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The sources are witnesses face-to-face and activists of the opposition. Protests were held in the so-called freedom day. The Damascus regime has imposed a tight information grip. Some twenty people died Friday in various parts of Syria by new protests against the regime of Bashar Al-Assad q EU broke out after the noon prayers, witnesses and opposition activists reported. Flash opposing information network said that at least 18 people had been killed by the action of the security forces to suppress public protests on Friday and United Arab Emirates television Al Arabiya, meanwhile, placed in 21 those who died on this day.

Grip the Damascus regime has imposed a tight control of information, has expelled several foreign journalists and has stopped or prohibited work to Syrian reporters working for international media. Demonstrations spread to Damascus, the capital, where nearly 2,500 faithful began a protest in nearby the mosque of Ali bin Abi Taleb. Other marches were conducted in the cities of Latakia and Banias. Protests, convened in the so-called freedom day, occur in the midst of demonstrations that began in mid-March this year, which have caused almost a thousand dead, according to estimates by human rights organizations. Source of the news: some twenty people during political protests on Friday in Syria

The Power Political Of Rejection

Citizens have as shake us a power that us press. However, many people who want to free themselves from an oppressive power do not another thing that incurring the voluntary servitude. Many times it happens because the problem exceeds to cut the head of tyranny and so get rid of it because you would have to sample all of a social body deformation. We have seen that in the first meeting of the new National Assembly, shows unequivocally that this country does not have a ruling class. Not so enough with the rejection of the dictatorship but with a project that go far beyond and involves the transformation of the social body that celebrates the circus before his eyes presented.

A total change of the gaze and the encounter of a line of flight that goes towards the formation of an alternative that exceeds the regime to include the construction of a new community is then necessary. What is shown is a terrifying nudity which must be deserting. Thus, the question is not why they revolted, but why not make it. Someone once said that this was one of the fundamental problems of political philosophy, that is, why men fight for their servitude. The answer is given, certainly in the decapitated social body would be very bad before the mirror.

So here we could argue that it is quite likely that the majority of the country is no longer with the regime, only you don’t know what that means. The regime exerts a discipline that includes the outputs to the recreation of the students, for instance debate in the National Assembly. When members are desganitan in their lugarcomunistas screeds respond to an inner compulsion dictated by that discipline. I.e., the deputies highlighted discipline themselves and are delivered and with his eloquent speech produced the domain from their subjectivity. The Vindicator congregation that celebrates it has told four commonplaces to the regime could be transformed into impositora crowd.

Politicians Avoided Comments

On 20 November, but in 1975, died the dictator Francisco Franco. Zapatero, asked why, considers it a day like any other. ARSENIO school BLOG: 20-N: Rubalcaba asked him to ZP this week Zapatero, fifth President of the Government of Spain since the transition. Advance election 48 hours after knowing the cto Rubalcaba in the CIS. There is already a date for early general elections. They will be on November 20. A date like any other, according to the President of the Government Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, but that in the public memory of middle-aged Spaniards remember the day of the death of the dictator Francisco Franco, in 1975, and the founder of the Falange Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, in 1936.

The three protagonists of this Friday, the outgoing President, Zapatero, and the two leading candidates to succeed him, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba (PSOE) and Mariano Rajoy (PP) did not want comment on the symbolic connotations of the date chosen for the elections. Thus, Zapatero has said in the press that the 20-N Conference feels one date, at least for me. The month of November, said the President still has many public holidays and the day chosen is that allows to circumvent all these holidays. For his part, the leader of the opposition, Mariano Rajoy, who was asked by a foreign journalist, thereon was limited to say that it seems very relevant, and it recalled that it is the President who fixes the date. In the same line, which will be his political rival direct during these next few months, the former Minister of the Interior, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, trumped pronounce. I’m going to run away from that debate, Rubalcaba said at a press conference. Source of the news: politicians avoided comment about the symbolism of the date of the elections, the 20-N

So Many Political For So Few Citizens

Although certain percentage relationship must exist between the number of politicians who represent certain opinion and their constituents, when the oversize exceeds the equation, the inevitable disproportion that only gesta discomfort and extra taxes generated! This mathematical asymmetry does not respond to any civic logic, already hold a disproportionate number of people participating in the sport of the gobernismo – so this unitary figure-, involves a work effort by residents to solve either salary, expenses and other benefits that adorn the State employee welfare. The fate of taxes directed to consolidate the State bureaucratic system is the most efficient way to break any nation’s economic course, that evaporates the principle of the intrinsic value of the lien, rolling back to growth and to the updating of the place of residence, not allowing even recycle facilities that formerly were. The situation of corrupted include staff within the dividends State, it always responds to two motivations, the first being attached to the family and friends within the benefits free physical sacrifices, and the boldness of the mundane chore. Being the second cause the political imperative of disguise the reality of unemployment, concealing the ineptitude the paralyzing situation, granting certain Entourage empty stolen wages of contributors neighbors, not generating more than the delay time that allows you the authority to sustain themselves as much as possible to continue to charge at the same time the social wage subject to the throne! This last paradox blurs the statistic of unemployment index values so the same is minimal, denying its alarming existence up to the limit of not requiring official interference, avoiding the emission of causative opinions of consequences in the maculacion of political image, or flee from the short-term reality is the concept of elementary political survival! Original author and source of the article.

White House Responded

The White House responded to the tweet of a user via a link to a video of the singer Rick Astley. The link you added the White House message is part of a joke popular in the network, called Rickrolling. The White House twitter account with about 2.304.084 followers. The White House used a popular Internet joke to answer a user of Twitter in a fun and unusual way. The tuitero complained Wednesday that the issue of indebtedness and EE UU spending ceiling was not something interesting, according to the newspaper The British Guardian in its online edition. Thus, the White House, with 2.304.084 followers on the social network, replied that he regretted that he believed that and then added a link to a video of Rick Astley, British singer who triumph in the eighties. Rickrolling song was Never Gonna Give You Up and added that possibly this link cultured him more than the economic debate in the country.

This widespread Internet joke, called Rickrolling, consists of a trap link disguised as something of interest to the user who sees it, but actually redirects to this music video of Rick Astley. This song has been chosen for this purpose, since many consider that it is the worst popular theme of all time. This action has not only affected Web pages, but it has been extended beyond the world of the Internet. Source of the news: A tuitero complains of political debate and the White House responded with a song by Rick Astley