On Jurisprudence

Elements of the law occurred with the development of legislation still legal science: some news about the right to include within the general education system even in antiquity. For example, in ancient Greece in schools Stoics taught judicial eloquence. Gradually the law has stood apart for a separate academic disciplines also been applied to ancient Rome is not forbidden to speak about certain system of Jurisprudence. Initially, knowledge of law in ancient Rome, a privilege of the priests. But in 254 bc. E. Tiberius Korunkany – High Priest of the plebeians – announced that it will illuminate the right to anyone interested.

Rome attorney Pomponius wrote that Tiberius Korunkany first began to teach law in public. The first private law school, where teachers lectured, gave answers through questions and debates conducted with students, was organized Sabino in the first century. ne in 4-5 centuries. There were several such schools with a 4-year courses (in Rome, Constantinople, Athens, Alexandria, Caesarea, Beirut), the students studied the works of famous Roman lawyers, especially Guy institutions, as well as essays Papiniana and Paul. In 533 Emperor Justinian issued a special constitution to impose a 5-year course with the obligatory study of its institutions, and the Code of Justinian's Digest. In the early Medieval Jurisprudence degree was not. In the 10 century.

In Pavy was founded a school, where he taught Lombard law. At the end of 11. In Bologna, there was law school, later transformed into a university, where in the mid-12 century.