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The greenback’s trade today. The dollar remains in the range observed prominent The double action The economic data were left out, all focused on the rhetoric Night view It is estimated that the U.S. dollar back down, given the data to be published in the United States However, the ranges can be maintained for the Wednesday All times EASTERN (-4 GMT) 7:45 am, Plosser, a member of the FOMC, will speak 10:00 am USD Pending Home Sales m / m 10:35 am USD Crude Oil Inventories The USD ended the trading session in New York with mixed results, since the session was dominated by dual action, ie sales and purchases of American currency. It is noteworthy that the vast majority of stops were fired given the volatility in the market, however, all other currencies are kept within predetermined ranges during most of the day. The economic data released on days of the date no significant impact on the market, the vast majority operators are content to watch the reaction from world leaders for the purpose of restoring confidence in the financial system. Financial officers ended up meeting in Luxembourg, and made a political gesture to guarantee bank deposits up to an amount of 50,000 Euros, within the Euro Zone, but only as a step was not very significant. We can also say that the vast majority of operators are waiting for a cut in American interest rates, and may happen in the short term, even this week.

Miami Government

Simple and simply we pay and leave the conclusions at the time. But not before wish that the resolution of these conflicts must be performed without delay. Safe guess that ends the discussion, good, as good Cuban politics could not miss. There are several trends and opinions, but to my mind, at least in this group, however strange it might seem, the moderation marks the rhythm of the debate. Our condition of emigrants us not limited in extent of comment, and part of that is happening in our country. Rather than talk about the virtues of our country concerns us that topic in particular.

The expectation of change that has generated the latest developments will set the pace among optimists and skeptics. In the midst of the views someone mentions an interesting and momentous question. As it is possible that in a small country like Cuba has been perpetuated by nearly half a century a system of Communist Government in the middle of the Caribbean, so close to the capitalist power more rich and powerful of all time. Someone launches a very interesting mathematical theory which I now share with you. Turns out that stability is very known of the triangle, for example, a table with three legs never cojeara. If we consider the Cuban Government, the Cuban emigration of Miami and successive Northern Governments Americans as each of these legs will find a set of common interests that undoubtedly have resulted in a coexistence very helpful to each of the parties. A great enemy is the Cuban Government needed to somehow hide its own inefficiencies, which does not repair in attending the antagonism of relentless way.

Representation Politics

The QUALITY OF the REPRESENTATION POLITICS IN BRAZIL the environment politician, in recent years, has if busy more with the internal disputes of being able of what with the reforms of the laws, which are indispensable for the development of the country. Excellent to mention, that the elective offices had exceeded the simple ones, but important, ' ' status' ' , of a temporary public office; for, sources of influence and financial acquisition to become. This situation incited strikes them politicians, a clear demonstration of covets of individuals in the perpetuation of its power with the college given for the victory in the elections. In this manner, it has been observed, with the corruption of the ethics and the moral, the improper use of the power, in the concession of positions to ' ' supported polticos' ' , as well as in the manipulation of the legislative process for personal ends. Being thus, the State keeps its sina – to spend financial resources with the remuneration of politicians; much of them, not condizentes with responsibilities and the importance of the position. Read more here: Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Also, one adds here, the high sum of mounts of money destined to each elect politician in the formation of its team and cabinet. Moreover, valley to stand out the relations that involve the public sector and the private one, by means of contracts in the licitations and partnerships, which, innumerable times, have served as instrument of corruption in suspicious businesses. He is evidenced the abuse and the illegality of the popular representation, that if valley of a privileged position for, exemplificativamente, committing infractions and irregularities with illegal adjustments, of proclamations and contracts, that definitive companies favor; arriving itself until the fraudulent actions for shunting line of mounts of money you publish. Of complementary form, the absence of creation and alteration of the laws hinders the development of a State (that it intends efficiency), in order to make front to the current necessities for the growth and state modernity. Still, the incompetence must be led in consideration technique of significant parcel of politicians, which, equally, makes impracticable solutions to the bureaucratic subjects, desgastantes and weak of the state activity and professional Brazilian; many of which they bring damage to the population. They are cited, as harmful situations to the citizens, among others, the following ones: difficulty in the contract cancellation; responsibility in the transmission on property; lack of communication and information enters the public agencies by means of integrated system. Therefore, the State lives a representation crisis, where the disputes politics have preference and prevail on the construction of useful norms to the society. The particular interests and the lack of knowledge technician cause difficulties the modernization of the State and the good quality of life of the population. The change of these situations occurs with the awareness of the politician of whom its work has as end the proper person and the society; with the natural evolution of the being human being in the desnecessidade of material survival with the politics and the power; also, with a bigger popular participation in the claim of compatible behaviors with the function, as well as, in the adoption of a profile, of politician, more adjusted the responsibilities that the public office demands of its representatives.

