How to do it? Very simple! Talk and offer an alternative in the form of a more traditional gift, which may well be anything, depending on your capabilities and tastes of your counterpart. Dreams, learn, ask, offers Perhaps the person you intend to present a gift, an offer to see the front of any valuable or not, the thing's eyes light up more than the offer to have a puppy or kitten. In this case, you can no doubt that the campaign for a living gift must be postponed. It is better to present to an inanimate object, the one thing that really really will appreciate your friend. In addition, you can be sure that after a while you will not asked to pick up a gift back, and everything will be completely satisfied and happy, because to get rid of unnecessary or annoying things a lot easier than from a living being, which, moreover, quickly gets used to his master.

Well, If, despite all your efforts and persuasion, however, still continue to expect a gift is the caudate or feathered friend, then so be it. But in this case, be very persistent, and precise try to find out how the future should look like a gift, not limited to platitudes. Requirements for the appearance of a pet, perhaps, the most important point. Remember that your negligence in this matter may be worth nothing essentially blameless life. After all, not knowing what we want and the inability to articulate their desires – they are different things, and often have to deal with his inability to tell what you want.


Many works from the 16th kunsterlische and 17 Century point to the age of the race, where it can be seen unmistakably on it. Previous names are: Turkish dog, Dalmatian dog, Petit Danois, Tiger Dog, Bengal Bracke. The exact origin of the Dalmatian is still unclear and based only on assumptions, including the country of origin is not exactly clear. It is believed that this breed comes from around the Adriatic Mediterranean. In 1882, the first official breed standard and the first known breeding sites were very few.

The Dalmatians are hard to train is a rumor that keeps bravely as he did not to have children should belong, but it is the ever not so. From my own experience I can say, can learn Dalmatian over the food and much love everything. Dalmatians are smart dogs, like action, whether through dog sports, long walks or Rebus. They quickly learn to enjoy a variety of tricks are ideal family dogs. If they are not, however, calls and only "just so" anschafft because they are so cute, you can be very uncomfortable and unhappy. They really suffer under it and can, for example when they should have landed at the shelter to give up normal.

Whether you prefer to come for a puppy, a young dog or a little older "model" in question lies in your own decision. But think how grateful can be dogs, from the second Hand are. Many Dalmatians sitting in the shelter, you lose your home or be picked up by dogs and conservation organizations would give anything to be able to again live in families. Remember, when purchasing not only the properties this race, but also whom you buy the dog. Dalmatians are still among the popular breeds of dogs and are often offered at low prices from Hndehandlern. Look closely at (environment, breeders, mother), if you look at the puppies, you never buy out of pity, even if it is hard to resist a puppy and let us never lure of a seemingly low price. For what good is a sick Dalmatian, who then alone can cost thousands of vet costs by . come through the white coat in about 3-5% deaf puppies puppies, if you do not consciously decide for a deaf dog, then the shock is usually not until much later. Although deaf dogs are almost as good as hearing dogs to educate, but you should already have dogs or have experience even better an existing hearing dog, so that the pigeon can focus on that. If you want to have a loyal companion loves to run for sports, family and for life, the Dalmatian is the right dog breed.

Swiss Stud Book

In 1917, AKC registered the first white Tracy Shepherd breeding. By the sixties White Shepherd became popular in the U.S., mainly through television. For example, these dogs become family Rockefeller. The first White Shepherd Club was established in 1964 in California town Sacramento. But in 1968, out of solidarity with the German Shepherd Club of Germany, the American Kennel Club removed from the standard German Shepherd white coat color. At the same time, Canadian fans of German Shepherds no thought the color prohibited, and considered it undesirable characteristics. In 1971, Canadians have opened a club of white shepherd dogs, but since the white sheep was not considered an independent breed, and belonged to a German, it was impossible to legally present in various exhibitions.

Then, in the United States was established an international club of white German shepherd, who was among the first recognized the white color in America and Canada. In the seventies, the Canadian dog owners it was decided to separate from their American counterparts and to open their own breed club called Club White Shepherd Canada. From overseas – back to Europe In Europe, the existence of the US-Canadian White Shepherd learned only in 1970, when, because of Canada were brought to the first representatives of the "new" breed. It was at this time, several representatives of this breed has got to Switzerland. Male Lobo, who was born in 1966, was listed the Swiss Stud Book. In many countries, particularly in GollandiiiShveytsarii, breed officially registered under the name "white sheep", and the German dog lovers called it "the white US-Canadian sheepdog. " It became the official name of the breed since 1998.

The Germans, although from time to time and published photos of white shepherd dogs, but every time I repeat that the white color is not provided for the breed standard. But the Society staronemetskih Shepherd saw a white dog to its cultural heritage and leadership began to cry for its preservation, which has another white shepherd from Germany, has a European origin (based on a German shepherd dog 's). In 1982 a small European country of Luxembourg, a white Shepherd recognized the UCI (World Canine Organisation, an alternative FCI). In 1984, after she was given the name of the US-Canadian shepherd dog, breed, finally, recognized by the Germans who organized the Union of White Shepherds. Finally, in 2002, Switzerland has applied to the FCI and a white shepherd dog registered as a new breed of White Swiss Shepherd. Features breed As in America, and in German Shepherd white differ vigor, strength, well-developed muscles, they also have guard qualities. New-fangled notions of "correct" the addition of a German Shepherd, fortunately, did not affect ekserer white dogs. They are characterized by proportioned, body length slightly exceeds the height at the withers. Wool has the ability to clear itself, so the dog must comb every day only during the period molt.