President Uribe

I don’t have my hands stained in that fact, he said. The terrorist was presented at the fourth brigade headquarters military in Medellin by the Director of the Administrative Department of security (DAS, intelligence), Maria del Pilar Hurtado, and by general Mario Montoya, Commander of the army. The Colombian authorities considered that his surrender was another blow against the FARC which said the own Karina, are cracked. Karina surrendered last Sunday along with his sentimental partner, identified as Michin, after agreeing with the Administrative Security Department (DAS, intelligence) that released smoke signals that reflect it with a helicopter, which arrived along with her daughter, a girl. Karina admitted during his hearing that they had encircled and that had no solution but to surrender. He said, moreover, that it is not responsible for most of the crimes that are charged and that not ran 47 front for two years.

This detention was one of the priorities of the President alvaro Uribe, who five years ago thus pointed to military commanders. There is a Lady of the FARC, called Karina, in the East of Caldas, to be trapped, said the President at the time. The so-called 47 front hit the departments of Antioquia and Caldas, in the rich coffee region in the West of the country during the last decade and is totally decimated. The Colombian authorities offered a reward of one million dollars by Karina, which came twenty-four years in the FARC, which was also known as Janet Mosquera Renteria. Karina said: this fight is not gained by the middle of the war, there is dialogue, was the sentence addressed to the head of the forces armed Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) Pedro Antonio Marin, alias Manuel Marulanda Velez and Tirofijo.

He invited the guerrillas to changing the lives they lead within the guerrillas, which are incorporated into the plan of reintegration into civilian life of the Government. His delivery was already planning it and it is said that the guerrilla spoke by phone with the Director of the DAS, Maria del Pilar Hurtado, who advised him to think about what would be the future of his small son if she was still breaking, the Bogota newspaper El Tiempo published. In fact, their contacts with the authorities began since the end of April. In a visit to Manizales, President Uribe fumbled a couple of phrases that surprised everyone. Said Karina, the guerrilla more feared and bloodthirsty of the FARC, which if decided to surrender would have all the guarantees for his life. With its delivery on the sidewalk La Soledad in the municipality of Algeria (Antioquia), the puzzle of the offer of Uribe was armed. Karina, who was considered a kind of Rambo, within the guerrilla decided to put an end to nearly two decades in the war and finally surrendered to a Commission from the DAS that he travelled to Algeria (Antioquia) to convince her to give the final step is complete. Are the questions what will happen in the FARC? How will they react to this reality? What will be the fate of the hostages who remain? How it seriously affects their operability, on the stage of combat that keep? Will this be the end of the FARC? Original author and source of the article.

Government Values

We are called to be optimistic to believe in Venezuela. Points out, that the self-esteem of the Venezuelan can be treated in important aspects such as; Awareness of yourself, the experience of the triangles the definition itself of the contextual structure, with personal and national objectives. It should be noted that the Venezuelan, not knowing of the self, denying its reality and potential, confronted with life. This need to be needed, transcends all their interactions with the outside world. If there is no self-consciousness, no one will be responsible for, few Venezuelans live their present.

Our national consciousness consists of lot of rhetoric. All other features of the new Venezuelan who is certainly not marginal are the characteristics of the autoestimada person. MO should be forgotten, the Destriangulacion, as a family experience: the marginal, that 80% of our population, is a destriangulado, roots, nor defined its own identity. To all this we must add definition of contexts, where the Venezuelan nor be aware of your space, nor the limits imposed by this. In the life of the Venezuelan there is an exaggerated exposure of intimacy alien to the public with the aggravating circumstance that could end up believing that life, reputation and good name of others not worth greater thing. Consider also the individual maps are learned from the triangles.

Their values do Venezuelan, Catholic, Evangelical, adeco, copeyano, masista,, white, black, faithful. Not all maps are consistent among themselves. Each family organized its catalogue of maps, values and standards to develop, grow and remain as autonomous system. The marginal Venezuelan does not use the set of alternatives. Be to assess the role of values.The marginal is not within a system of values, properly said. The rules. There is no country more normatizado than Venezuela. Laws, regulations, ordinances, instructions, procedures, decrees. Currently the Government of President Hugo Chavez confirms our laws are not bad, indicates Barroso, but are anachronistic and do not respond to the needs of the country or have been deformed by the interpretation of responsible for its implementation. You can add many of these laws are never fulfilled faithfully, adulterate, leaving much that tell of its raison d ‘ etre the Venezuelan lives outdoors. No plans, it ignores alternatives and resources. There are those who point out that the Venezuelan in a being carefree, not strives to do what it can do by himself and others, or manages to find solutions to problems, and that not longs that things are otherwise, accentuating those behaviors to the detriment of other personal and work areas, hindering growth and progress in every sense, shaping a society of submissive, messy, improvised, conformists, discouraged, unmotivated and unable to create and think for themselves, generating a model characterized by a work routine and inefficient, where becomes the indispensable or the least possible and what little more slowly, competitive and productively. Further, indicates that Venezuela is: lacking in creativity, not like participate in the design and decision-making, but also say that it is generous, hospitable, egalitarian, respects parents, warm, cheerful and compassionate (will continue) original author and source of the article.

