major problem would be the food because the agricultural cocechas disminurian around the world. For that reason is now that campaigns actions personal, family, community in making consciousness of how to achieve lower should be started the emissions of the polluting gases.

Home is this giving with our vehicles, which are thousands around the world, thanks to the research of combustion is discovered a USA product organic of proven efficacy that placing in the tank of gasoline or cars in each tanqueada diessel, this manages to form a thin layer on the entire system and producing a sealed private, performing a complete combustion and avoiding up to 85% removal of gases to the atmosphere by leveraging all the energy for the motor rotation that occurs at the same time, saving fuel and money. Another feature is to enhance motor and provide greater durability because does not accumulate carbon on Pistons, valves and spark plugs, as also by cleaning all the automotive system. For global distribution company performs through the network marketing independent distributors so successful has at the present time of global economic crisis, since the monthly income is thanks to its own esfurezo or rhythm of work for zonal and global expansion by tools that provides you with the company. At the present time of closures of manufacturing plants worldwide unemployment is the order of the day. The opportunity to start with a profitable business of minimum investment which is the caracteristaca of the multilevel and that soon is vera reflected their great rentabilida is the solution staff, familar and that better saving the planet! Eng.

Secrets Of Sumerian

Unravel the mysteries of Sumer – ancient civilization originated in the Middle East, the scientific minds of the entire planet unsuccessfully trying for a long time. The only reliable set of data is the fact that the first Sumerian civilization began about 450,000 years ago. The rest of the story of this highly developed culture is covered with darkness. Now archaeologists know that in Southern Mesopotamia, in the area of Mesopotamia came from nowhere Sumerian civilization, from the beginning had its own language, script and outstanding knowledge in mathematics, astronomy and other sciences, including: – Ternary System account, and Fibonacci numbers. – Knowledge of the current level of chemistry and genetic engineering.

– Development of a jurisprudence and debugged system of government. – Unique information on the origin, structure and development of the Solar System. In Sumerian images of the solar system, all known to modern science, the planets revolve around the sun, although the precise confirmation of this in the history of the world of astronomy had been received recently. Where did the ancient Sumerians was this information? Sumerian representations of the structure of the solar system there is only one difference from "our": the presence of a huge additional planet between Mars and Jupiter, named Nibiru in the Sumerian texts. According to Sumerian chronicles the orbit of the planet is an elongated ellipse and once in 3600 years intersects with the Solar System.

The next intersection is on their calendar is expected to be between 2100-2160 years. The records of the Sumerians lived on the planet Nibiru highly substantive giant growth (women – about 4 meters, the men – about 5), called "" with a lifespan of up to 360 000 years of earthly measures. There is information about the origin of man. Sumerian manuscript Details tell the artificial creation of genetic engineering in the kind of homo sapiens (based on the primacy of blood) as the gold slaves for the inhabitants of Nibiru, the uprising of slaves and to separate them in a separate race, with the right live on planet Earth. Sumerian teachings about the origin of the Solar System is based on an event called "celestial battle" – big accident, which happened about 4 billion years ago and changed the form of solar System to one which is known to us today. All these historical finds Sumerian civilization were initially regarded by scientists as a myth, wherewith abounds every culture. What a surprise it was the whole scientific world, when astronomical discoveries of recent years have confirmed the data on the global celestial catastrophe, and found fragments of a large celestial body in orbit, corresponding exactly to the orbit of "mythical" Nibiru. And that – not all decoded information of Sumerian civilization. Who knows, maybe after a series of similar discoveries will substantially revise the history of mankind?

Controversy Between Cities

By Alfredo Armando Aguirre started this communication, making explicit that it passes through the path of scientific publication. Prior to the start of writing, 1st. June in the Gregorian calendar in 2008, just as we in the communications that we have been making little more than three decades, we consider the problem of granting title, label to which we attach character backbone of our messages. The magnitude of the issue was finally, to proceed to join in a title, the three that we had happened, and so we ended up in a style of written certification that was characteristic of previous centuries. Having already past sixty years to the humanistic minded people say, oh, a fact that marked us:

The Conference of the Stockholm Environment 1972.En Argentina, a strip of such vocations, we “hit” even with more intensity projections of the event, given the impact and outreach of this theme, he who was three times the constitutional president of Argentina, General Juan Domingo Peron. In turn, before the coup of March 1976, the press secretary of the Argentine government and Diffusion, edited four volumes, containing the addresses of Peron, from June 1973 until June next year. Have doubts about the magnitude of the distribution of that material was, but it is witnessed by the recurring references to the contents of that conference. Over time it became clear that four months before the meeting, and in the same intellectual climate that generated the Meadows report on “The Limits of Growth”, and “Gaia Hypothesis” by James Lovelock, still in exile Peron Madrid issued its “Message to the Governments and Peoples of the World”, a message sent with some slight modifications to the Conference of Non-Aligned Countries, held in Libya next year..

