The Democratic Party

After which this conflict emancipated to the Afro-American ones, these tended to alienate themselves with the republicans. The Democratic Party sinks its roots in the movement that Thomas Jefferson created in the 1790 s and in the governments who had the USA between 1801 and 1841. Although he had a rhetoric against the aristocracy and in favor of the Irish farmers, workers and immigrants, the democrats impelled wars against Mexico and the Indians. In the question of the slavery they tolerated this one in the south and when the civil war exploded many of their sectors did not want to fight in the abolicionista side. The main member of this party was the solid south. Nevertheless, the northeast has happened to be the bastion of the republicans to become the one of the democrats. With the social reforms of Franklin D. Roosvelt (President in 1933-45) and the support to the civil rights with the governments of John Kennedy and Lyndon B.

the Johnsons (1961-69) the Afro-American ones were emigrating from the republicanism towards the democrats, to point that today they are the race that more mainly supports to them. Nevertheless, that turn went alienating to the white conservatives of the south the same that would be separated from the democrats and who have caused that today the south is republican. In last presidential Bush it won widely in all the southern States. Utah is the State that today gives the best electoral percentage to the republicanism whereas mormones that dominates to him is the religion that has more identified with Reagan and Bush. The republicans have been replaced themselves like one of the most preservative parties of the world, whereas the democrats, who initially were to their right, for almost a century are located to left his to him. In external policy the republicans they have stopped being abierta house to the anti-interventionists (like whom they were against to participate in the two world wars) to become paladines of unilateral military interventionism.


Many works from the 16th kunsterlische and 17 Century point to the age of the race, where it can be seen unmistakably on it. Previous names are: Turkish dog, Dalmatian dog, Petit Danois, Tiger Dog, Bengal Bracke. The exact origin of the Dalmatian is still unclear and based only on assumptions, including the country of origin is not exactly clear. It is believed that this breed comes from around the Adriatic Mediterranean. In 1882, the first official breed standard and the first known breeding sites were very few.

The Dalmatians are hard to train is a rumor that keeps bravely as he did not to have children should belong, but it is the ever not so. From my own experience I can say, can learn Dalmatian over the food and much love everything. Dalmatians are smart dogs, like action, whether through dog sports, long walks or Rebus. They quickly learn to enjoy a variety of tricks are ideal family dogs. If they are not, however, calls and only "just so" anschafft because they are so cute, you can be very uncomfortable and unhappy. They really suffer under it and can, for example when they should have landed at the shelter to give up normal.

Whether you prefer to come for a puppy, a young dog or a little older "model" in question lies in your own decision. But think how grateful can be dogs, from the second Hand are. Many Dalmatians sitting in the shelter, you lose your home or be picked up by dogs and conservation organizations would give anything to be able to again live in families. Remember, when purchasing not only the properties this race, but also whom you buy the dog. Dalmatians are still among the popular breeds of dogs and are often offered at low prices from Hndehandlern. Look closely at (environment, breeders, mother), if you look at the puppies, you never buy out of pity, even if it is hard to resist a puppy and let us never lure of a seemingly low price. For what good is a sick Dalmatian, who then alone can cost thousands of vet costs by . come through the white coat in about 3-5% deaf puppies puppies, if you do not consciously decide for a deaf dog, then the shock is usually not until much later. Although deaf dogs are almost as good as hearing dogs to educate, but you should already have dogs or have experience even better an existing hearing dog, so that the pigeon can focus on that. If you want to have a loyal companion loves to run for sports, family and for life, the Dalmatian is the right dog breed.

German Commune

The fort of Issy was evacuated (08/05); this provoked a treason accusation cascade and incompetence. In day 10 France signed the peace accord with the Prssia; the way for the complete wall of the city was opened. From then on more serious the internal disputes are each time. In 22/05 the versalhesas troops had opened a breach in the walls of Paris, and start to advance quickly, facing only sporadical resistance. A group of women, petroleuses, adopts guerrilla tactics, setting on fire houses to delay the enemy advance. In retaliation for the slaughter promoted for the versalheses, the Commune executes arcebipo of Paris and five clergymen (24/05). The two sides practise bloodier excesses each time.

The last barricade falls in 28 of May. Versailles lost 877 soldiers during the wall and occupation of Paris; the Commune lost 3,500 combatants. But in the razia practised in the city after the occupation had 17,000 deaths in 15 days About 35.000 prisoners the chainses had been ranks in ships in the coast of Britain. A total of 4.500 of them had been banished for New Calednia. A new constitution was promulgated in 04/09; Thiers soon fell after the 1873 elections.