Engineering Showcase Award

High-end speakers with Ribbon technology were the new high-end sound converter for highest standards developed and should convince even the most critical music lovers with very neutral sound reproduction and finest processing. The high midrange unit consists of a new, ultra-low distortion, RT1. 3W Ribbon tweeter, as well as a revised 50 mm DNM fabric medium sound dome. This combination is already in the huge state of the art “sound walls SWANS F2. 3 B use, to this year’s CES in Las Vegas with the design & Engineering Showcase Award” were awarded. Also newly developed chassis with Kevlar compound membrane, completely ventilated voice coils, flow-optimised aluminium pressure casting baskets work in the bass range. The almost resonance-free sandwich housings are made from solid natural wood with elaborate MDF Interior reinforcements. The shape is designed in addition to acoustic aspects on aesthetic proportions. In addition to the top model M6 it is the M3, as well as appropriate as a compact speaker Center and rear speakers with identical technology type. The new Swan’s high-end speaker will be presented for the first time on May 22 and 23 in the home theater room in Munich in addition to other news. Read more from Amazon to gain a more clear picture of the situation. More info can be found under: Jorg Erwin SWANS Europe


He lives today without thinking about the future. That idea has always seemed a Council fatal. Because I have seen that those who seek to apply it they often get into trouble. They are usually surprised by large avalanches of problems that come you over without having time to react. And it is not that they were unpredictable problems. It is that they try not to think of what may happen tomorrow. They are never prepared for the future. And what about the habit of spending hours and days or a lifetime regretting internally by the past.

That is a good way to sabotage the own well-being. Suffer so it because it has no remedy. And it is not sure ill suffer for it. What happens is that it should not be forever. The conduct centered on the past has earned the Council not ever think about what already happened. After all nothing can be done or changed in the past. It is a period that came out of our hands forever. Although the idea that they can do nothing about the past is not entirely certain. Amazon has similar goals.

You have at least one opportunity to make and change many things from your past. And I’m talking seriously. The time to change your past is now. And it is so for the simple reason that only a part of your past is impossible to change. The rest, possibly most, is waiting for you. What I’m talking about? I’m talking about that some day everything you have for the future will be part of your past. And all that part you can do and undo at your whim. But the moment that you can do is always present. It is already worrying about the inevitable. You much past still to go. Change it and build it to your own liking until she is out of your reach. Everything that you do with today and tomorrow will be part of your story. Get then being parts of your past that you won’t have to regret you. Today is your chance to build a past tailored to your desires. Live your present in the way that is worth remembering it. Do not do anything which then you have to repent. Be happy with the good things you already have. Do not give up your need of having a past best. But satisface it by changing as you want throughout the past than still ahead: your future. Today is a part of your past that is about to be inaccessible to you. But you can still change it until you are finished. Can you think of doing something to remember then today with greater satisfaction? Forward, there’s no time to lose!

Global Financial Crisis

Already it is clear that for many states changes are likely to lead to global, structural change. What would actually have been the real causes of the global crisis, he is in some degree be have a positive impact on the economies of such countries. If you look on the one hand, the financial crisis encourage business organizations to review business strategy, increase its efficiency and optimization. C the other, he pushes the authorities to adjust the selected economic course, the identification of budget holes, plans to modernize the existing financial and economic models. These States applies to the Russian Federation. First and foremost, by the strong dependence of national economic models on the price of energy supplies. More info: Sen. Sherrod Brown.

So, curtained in oil prices the state, the words aloud advocating the need for diversification of industrial production, without much desire for this issue. Budgets at all levels in the past few years, regularly updated, this, in turn, create any economic incentives for modernization. However, occurred as the global crisis, the active phase of which was accompanied by a collapse in oil prices, has shown how precarious was such a The situation in the country. The complete absence of a balanced economy has led to falling to a minimum rate of growth in gross domestic product levels, significantly higher than its neighbors and partners of Russia. Following conclusion that sooner or later come to all of the leading experts in a careful analysis of the effects of the global economic crisis, is the conclusion about the inefficiency of entire sectors of the Russian economy. Technical backwardness of large segments of the automotive industry and mechanical engineering in the crisis became so obvious that it can not continue to be ignored by the state. Moreover, if in the case diversification of the economy issue is the effective strategic and economic planning, the reference to loss of entire industries dilemma for the government much more difficult. Richard Blumenthal is full of insight into the issues.

