Brazilian Elections

and later they say that nobody is interested for the country, that the remaining portion of the world does not know nothing on us, that they keep that old brief speech hypocritical? of: ' ' carnival, samba and safadeza' ' , when interrogated on what they know on this, let us say Immense ' ' country of todos' '. They agree to the idea of ' ' worse that he is not fica' ' , or with that old one and known speech of ' ' we are growing and we can more still grow, with the force of the people and of Deus' '. I do not want to go deep itself the religious merit of these elections, since the proper State if says lay e, being lay, appeals all the forms the hand ' ' divina' ' choosing. She would give perfectly to open a plaza and extensive debate on this, but I do not want to more still draw out the quarrel key of the subject. I participated of elections 2010, with great me the will of beginning, pra to say the truth. You are obliged if to sign up in the army, is obliged to vote, is obliged to work as board member, president or secretary in the elections, are obliged to make innumerable things that do not offer to return some. We pay absurd accounts, we work frantic, we consume done a flock of vitiated maniacs and nothing of this he is recognized; by the opposite, we are assaulted, threatened, invaded for violence and misery for all the cantos and, moreover, we have that to by its very nature aturar of silenced mouth the indifference of a corrupt and opportunist government. But, all good! This is to be a true Brazilian of body, soul and patriotism the flower of the skin. But at last, with passing of the tdio during the work ' ' quase' ' slave, I was catando certain elements in the air that, to the ending of everything, had above all formed a consistent opinion this that in the fence.

Hugo Chavez

In general, crosses the world with officiality rank the informed version of which violating dictators and of the human rights have been defenestrados of the power by their own town. The triumphal list of the Revolution of colors (that is for overthrowing dictators, as it were said) seems to request to shouts the head of Hugo Chavez, so much more whatever the popular support of this president constituted a serious reverse for the conspiracy in his against in the 2007. Resltese, in addition, to clear, that the call youthful resistance Yugoslavia.

(OTPOR) that adviser in Venezuela from year 2005 overthrew to Slobodan Milosevic (of where phenomenon seems to take this coloridsimo) (picture is seen arrives). And it dgase that, after the one of the same Milosevic in Yugoslavia, of the Revolution of the roses (Georgia, 2003), Revolution Orange (the Ukraine, 2004), Revolution of the tulips (Kirguistn, 2005), Revolution of the cedar (Lebanon, 2005), Revolution of the jasmins (Tunisia, 2010), the one of Venezuela would have to be called Revolution of the white hands, supposedly for the coming year. And it does not have to save to the analysis the conceptual construction of this phenomenon, apparently unbeatable in his implementation, with record of 6 governments already overthrown in one decade, besides other 5 bankrupts attempts (white Revolution, saffron, green, Twitter): the word student (like woman, boy, rose, peace, etc.) belongs to the paradigm of clean, tender, defenseless, progressive, human the target, in opposition to the stigmatised ones black, dirty, gross, attacking, Barbarian and cruel, respectively (to Violet celebrated them Vine with this song: What live the students).


To implement and to contextualizar this dynamics we will take in consideration the modifications that our society has faced in elapsing of the time, amongst them the sped up rhythm of information and the technological development that influence directly on the way to think, as well as the necessity of practical improvement in the pedagogical one. Ahead of the picture that we live deeply, a deep reflection how much to the act becomes necessary to teach. The great challenge for the professors is as to become attractive the internalizao in such a way (to learn), as the education model (to teach), therefore is indissociveis in the process of the learning. Human development and Creativity The search for the new is inherent to the human being, always in view of the future that for times is uncertain and at the same time complex, what it demands changes, and in this context the creativity if has detached as one of the abilities of survival in this millenium, as much for the daily activities, as in the professional plan (ALENCAR, 1996). The creativity throughout the human development will go to show more or less, as resulted of the interactions established in familiar, pertaining to school environments and of work, allies to the hereditary factors and biological such as: the cognitivas personality and abilities. Taylor (1976, p.28) makes the following reference: ' ' The creativity emerges in the adult level as complex resulted of many on factors to the hereditary succession and the history of the proper life of each one. ' ' To stimulate the creative potential could be used as a great tool in the expression of ideas, contributing so that practical educative traditional that value the memorization exageradamente they are abolished giving space for the reflection, indispensable attitude for the good formation in a globalizado world. The act to educate is dynamic and constant what it makes possible to the professor to be a propeller agent of the creativity, thus becoming pleasant the search for new knowledge in its some forms and possibilities.