At the entrance to the municipality of hazards (11,000 inhabitants), in the metropolitan area of Granada, a poster reminds all article 47 of the Constitution: the right to enjoy decent housing. From the month of March, neighbors and visitors know, upon arrival to the village, which the City Council is against evictions in desahucios.org. And it is not just a gesture. Izquierda Unida and democratic alternative of hazards (ADP), which govern in minority (six of 17 Councillors), are taking small steps against one of the unfortunate consequences that is leaving the crisis: families forced from their homes by the non-payment of the mortgage. The worrying situation of helplessness that found thousands of families and the increase in foreclosures with a forecast upward motivated the presentation of a motion to the House of the town hall that left IU five Councillors and was approved with the votes of ADP and PSOE. She urges the central Government to take measures to guarantee the right to housing, but beyond State competition, the municipality is taking actions to combat drama. The Mayor, Roberto Garcia, is aware of the limitations to fight what he considers one of the greatest injustices of these turbulent moments from the Town Hall, but takes the initiative in what you can. This week, the Government team has cancelled municipal accounts that had in CajGranada by lack of cooperation and understanding of the banking entity.

According to the consistory, far from negotiating a situation that is very difficult for one of the families of the people, the entity continues with its claims. The box, which made public that it applies the code of good practice, has declined to pronounce on this municipal decision. If other entities at least think it is a little, it will have served for something, explains the Councillor for employment, Local development, youth, citizen participation and communication, Jose Antonio Paniagua.

Brigadier General Francisco Xavier

In 7 of August, the electoral college was convoked, having been elect lieutenant-colonel Joaquin Xavier Snows for president and the priest Vicente Blacksmith Dos Santos Lamb for vice. Xavier Snows was blocked by the imperial forces in Is Jose and the priest Vicente Lamb assumed the presidency. Farroupilhas had pursued the imperial troops for about 70 kilometers until the plain of the river Maciambu, but they had been contained by a trench of the imperial ones protected by the Mount of the Horses, that the attack blocked the Deportation, today Florianpolis. In 31 of October, one escuna and a large boat farroupilhas had captured the sumaca Elvira Owner, but the cannons of the ortaleza of the bar of had made them to Paranagu to retrocede. The large boat for being weighed was captured by a motor boat with twenty men commanded for 2 second lieutenant Manuel Antonio Days, while escudo escaped northward.

The tatters had returned to the Rio Grande Do Sul and, to retake Lages, the imperial government sent Brigadier General Francisco Xavier of the Wedge with a contingent of 1500 men of Rio De Janeiro, Curitiba, Paranagu, Antonina and Field of the Lieutenant, who had congregated itself in Black River, had camped in Ceclia Saint, in 25 of October, with the objective to retake Lages and to fight tatters in the wall the Porto Alegre. For the New Curitibanos Fields and Fields, fighting poles farroupilhas, in November, had retaken the village of Lages and a part of the column of Brigadier General Francisco Xavier of the Wedge followed for the River Pellets. The Brigadier General was informed of that the tatters if congregated in a customs rank to charge taxes on cattle and mules of Viamo for Sorocaba, in the customs warehouse in Vitria Saint, and for was directed there with two a thousand men, but was surprised by Teixeira Nunes, in 14 of December, whom the imperial troop divided, defeating it.


Which are the 5 talents that stimulate to you to expresarte different? 3. Which are the 5 characteristics of you that you make unique? STEP 3: TO PARDON AND TO PARDON TO US The resintimiento is often a great obstacle for our process of personal change; we hope that he is The other the one that it changes first to be able to change we. Without understanding that all circumstance in our life is created by us from our own MENTAL MODEL OF the WORLD, consequently, we are creative of our experiences. *NUNCA YOU JUDGE TO THE OTHER PERSON WITHOUT TO HAVE WALKED A KILOMETER WITH ITS ZAPATOS* Sometimes, the fear to the change at heart is fear to the success that we could to have which would mean to release to us no longer and we must to who to punish, to not being all the great ones which we could be. (It thinks about that) The resentment also we are a fabulous excuse to have left as we are, since thus we do not have to change nothing, all the responsibility of the process is of the others: they, the government, your family, your husband, your lover, your children, which is. Aplicativo exercise: To focus in the present time. The life is now, the unique moment is now. It imagines the situation that caused resentment to you, visualzala with alive colors and tries to remember details like: people, voices, temperature of the atmosphere, place; now that you have already it, she imagines that memory happens of alive colors to the black and white one, now ponlo in gray colors and tries to empequeecer the image, now she places that image in your right hand and blows, leaves is diluted in the air; she breathes deep and loose. The apparent simpleza of this exercise is relaxing of the enormous beneficial effects that it has, I suggest to you you realise it.

Crossed Plan

INTEGRATED FACULTIESES OF ARIQUEMES ELIANE URBANSKI LEANDRA OF MELO CROSSED PLAN I AND II ARIQUEMES 2009 Eliane Urbanski Leandra de Melo CROSSED PLAN I AND II Ariquemes 2009 CROSSED PLAN I and II1 Eliane Urbanski2 Leandra de Melo3 Regina Costa4 SUMMARY the present article makes a historical boarding on the crossed plan and the government Jose Sarney, searching to identify some imperfections and to show to concepts, practical and theories of a new age, that thus was called the politics at the beginning 1986. The objective article To point out the importance of a emergencial plan with efficient methods for the time and the context politician who the country was living, since Brazil was entering in the democracy after 21 years of repression of military governments. The difficult mission of Jose Sarney was to implant a government system where monetary and economic balance existed. In this direction Sarney it obtained, therefore it changed the name of the national currency that if called cruise, removed three zeros of the old currency, congealed the price of the products and implanted the wage trigger that went off when inflation reached 20%. However the new plans had come with old failures.

The article presents an ample boarding of crossed plan I and II, and shows to a vision politics 23 years after so dreamed the new was Brazilian. We carry through bibliographical research to verify the causes and consequences of the plan in question. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Plan; Cruzado; politics. ABSTRACT This article brings out the historical approach about the ' ' Cruzado plan' ' and the Jose Sarney administration aiming of identify adds failures well the show concepts, practices and theories of new was? which is how the early 1986 policy was called. This aims you highlight the importance of an emergency plan with efficient methods will be that teams and will be the political context the country was going through since brazil was beginning its democratic acts to after 21 years of military dictatorship and repression.