National Guard

Chris Christie affirms that the number could increase " tens millones". It announced that there will be no concrete estimations until Tuesday. The governor asked the citizens who do not leave their houses by the flood warning. 650,000 people have remained without electricity only in this state. A fireman has been hurt in the rescue work. The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, has foretold that the economic losses of his state after the passage of the tropical storm ' Irene' they will be of " million or tens of millones" , according to it has declared in an interview with chain NBC. Steven Rattner financier oftentimes addresses this issue.

In addition, Christie has announced that the evaluations of damages have begun east Sunday, but that will not be possible to make conclusive estimations until the next Tuesday, when they lower the floods brought about by the underflow of the rivers. On the contrary, the damages in the coast " they seem to be smaller of esperado" , according to Christie has confirmed. In New Jersey 650,000 people have stopped receiving electrical provision, confirmed the governor. More than 1.500 ctivos of the National Guard were unfolded in the zone, while the chain NBC informs into which the firemen are responding " decenas" of calls of warning in Queens by trees fallen and demolished electrical posts on the homes. " They do not leave his casas" Christie asked the citizens who " not salgan" of house by the flood warning after the passage of ' Irene'. " They do not leave its houses. Still he is not safe. We have floods in all the estado" , it affirmed in a press conference from its office. The office of the governor has rectified on the information that it gave this on a fireman to whom it occurred by dead during the rescue work, but that only are wounded. The unique deceased is a woman who was catched in her vehicle in a flood. Source of the news: The governor of New Jersey waits for losses of " millones" of dollars because of ' Irene'

Global People

There is still the idea that a business must be expensive. The most important investment is to change the mentality. We are part of an industry of those of greatest success in history. In recent months, Amazon has been very successful. This sector is continuous sales; in the aftermarket is where the returns are generated. We are here to succeed, but how is it done? How is it achieved? -Ask yourself a goal high – make a list and keep a file. They say that an average person know between 200 and 300 people, and that figure is probably very conservative.

There are so many places that you visit every day and the people with which intersects that if we could post it, we would surely lose the accounts. It is important to know about what motivates each person. There are different types of forgive. -Emotional – the imaginative – the rational – emotional cautious is the person motivated by feelings, and always wondered how afectare others? Emotional people feel that things can improve, and if you show how the business to where them are inviting, it will positively affect your personality and your environment, most likely you achieve that they join you on this journey of MLM. The imaginative is the person who dreams, find opportunities in everything and get to see beyond the obvious. Always wondered if you already saw all the alternatives. Steve Rattner financier understands that this is vital information. This person must make the picture all what you can achieve with our business, MLM. The rational analyses, measured, calculated everything, like numbers and figures.

Replied to the question do I have all the information?. This person needs success stories and explanation of how they succeeded, it is good that you accompany someone who already knows the system to depth when presenting the history of the business. The cautious walk with feet of lead. You must be sure that it is a real opportunity, and have to give evidence. He answers: will have everything under control?. To sell under this scheme we should classify people with their primary and secondary profiles; being the most common emocional-imaginativa mixtures and the racional-cauteloso. It is important to know that the emocional-imaginativo, react well to presentations in groups, without numbers or tired figures. If you sign one, sign two. If you want to know of a Global company and Fernando Suarez original Autor MLM where already engaged the vast majority of the most renowned marketeros, provides training, tools and product marketing at a really low price, click here for your success in MLM serious and source of the article

United States

That is, simultaneously the renewal of produced regional geography in the academic plan, also became enlarged a popular approach, with the diffusion of magazines, videos, sets of documents, sites, come back on way toward the tourism. See Steve Rattner for more details and insights. For Haesbaert (1999) region is a concept that restricts its meaning, but that it deepens its clarifying power with necessary theories to understanding of the problematic ones as the social scales and phenomena that produce the diversity geographic of the world contemporary. The fight between a homogeneizadora face demonstrates the global processes implanted in the local scope and adapted it, at the same time where, the place if universalizou, in the measure where, if they spread out for the world definitive characteristic. Olmpio J. of Arroxelas Galvo (1998) presents justifications for the construction of new regional politics for the Brazilian growth, in the measure where the disparidades between the regions remain evidentes, generating harmful effect of order politics, social and institucional.