It was cogitated for long time of the restoration of the monarchy; after all conservative took advantage a republican system. The reflection on the defeat for the Prssia and the excesses of the Commune produced conclusions interesting: some had remembered the theories of conde of Gobineau on the racial enfraquecidfmento due to miscegenation. The German doctor Karls Starck detached the moral dissolution, alcoholism and the sexual desregramento as causes of the failure. Between 1870 and 1875 he had intense repression against prostitution; laws against you inebriate had been instituted in 1873. In the same year it was approved construction of a new basilica catholic in Paris, the Sacre-Coeur. One where of religious enthusiasm it was spread for the parents; the peregrinations in mass the Lourdes had become common. The State increased e, 3,5 million Francs the paid subsidy to the church catholic, a rigorous religious education in the schools was instituted, and new universities catholics had been created. Workmanships that make compliments to the Commune alone go to be seen in France from 1886. The conclusion of the author is conflicting: although it has conceived the narrative from the one idea ' ' Paris entidade' ' , endowed with will and proper identities, forged for all its inhabitants, this questioned one becomes questionable from the proper narrative. Paris appears much more as a barulhenta and confused multiplicity, pointing with respect to a thousand different directions. A caleidoscpio varied and contradictory of wealth, tyranny, decay, revolution, badly generalized, melancholy, everything this constituting a terrible indivisibility.

Infantry President

The expert report of the Doctor-Legal Institute, one more time would certify as cause suicide, having been one more time signed for the doctor-legal expert Harry Chibata, who later would come to be punished by the Advice of Medicine of So Paulo for false representation. At this Geisel moment more it could not tolerate cruel acts of torture and deaths in the validity of its government come to come out then as the confrontation opened between Geisel and the call ' ' line dura' ' to militate. The president did not titubeou at no moment? today the Party Of the Workers that conquered for 3 time the presidency of the Republic through its candidate Dilma Rousseff would have to make a great homage while still while still alive, in the person of its son, Lucy Geisel, to president Geisel with the biggest decoration that exists in the country – it travelled immediately for So Paulo and, of surprise in canetada only and with unusual rapidity, it relieved general Ednardo D? Avila of the command of II the Army, nominating in its place general Dilermando Gomes Hunter to substitute it. For force of this, having safe information that were in course a military blow for dep it of the government president Geisel it makes a deep change in the intermediate steps of the Armed Forces with the assignment for commands of regiments, brigades and divisions hosted in the area of II the Army of entirely on officers it, as general Jose Fragomeni – that Division of Army would assume the command of 2, general Fernando Guimares de Cerqueira Rasp that would be assigned person for 12 Brigade of Infantry, headquartered in Caapava in the Rio Grande Do Sul, and general Gustavo de Morais I water that 11 would pass commanding Brigade of Armored Infantry, with headquarters in Campinas, region of the great So Paulo.

Second Spanish Republic

I apologize to readers for having taken this personal, but I think it gives me the moral and political force then necessary to affirm that the proclamation of the Second Spanish Republic was an act of unlawful force, based on the philosophy outlined above de Pablo Iglesias. On April 13, 1931 municipal elections took place, even Legislative and Constituent course not. Of these only could be derived, by law, the constitution and composition of all municipalities in Spain and only the municipalities. According Tunon de Lara, who seems suspicious of bias monarchist, monarchists were elected councilors and 5,775 22 150 Republicans. Official figures were not ever published, and variations in the amounts, but not significant on proportionality, the triumph of the monarchical nominations have been accepted by all historians of this period. Says historian Ricardo de la Cierva that the occupation of power by the Revolutionary Committee April 14, 1931, was a coup. The same day that these elections took place, Alcala Zamora, on that date – requires illegally, the march of the king before sunset the next day 14. The masses are concentrated furiously screaming at the gates of the palace.

To avoid minor bloodshed, Alfonso XIII goes out the door of the Campo del Moro, having been warned of the danger to their physical safety. The King is moved from car to Cartagena where some into exile. Of the twelve members of the Provisional Government is formed, according to Ricardo de la Cierva, six were members of Freemasonry.


It has not gone to who that the car breaks down at the least expected time. And worse still, that when this happens the automobile spare parts are not hand necessary. I know people who leaves home without a cat or a spare tire. For this reason, I always recommend carrying tools and accessories needed in an emergency. Nobody likes to get stuck in the middle of the road and having to wait several hours until it reaches the crane to pick up the vehicle, not to mention the amount of paperwork and red tape that must be signed when the insurance comes and all. You pass a bad drink. Especially if it breaks down the unexpected has made plans to be fudge. This is why what I consider of vital importance knowing your car as much as yourself, although it may sound excessive and exaggerated.

It is true, because in this way we will ensure to always achieve exact and precise parts for our model of vehicle. For example, if we have a BMW, we must make sure that we know exactly which was manufactured year and model for power so get bmw parts. And this Council not only applies to cars, also is valid for motorcycles and even bicycles. Of course we should never wait to exit the smoke from the engine to act, or that the chain climb out to the bike. You always have to take a series of minimum preventive measures so as to be able to avoid these situations. Summing up; We must always be sure that we have spare parts exact our particular vehicle, and needed to avoid unpleasant surprises that can make that our trip ruin.