The reason is simple – these industry employs many people, and the restructuring will inevitably be accompanied by growing unemployment and social tensions in the country. In general, the question of whether the state of Russia will emerge from the crisis is still open. However, at this time we can confidently assert that the state will draw the right conclusions from the situation. What they will be in real life – time will tell.

Forex for Today

The USD began this morning in NY mixed, falling against the CHF, up against the CAD and firm against other currencies. USD / JPY was at low, recorded highs in 91.68 and the 90.81 minimum. Intervening sovereign states were observed. It is recalled that the Central Bank of Japan has great pressure for the purpose of preventing the yen continues to rise as Japan’s government may take action. The LIBRA failed to extend their land, recorded in the maximum and minimum at 1.4916 1.4750 the pair staying within the daily range.

Events in the United Kingdom showed a decline of GDP, but the market’s reaction was not significant, so it means that traders are more focused on key U.S. data. The Euro failed to hold the 1.3000 area as expected, recorded highs in the 1.3013 and the pair then fell to record lows of 1.2809, the pair apparently tries to set new records and maintains the 1.2988 but it is estimated that much volatility in the pair suffer especially when talking Geithner. In my view the market today suffer high volatility, and advise selling dollars. Watch for volatility.

Resistance 3: 1.5000/10 Resistance 2: 1.4980 Resistance 1: 1.4920/30 New York: 1.4828 Support 1: 1.4320 Support 2: 1.4250/60 Support 3: 1.4200 Resistance 3: 1.3080 Resistance 2: 1.3020/30 Resistance 1: 1.2990/1.3000 New York: 1.2995 Support 1: 1.2750 Support 2: 1.2700 Support 3: 1.2680


A PT boat carrying the survivors of Northampton near Tulagi on the morning of Dec. 1. The New Orleans is in the background. The surviving crew abandoned ship’s Takanami at 01:30 but a large explosion killed many more who were in the water, including the commander of the division of destroyers Toshio Shimizu and captain of the ship, Masami Ogura. Of the 244 crew, 48 survived and reached the beach of Guadalcanal, of which 19 were captured by the Allies. Northampton crew was unable to contain the fire and started to leave the ship at 01 : 30. The ship sank to the, at 03:04 to about 6 km from Doma Cove, Guadalcanal (09 12’S 159 50’E / -9.2, 159,833). The Fletcher and Drayton rescued 773 survivors. The Minneapolis, New Orleans and Pensacola could travel the 31 miles to Tulagi the morning of Dec. 1, where they were docked for emergency repairs.Fires in Pensacola lasted 12 hours before they could go out. The Pensacola Tulagi subsequently went to the area of ports in the south where it was repaired on day 6. After the construction of temporary bows made from trunks of palm trees, the Minneapolis and New Orleans came on 12 December Tulagi to the Holy Spirit or Sydney, Australia. The three cruisers needed extensive repairs that took a long time. The New Orleans returned to action in August, the Minneapolis in September and October 1943 in Pensacola. This battle was one of the worst defeats of the U.S. Navy during World War II, the third after the attack Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Savo Island. After this confrontation, the United States Navy for some time had only four heavy cruisers and light cruisers new operating throughout the Pacific because of this defeat and Savo Island, Cape Esperance and the naval battle of Guadalcanal.Despite the defeat Wright received the Navy Cross, one of the highest decorations for bravery, for his actions during combat. Richard Blumenthal is likely to agree. Intentanto mitigate to some extent the destruction of its task force, Wright wrote in the report of the battle that had sunk four Japanese destroyers and damaged two others. In his comments on report of Wright, Halsey put much of the blame for the defeat at Cole, saying his squadron of destroyers had fired the torpedo at a distance far greater than the effective and must have “helped” to cruise in Instead of giving circles around Savo Island. Meanwhile Tanaka said he had sunk a battleship and two cruisers damaged in the fighting. The outcome of the battle led to several discussions in the United States fleet in the Pacific about some tactical changes in doctrine and technological improvements as gunpowder develop not twinkle.It was not until eight months after the high command of the Navy acknowledged serious problems with the functioning of the torpedoes. The Americans ignored the scope and power of the Japanese torpedoes and effectiveness of battle tactics for night fighting. In fact, Wright said his boats must have been made by submarines, because the position of the boats they had observed was unlikely to torpedo speed and distance characteristics similar to yours could cause such damage, but Tanaka said their torpedoes were fired at a short distance of about 4.8 miles. The Americans did not know the true capabilities of the enemy torpedoes and night tactics until 1943. After the war, Tanaka said of his win at Tassafaronga: “I have heard that some naval experts of the United States have praised my leadership in this action. I do not deserve such honors.It was the superior skill and devotion of the men I served those who produced for us that tactical victory. ” The Pensacola (center) and New Orleans (right) (along with the Salt Lake City) at Pearl Harbor 31 October 1943 after he completed their repairs. Despite the victory in the battle the Japanese fleet was unable to download Tanaka Guadalcanal supplies much needed troops. A second attempt to deliver supplies on the island 10 through Dec. 3 destroyers failed, after Allied planes sank almost all the 1,500 drums, sparing only 310. On December 7, a third attempt was repulsed by 12 destroyers PT Boats on the outskirts of Cape Esperance. The night following two PT Boats torpedoed and sank the Japanese submarine I-3 as he tried to deliver supplies to Guadalcanal.