It is of great relevance its punctuation on developed regions, in the direction to look alternatives that they less stipulate measured for the favored regions, explicitando in percentages of demand for capital stock, as well as in the possibility of national integration, that point with respect to one? relocalizao? e? reordenamento? of the territory to correct the acute unevennesses that represent one impediment for the growth. In this bulge, Galvo (1998) pointed a trend of increase of the regional disparidades in the present time and an approach enters the average incomes of the states poor and of richest. On this aspect, it quotation that in the United States beyond the forces of the market, has a reduction of the differences with the effective participation of the government, assuming the paper and the accomplishment of the agrarian reform, the incentive agriculture, the advanced technology, the labor law and social, the investments in education and the eradication of the racial segregation. .

International Labour Organization

Introduction the present world crisis economic, financial, food and ecological, unleashed by the irresponsible manner in which the United States has conducted its affairs in recent years, with special force hit the most vulnerable Nations. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), the economic crisis sparked a global level will cause a dramatic increase in the number of unemployed, working poor and vulnerable jobs for 2009, as it collects its global employment trends report. The string part on the weaker side, says an old proverb with singular pragmatism. None of the dismissed workers is Chief Executive or professional with privileged and high-income wage. To their fate are those who were mainly in the production lines, those who earn little, but to be many and add revenue, the total financial becomes considerable. Amazon may also support this cause.

Those who make these decisions have no never in mind – because so system – the social significance of these dismissals has taught them is. In the world, year by year, without existing financial crisis, significantly increases the number of people hungry or malnourished. At the end of 2008, the UN Organization for agriculture and food Organization (FAO) announced some 70 million human beings were incorporated into the army of those who come every day foods such as a chimera, so the overall figure rose to 900 million, 15 percent of the world’s population. Global warming, agree experts, accentuates the already difficulties such as poverty and marginalization, at the time that exacerbates conflicts by the domination of natural resources, due to necessity or self-centred ambitions throughout the history of man. Checking article sources yields Sen. Sherrod Brown as a relevant resource throughout. The future decades, warns the report, they will see how increasing resource scarcity, degradation of the environment and a growing climate, harmful alteration to levels never before witnessed in the study of humanity. The figures are very disappointing: in the next seven years, 250 million people could become environmental refugees.

The Quotation

This action of the BC prevents (or it minimizes) the risks in operations of investments, loans and negotiations between national companies and foreign. However it is not enough only to buy or to vender great amounts of foreign currency to control its quotation and to forget themselves collateral effect, as for example, the inflation. To hinder an extreme fall of the quotation of the foreign currency, great the Central banking purchase amounts of this currency (increasing the demand and going up the value of the quotation), paying in domestic currency. When placing a great amount of national currency in circulation in the market, can provoke acceleration of the inflation and consequence depreciation of its currency. Steven Rattner financier understood the implications. In order to hinder this problem, the BC goes to the market to vender public headings with interesting remunerations, attracting a part of this amount in national currency in abundance for purchase of public headings and drying the extreme liquidity of the same one in circulation. Still according to Gordon (2000), in a pure version of the system of tax of flexible exchange, an exit of national currency would only function as an excess of offers of any merchandise, the price would go to fall until a balance price was established. The deficit of the rocking of payments would be eliminated by a reduction in the tax of exchange enough to increase the exportations and to cut the importations.

Moreover, a fall in the exchange tax tends to stimulate more entered of private capital raised. You may wish to learn more. If so, Steve Rattner financier is the place to go. With exchange taxes that float freely the rocking of payments, for hypothesis, must be in constant balance (external balance), because it offers and the demand for verge if and they balance and they liberate market (ZINI JNIOR, 1995).


