Official Gazette

This planning line continues with the General Plan of the dance and will be extended to the circus, sector especially needed support, adjustment and clarification of priorities and criteria. Also, progress in contacts to assess the lines of action in the lyrical and musical fields. Meanwhile grants of the INAEM sectoral Strategic Plan 2009-2011 applied the objectives of these plans competitive concurrence scheme grants. Also, the INAEM has assumed the commitment to promote and promote the music popular in all its aesthetic variations, which has consulted experts and has conducted an international comparative study. In addition, in recent years, the INAEM has been supporting these musics from your system of grants and subsidies. On the other hand, the INAEM supported in an invitation to independent in the years 2008 and 2009, interpretation, creation and dissemination of Spanish contemporary music, helping to consolidate a tissue of creators and performers active with national and international projection, to stably maintain a system of dissemination of such music and promote new creations, and allow all this to publicize the Spanish cultural heritage through our music. This work of promoting contemporary music continued to develop in 2010 through the general call to dance, poetry and music and integrating it in the same, in order to rationalise, unify and simplify support for music in all its manifestations and wealth, and will continue to do so in the call for 2011.

The constitutional mandate to manage according to the principle of efficiency has become a duty demanded by citizens and promoted by their own Administration. The INAEM has reinforced this trend, by mandate of the Council of Ministers, with the approval of its code of good practice, published in the Official Gazette on December 4, 2008. The Code establishes in its article seventh that ‘the action of promotion of the INAEM, developed through subsidies and aid, including those aimed at the Endowment, conservation and renovation of spaces and performing infrastructures, will be inspired and prioritize according to criteria of quality, stability, attracting new audiences, bid between the various territorial fields balance, coordination, external promotion of national cultural industry and the Spanish historical heritage and dissemination of the current stage and musical creation innovative’.


The sections of credit are financial institutions with all of the law. In Spain its greater implantation by number can be found in: Catalonia, Comunidad Valenciana, Andalucia, Extremadura, Castilla – La Mancha and Galicia. The members of the cooperative used the section of credit services such as authentic benches with unique inability to link directly with the Spanish banking system. Typical products are: savings accounts, current accounts and fixed-term deposits. These liabilities will be used to finance partners and the cooperative itself. Loans, usually in the medium or long term, and the annual appropriations help partners achieve the funding necessary for the exploitation of their farms. Other sections of the cooperative (supply shop, petrol station,) who billed to the partner can make to the Cuentas-seccion of the same charges.

Similarly (sales of crops, grants, payroll) fertilizers may also be recorded. The advantages are obvious for the cooperative: charges interest on deferral of payments, controls the risk of partner total and get a more helpless Treasury. A last advantage is the loyalty with our operate. The problem above mentioned about the impossibility of accessing the banking system can be resolved, and in fact what this, using double account system. The cooperative signed a collaboration agreement with a bank or cash.

For each account in the section are opening one in the other entity. About the cuentas-banco is achieved access to the banking system (transfers, pay pensions, telephony etc.). Daily balances of the cuentas-banco are matched to a fixed amount and the differences are credited or charged in the general account of the section maintained at the Bank. With all that said what operations must consider an application for section of credit? The answer is simple, virtually all operations of a bank or cash: 1. maintenance (openings, amendments, cancellations) and liquidation books savings, accounts flows, accounts appropriations, impositions, and loans. 2 Box or window that facilitates revenue and refunds in metallic and non-metallic. 3. Importing files using standardized models. Examples would be CSB34 (rule 34 of the higher Banking Council), with the CSB19, or the CSB43. 4. Generation of files to the outside to pay or load operations through another financial institution, or manage the doble-cuenta.

Lose Weight Fast

Today’s world has become more aware that look nice is directly related to being in shape. Be healthy thanks to a good figure also will impact your self-esteem and your own safety. Many obese people charged not only with the problem of their weight but also with the fact feel mentally sick and not believe that it is possible to get out of where they are. Losing weight fast is not an an impossible dream, can be but depends directly on how much you want to achieve, so motivate you and follows these ideas given below. #1. Get your favorite drink consume water water will make your body burn calories, cleanse your renal system and will give new impetus to your life.

If you do not drink soft drinks or sodas like Coca Cola or Pepsi you save 1 pound of weight per each 20 drinks that don’t drink. It replaces your carbonated water beverage and you’ll notice the difference in a short time. The water does not contain sugar helps you reduce the weight in the most efficient manner. #2. 5 To 6 meals a day eating whatever you want, but with measure, lots more small distributed in 5 or 6 meals a day. This will give you a fullness sencion, will not be weak, and help your body release less insulin (or stable sugar in the blood) and therefore will control hunger. This Council is one of the most useful if you want to lose weight fast you will not hunger, and your body will release more energy; which will help you burn fat. #3. Walk if you have time to take a walk in the evenings or if you forget your car at least 3 times a week get it! Walking is very important for people with jobs sendentarios. If spend 8 hours in your computer Chair and sums 2 hours more of traffic; You’ll be on average 10 hours per sitting day.

Celtic Cross

Currently, Internet puts within reach of all, the possibility of a free tarot consultation. Excellent opportunity for a first contact with a fascinating world, should however know what kinds of chucks are that can offer the best within this modality. Often, the free tarot online offers an additional advantage. Indeed, most of free tarot web sites have a brief introduction to the basic aspects of this mancia. Origin, history, purposes and types of harnesses are some of the topics that can learn more thoroughly. The majority of free tarot sites, also often offer a description detailed of the twenty-two major arcana, indispensable for a deeper understanding of the message of the Chuck. Already performed this first initiation into the secrets of the tarot, the surfer will find numerous options of free tarot chucks on the web.

Some will offer predictions for the day, or answers to specific questions. Others, more complete, a more comprehensive picture of the situation of the consultant, with predictions about health, love, work, communication and linkages. In some free tarot sites will find the possibility of requesting his arcane of the day, a single letter whose message seeks to orient on the prospects for the next few hours. Which one to choose, then? For who just started in the knowledge of the tarot, it is great useful chucks of tarot consultation free day. In this way, you can gradually become familiar with the messages of the arcana, and acquire the practice of seeing the tarot as a source of guidance and Council. The inquiry to the free tarot which responds to specific questions, as to whether or not Chuck is also indicated.

Or request specialized sites of the arcane of the day, to begin to reflect on the rich possibilities that each tarot card has. Another interesting possibility is the consult the tarot of colors, working with the energies of each person. And warns about what are weakened, and their possible consequences. Once acquired some experience in deciphering the free tarot messages for the day, can address the experience of a more complete circulation, as the Gypsy or the Celtic Cross. But always bearing in mind that this is a ceremony, and not a game, that should be done with concentration and respect. Only in this way can understand the message of the arcana in all his wisdom and depth.