Mijael Eitan

The protests of outrage citizen against the rise of prices (especially housing) and the loss of purchasing power began three weeks ago in Israel with a camp in Tel Aviv, and quickly spread to other areas of the country and various social sectors. Netanyahu will speak with the outraged israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, announced Sunday the creation of a Committee of Ministers, observers and experts to negotiate with representatives of the outraged from Israel. We cannot ignore the voices coming out of the village. We will give real solutions, not cosmetic changes, he said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting, according to the transcript of his words released by his Office. In his speech, longer than usual, Netanyahu insisted on the seriousness of his intention to promote real changes enabling the population to benefit from economic growth, but also the inability to respond to all the demands, the difficulty of building an economy and the context of global crisis.

Equipment, secured, it will have to offer many proposals in a very short period of time and said the four areas in which its work should focus: change the order of priorities, tax policy, the increase in access to social services and improving competition and efficiency in the markets. The Committee, whose formation had been announced in the previous weekly meeting of the Executive, will have 15 Ministers and will be led by the academic Manuel Trachtenberg, Chairman of budget and planning of the Council of higher education. Its mission is to launch a roundtable discussion of the issues addressed by the outraged, complaining of the scarcity of life. The team will submit its recommendations within a month to the socio-economic cabinet, chaired by the head of finance, Yuval Steinitz, who in turn will propose solutions to be presented to Netanyahu and to the Joint Government. Two Ministers from the right-wing Likud party, who leads Netanyahu, exercise observers in the negotiations with the outraged: Limor Livnat (culture and sport) and Mijael Eitan (public services). The main opposition party, Kadima (centre-right) of the exministra of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Livni, called the protest decision of deception with which Netanyahu tries doggedly to show that you could not care less and offers the same as before, instead of understanding the need for a real change.

Edward Harris

An exhausting bibliographical research was taken the handle on area in study, not having been identified, in written sources, references to the structure in study. Consideraes Final In elapsing of the archaeological accompaniment of one of the workmanship fronts (reperfilamento of slopes), to Pk 131+326, had been detected archaeological vestiges, which if make to constitute of a socket excavated in the gross sand, where if it verifies the existence of a stock market of ceramic materials and small coals in its interior. After it visits to the place on the part of the Technician of the IGESPAR (Extension of the Interior Side), and having in consideration that the place collides directamente with the Workmanship, was praised as measured of minimizao the archaeological hollowing of the place, the integral register of the structure where the stock market of materials was identified, in the direction of one better understanding of the observed reality. Amazon contains valuable tech resources. The works in question, of carcter of emergency, are fit in Category D of the archaeological works, and had been developed as measured of minimizao in a small farm that, for share effect human being, if found in eminent danger of total destruction (impacte direct and negative for the prossecuo of the Workmanship). The same ones had been efectivados under Scientific Direco of the Dr Raquel Caote Raposo, making to fulfill the National Legislation in vigor. The archaeological intervention, that adoptou, as methodology, the considered one for Edward Harris (Harris; 1991), were carried through in the estimated one to allow one better understanding of the observed reality, to determine eventual sequncias of occupation, good as well as allowing crono-culturalmente to integrate the archaeological vestiges through the study of the observed realities and the materials exhumed in elapsing of the intervention. Amazon often says this. The works objectivavam, still, to evaluate the value patrimonial, and scientific, of the existing archaeological context, form to determine the measures most appropriate for resultant proteco/minimizao of impactes of the implementation of the Projecto. . .