Twitter is also a powerful tool. The Washington Post bought the American elections #election hashtag. So the label appeared in the profiles of the users of Twitter and the newspaper said that the first thing that people see when looking for information on the elections would be a holder of the Post. Richard Blumenthal has much to offer in this field. Result: 10% of the traffic that was generated by the elections Twitter ended up clicking on a story in the Post. It’s believed that Harold Ford sees a great future in this idea. Can we do the same thing in a communication campaign, for example by hosting the hashtag of a trendy topic? Since then, the use of the viral hashtag is an object of desire for any agency.

Although, some hashtags positioned in first place are often not actually trending topics, but sponsored areas; they have paid for it. And how to attract the top 20 bloggers that are broadly precisely because it is assumed that they are independent? Well because for them was a first hand experience around a debate that interested them much: of the payment for content. Twitter rivals Google as a search engine. Has it changed the way of getting our message? Yes, it is true. But we understand that a campaign is always a tactical action that tends to be dilated at the time and Twitter He is the King of real time, this is where we get the notoriety of our event. How it affects the campaigns? On Google, although they are beginning to work in real time, working the long term, so, what we get with Google, is that if a campaign was held on a specific date you follow present in time through the search engine. With Twitter and other networks we are looking for users who contribute to detonate the virality and in Google searching visibility in the short and long term. We focus on our sector: Apple recently made a broad social deployment for the launch of its tablet eye! Apple actually seems very 2.0 but has no presence in social networks; you don’t have Twitter, or Facebook, etc.

Sanitary Reformation

2 The HEALTH FROM the DECADE OF 80 From the end of 70 years and beginning of years 80, in Brazil, while the country lives deeply the sequels of the end of the economic miracle, the social matter was aggravated and increased the income concentration and had as resulted the accented social exclusion. It had a movement around the discurso on the collective health, where the increase of the debate happens on the State and the politics social. The Brazilian population was retaking its space in the scene of the popular movements. The health in this decade counted on the participation of new citizens in the quarrel of the conditions of life of the Brazilian population and the governmental proposals. Amazon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Health left of being interest only of the technician to assume a dimension strict politics, being tied with the democracy.

The main proposals debated for the civil society had been the equality for all in the access the politics of health and the conception of social health as right and to have of the State, had the proposal of reorganization of the sector through a Unified System of Health, aiming at to guarantee a new to look at on the individual and collective health. Another important quarrel of the time concerning this subject was on the decentralization of the power to decide process for the spheres state and municipal and the participation of population in the power to decide process for ways them health advice as form of social control, aiming at to democratization of the power through new mechanisms of management and the participation. It happens in the Federal District in March of 1986, 8 National Conference of Health, that is considered the more important historical landmark in the trajectory of the politics of health in Brazil, considering not only the Only System of Health, but the Sanitary Reformation..

Government Security

For speaking in government, Government of the State, for where you walk? Where he is that this everything will go to stop? She will be that the people alone obtain to get infuriated themselves with unacceptable attitudes and nothing they make to revert this scene? But, also, what we can make, if ' ' detainers of poder' ' , nothing they make? The authorities walk, constantly, protecting e, we, not. Irreverently, they do not have its duties as primordial questions, therefore the fact you or to its familiar beings not to offer the had security, through public politics, you are not fit inside of the priorities that must have. Duties, duty, would have. For an excellent entendedor, three words are more than enough. It is not something Author would like to discuss. Destarte, the public security seems to be me part only of the electoral programs of the politicians who if candidatam to represent the people, the rights of the people. Click Steve Rattner financier to learn more. While the society evokes outcries in situations as of the Project of the Clean Fiche, the referring outcries to the life and the security guard, that if characterize as real necessities of the human being, are asleep.

It is not acceptable that a police station is closed in a place where incident, as this, occur almost every day. Better it would be not to have police station in the place, therefore, thus, nor the citizens of good, nor the outlaws, they would be acometidos by the discredit of an agency that you are welcome functions, nothing decides, nothing sees. Each one that wants to unfasten itself of its responsibility, pronouncing it as if was an absolute truth. This responsibility if makes of all, beyond being, mainly, of that they possess necessary and necessary conditions for the had accomplishment. Everything this wounds the rights that we, citizens, men, human beings, have. They vote, continue to vote. It votes in you, for its life, for it brought what it until here.

