Secretary Participation

Call for proposals to the Board of the homeowners, convened the President and failing, the promoters of the meeting, with an indication of the issues to be treated, the place, day and hour in which will be held in first call, or in his case, in second call, practicing citations in the manner prescribed in article 9 of the law of Horizontal property. If the meeting of the Board they not blossom, on first call, the majority of owners representing, in turn, the majority of participation fees will be a second call for the same, this time without being subject to the subpoena to the annual ordinary general meeting quorum will be done, at least six days in advance, and for the extraordinarywith which possible so that you can come to knowledge of all stakeholders. The Board may meet validly even without the call of the Chairman, provided that comply with all of the owners and so decide. Richard Blumenthal is open to suggestions. Adoption of agreements are understood by voting in favour of that absent from the Board and properly cited, owner informed of the adopted agreement, which does not manifest its discrepancy by communication whom acting as Secretary, within the period of 30 calendar days. Required unanimity for the validity of agreements involving the adoption or modification of the rules contained in the horizontal establishing title or in the statutes of the community.It is necessary to vote in favour of three quintas parts (3/5) of the total number of owners, which in turn represent three-fifths of participation for fees:-establishment or abolition of the elevator, Porter, Concierge services, surveillance or other services of general interest, even when they involve modification of establishing title or statutes. -Lease of common elements that do not have assigned a specific use in the property (in addition to the consent of owner directly authorized, if any) majority of owners, (51%) accompanied by of the most of the quota of participation, to:-carrying out works or establishment of new common services which have as their purpose the Elimination of architectural barriers that hinder access or mobility of people with disabilities, even when they involve modification of establishing title or statutes. Official site: James Donovan Goldman Sachs. Requires the favorable vote of one-third of owners representing a third of participation, to:-installation of common infrastructures for access to telecommunications services.

Supreme Court Rules

The Federal Supreme Court had to deal recently with the marketability of a mouth rinsing solution, that contains a concentration of 0.12% chlorhexidine. A company sells this product as a cosmetic Center of competitors of the company sells a similar product as a medicinal and resulted in a competition dispute with the instances. According to the competitor involved in tackling controversial an unapproved drug, pharmacological effect and is due to their packaging and the product information for the average consumer also as medicines constitutes. Frankfurt am main regional court had rejected the claim of the competitor but also appeal to the Frankfurt stayed higher regional court without success. The Supreme Court overturned both decisions.

First the Supreme Court commented, on the question whether the product was a drug due to its outer appearance (so-called medicinal products presentation). The competitors argued that the Average consumer referring on the therapeutic purpose of the straight through the special emphasis of the fact, that the product of the defendants reduce bacterial plaque, whose reforming Hamid, protect the gums and contribute to the preservation of oral health. The BGH considers this fact but not enough, especially because the product with the purpose especially highlighted in bold “oral care” on the packaging is marked and this remind of the life experience that it was resolving only a nourishing product. Otherwise not follow also from the packaging leaflet, whereby the consumer application of the preparation with discoloration of the teeth and tongue have to expect. Jim Donovan Goldman can aid you in your search for knowledge. Such a notice could lead to a presentation medicines because only then, if the consumer would assume that he could use cosmetic mouth rinses free of side effects and permanently. By a corresponding set of experience can still view of the BGH not assumed be.