Johannesburg Summit

Also, the surface required for tourism is huge and is often constructed out of infrastructure and land for communal use. Thus, the construction of hotel zones and tourist developments, campsites, golf courses and equipments sporting or tourism transportation infrastructure (streets, car parks, railways and airports) only indirectly have positive effects for the local population. At the same time it causes serious damage to the natural environment, as amounts of building materials such as sand, limestone from coral and wood from the nearby forests, are extracted for the construction of tourist centers causing great damage to the ecosystems involved. In the same way many tourist activities such as skiing, diving, exits in boat, mountain hiking, mountaineering, alter space natural plants and animals that live in it. In many cases precisely is eco-tourism which causes or worsens the damage to the natural environment, since with these activities open to tourism areas until now unexplored.

Due to mountaineering for example, mountains, are affected by waste and felling of trees. Tourism to help the poorest income generation another possibility put forth by proponents of sustainable tourism is to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of poor countries (Latin America, Asia and Africa) which have become important tourist destinations. Tourism and poverty elimination initiative was presented for the first time during the Johannesburg Summit in 2002. Basically covers the following points: the employment of the poor in tourism enterprises, the provision of goods and services to the tourist industry for the poor, the direct sale of goods and services to the visitors by the poor (informal economy), and the creation and management of tourism companies by the poor. Also proposes the establishment of tariffs or taxes on income or profits of tourism (whose fundraising intended to benefit the poor), donations and volunteer support tourism businesses and tourists, and investment in infrastructure that will also benefit the poor of the town.

Copenhagen Summit

But there were conflicting views with respect to how good were these news. Journalist Gregg Easterbrook environmental issues reported in The New Yorker magazine that environmental laws together with the enormous variety of private efforts encouraged by the environmental awareness have had impressive success regulations on the environment, far from being cumbersome and expensive, have proven to be extraordinarily effective, have cost less than anticipated and strengthenednot weakened, the economies of the countries that have implemented them. In the year 2009 the theme of the Earth Day was the Green generation. EDN summoned to be an active part of this environmental network. In 2010 will celebrate the 40 years, and there are several issues including climate change.

The ultimate goal is to someday celebrate the earth day, every day of the year. It is known also, that in Cochabamba, Bolivia, is underway the World Conference on climate change and rights of mother earth. This historical fact is very important for indigenous peoples because our struggle does not have another goal that the preservation and conservation of nature, said Mapuradio.La world people’s Conference on climate change and the rights of mother earth, driven by Evo Morales after the failure of the Copenhagen Summit, develops these days in Cochabamba with the participation of thousands of people who rely on outline an alternative strategy in the fight against the global warming, which includes a climate Justice Tribunal. Since the inauguration of the event, which ends today, Morales denounced the historical debt of capitalism with mother earth, ‘ we only have two paths: Pachamama (mother earth, Aymara) or death. Capitalism dies or dies the mother earth. Vive capitalism or live mother earth. So forceful was expressed the Bolivian President, Evo Morales, during the inauguration of the World Conference in Tiquipaya with the participation of indigenous peoples and social movements. He denounced the historical debt of capitalism with global warming and noted that indigenous peoples would be those who show how to save mother earth, according to Azkintuwe.

State Security

We can not let unlimited consumption of human beings decide what luck will run nature. After all, it is our own luck.Tsetsegee Munkhbayar, Mongolian winner of the AmbientalGoldman prize of 2007 another Summit more in pro of seeking solutions, proposals, actions that will counteract the effects of climate change, which is taking place on planet Earth. This opportunity will be in Cancun, tourist spot in a country currently restless in crisis of violence, as Mexico is living it, product of the struggle between the army and the mafias of repeatedly that are very pronounced in the country. It is known that some 5 to 6 thousand effective military and police are responsible for maintaining the security from Monday and until December 10 during the people’s Conference on climate change. Such as the comenta, there is no Street, roundabout, or road where is not showing them, riding group, never alone, on foot, in vans and vehicles armored, and they participate in permanent rounds or kept in seals or mixed review posts.

Dressed completely in black, some with their faces covered or with military uniforms, loaded with all the possible weaponry in their bodies and in their hands, always lists.His presence forces fear. Solidarity, Isla Mujeres, Tulum and, above all, Benito Juarez are a policing bunker.It’s five to six thousand effective police and military who will be responsible for maintaining security before and 11 days to be held in various forums the peoples Conference on climate change (COP-16), according to data provided by the State Secretary of public security, Miguel Angel Ramos Real. Military and police from three levels of Government forces maintained six posts review at Boulevard Kukulkan of the hotel zone and on the road that connects Cancun and Tulum, in addition to international airport is now under the control of the greater State of Presidencial.En a prolonged stretch of rail from low speed to be Cancun to Playa del Carmen were placed orange cones and tanks used to transport fuel.