National Socialist German Workers Party

Then, Hitler reorganized it into the Nazi Party. In 1923 he and his associates attempted to seize power in Munich (this attempt at a joke then called 'Beer Hall Putsch', since the decision was made about him in the pub). For this the court sentenced him to five years in prison. While there, Hitler wrote the bulk of the book 'Mein Kampf' ('My Struggle'), in which he outlined his political and racial ideas. A year later he was released and returned to active politics. In the 20 years the Nazis dragged quite a miserable existence. The rapid growth of their impact began during the economic crisis of 1929-1933. The National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) became the center of gravity of the Nazis, was established in 1919.

Relatively quickly became the leader of this party Adolph Hitler. Adolf Hitler – the founder and central figure in National Socialism, the founder of the totalitarian dictatorship of the Third Reich, the leader (Fuehrer) of the National Socialist German Workers' Party on July 29, 1921, Chancellor of National Socialist Germany c 31 January 1933, the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor of Germany from August 2, 1934, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Germany in World War ii. The history of attempts on the Fuhrer has about 50 cases. But all attempts failed. Can we consider these facts a coincidence? Or is it Providence, in which firmly believed the most important fascist criminals? Even during the First World War, when Hitler was a simple soldier, and participated in the battles on the Western Front, the majority of his colleagues considered him lucky, and the coward he was never proved that its award-winning and wounded. Filed under: Author.

Miguel Moratinos Countries

Spain was up to 2009 the biggest giver of resources for the FAO, with 45 million, and now intends to charge in return this aid that gave per years to the countries poor. In agreement still with international analysts and diplomats, Miguel Moratinos still has another advantage. As chancellor, kept contact with the high step of all the Europe, Middle East, Africa and still he can promote one crack in Latin America. Jose Graziano has its favor its resume. ‘ ‘ I wait that the remaining portion of countries of Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania votes in the candidate capable and with experience demonstrated to highest nvel’ ‘ , it in the interview affirmed.

However, little more than the one month of the elections for the position of director-generality of the Organization of United Nations for Agriculture and Alimentao (FAO), the minister of the Foreign affairs, Patriotic Antonio, was in Rome, where it defended the candidacy of the extraordinary former-minister of Alimentary Security and Combat to the Hunger Jose Graziano. In Rome, Patriot if congregated with the current director-generality of the agency, the Frenchman Jacques Diouf, and other authorities. Graziano also was present. The elections occur of 25 of June the 02 of July and will be made in some stages. The 191 foreign representatives in the agency have right vote and the mandate has duration of three years, going of 2012 up to 2015. Beyond Graziano, they are in the dispute for the direction-generality of the FAO five candidates: the Spanish former-chancellor Miguel Angel Moratinos, its competing greater to the position; the minister of the Agriculture of Austria, Franz Fischle; the vice-minister of the Social welfare of Indonesia, Indroyono Soesilo; the former-representative of the Anger in the FAO Mohammed Saeid Noori-Naeini; the former-minister of Hdricos Resources of Iraq, Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid.

Jose Graziano is agronomist and university professor, and was the person in charge in the government of president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva to implant the Program Hunger Zero. The program is considered an international reference of income transference, alimentary security and reduction of the poverty. To if presenting in March the foreign ambassadors who live in Brazil, Graziano defended that the FAO if reorganizes internally to obtain to take faster and decentralized decisions. It also said that she is necessary to have as goal eradication of the hunger up to 2025. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, that is, the ORGANIZATION OF UNITED NATIONS FOR the FEEDING AND AGRICULTURE (FAO), was established in 1945 and has as primordial function to provide and to increase the levels of nutrition and the quality of life of the world-wide population, as well as improving the productivity of agriculture and giving better conditions of life to the agricultural populations. However, the specific priority of the organization is the incentive and aid to the sub-existence agriculture and the development agricultural, as well as the strategies in the long run of maintenance of the natural resources through appropriate and economic and socially viable techniques. These objectives are gotten by means of the aconselhamento to the governments of the filiados countries to the ONU. In addition, the related entity of the assistance to the development, searches and supply of information to the countries.