Vision Change

Organizations that have successfully weathered change processes also have a genetic message, your Vision – Mission, values, identity that guide giving a north amid the turbulence of change. But it is the very organization that learns, are the people that make up who can make a learning process and only from there you may experience more coupled groups and teams, solid and powerful. Today, the reality in which we live presents increasingly fast changes and most of the disciplines related to the change aimed at developing the ability to accept and adapt to change, but the excellence and extra-ordinary results occur when the learning regarding the change is about developing the ability to anticipate and even design it, that’s when you start talking about the SER. Historically, the ability to change in organizations has been working since the development of technical capacity of its members, the focus has been in the making, today introduced a new paradigm, instead of working to make learning through the SER. In the SER is thought feeling and action intertwine, each of these three aspects are interconnected being influenced and influential of the other two. The ability to change is a skill that can be learned and paradoxically this process to learn to relate to the change, is itself a process of change. For this reason the processes of change as learning have something in common, can touch very sensitive point in every person, to question what we think feel and do often have an impact on our self-esteem, our narcissism, our omnipotence, our self-centeredness, hence the emergence of defensive routines to these processes . Work the BEING means accepting who I was thinking about being up here, allowing me to question my story, my experiences, my knowledge.

Accepting that and has a dynamic life changing and I am also changing the “way of being” that brought me here will not necessarily be the one to take me where I go. Today we are not the same people who were long time ago, simply because today we feel or do as at other times we’ve done. Not that this means that today we are better or worst “than before. Therefore, if change is inevitable and the people we are today are not the same as those that will be tomorrow, if everything around us changes and we also, why not accept the challenge of designing that change?, designing and committing here and now to be being, neither more nor less than those who want to be. Perhaps then the situations of change instead of being places of anguish for a future not know what will be transformed into present moments in which to dump all of our creativity towards the future we want to live.

National Insurance

In such cases, divorce is not given automatically and the 'right to divorce' need to prove. Child support – Israeli law the maintenance of children – one of the difficult issues of family law. In couples where both parents are Jewish, the obligation to pay child support for children rests largely on his father, at least until the age of 13. In the mixed pairs of alimony for children are appointed respectively income parents. Often, judges have to do mathematical calculations, the setting needs child and parental income. Typically, family courts require the child's father to pay child support after filing a lawsuit.

Therefore, it is desirable to begin paying at least the minimum monthly amount of child maintenance, immediately after separation, before the judge's decision. This is useful for two reasons. Firstly, the attitude of the court the defendant will be totally different. Despite the dispute in the family, the father takes care of the children. Secondly, alimony paid after filing a claim will be deducted from the award. Do not have to lay out a large sum in one payment. In recent years, family courts and the country's Supreme Court made several precedential decisions "in favor of the" fathers.

Are rulings that even Jewish law takes into account income mothers and considered the needs of the father. If the financial position of one of the spouses have been significant changes, then you can re-apply to the court with a lawsuit to change the amount of alimony. If the husband does not pay child support in accordance with the decision of the court, the wife is entitled to apply to the Institute of National Insurance (National Insurance Institute). The latter will pay the alimony full size, as well as engage in debt collection from his father. Alimony to his wife, Israeli law requires spouses include not only children but also to each other, regardless of religion. So the husband is obliged to pay alimony to his wife, until a couple is married, and only after the divorce shall be exempt from payments. Sometimes the alimentary suit demanding a wife in the divorce process, served to put pressure on her husband and get agree to a divorce. Typically, such tactics can achieve the desired result. It should be noted that in religious families, the wife may lose the right to maintenance for the following reasons: adultery affront to the husband, immodest clothing, and in certain other cases. After a divorce, the court may award alimony to former wife when it was shown that the cessation of monetary support, will hurt the status of women after divorce. As part of a divorce, considering the alimentary claim on his wife, the judge must be convinced that the spouses there is an economic dependence created for a long time. In the process Divorce is not worth listening to girlfriends or friends. Here, as in medicine, the principle – what fits in one case, could harm the other. Lawyers of our office can help you overcome all the difficulties of divorce and alimony claim.

Lebanese Presidents

and concerns, as it pointed to by have already expressed. He says that the fiscal stimuli to launch the economy are not sufficient, are important but not sufficient, said Steven Roach, Morgan Stanley’s Economist, at the first session of the World Economic Forum, which is held every year in Davos, Switzerland. For Roach, who serve are coordinated policies and above all it is necessary to make cleaning of the actions toxic that banks still have, finding a mechanism to give them a price. The first session, very crowded, Davos, which always paves the way for the successive debates, is dedicated to the global economic crisis. On the table there should be forecasts, but on the other hand, the confrontation moved on new rules and cooperation. The unique give any estimate was Roach, who argued that in 2009 will be the first time since 1945 that the world economy collapses. See growth rates of 5 per cent will need wait 3 to 4 years. Next year growth I think that you will deploy to 2.5%, but many countries will be in recession, he said.

However, nobody seems to agree with him. The estimate is too optimistic, said the Japanese economist Heizo Takenaka, director of the Global Security Research Institute at Keio University. The panelists are all agreed that the fiscal stimulus will be important but not sufficient. Laura Tyson, Adviser to the U.S. President, Barack Obama, said that before the crisis, the next step is very simple, cut toxic actions that harshly affect the balance sheets and recapitalize the banks with different mode rules that can return to its credit activities. ACZ definitively, in the five-day meeting the participants intend to discuss in addition several issues, such as the spread of nuclear weapons, the Economic Outlook, financial markets, instability in the Middle East and the growing concern about energy prices. Of course, there is much interest as stated in on related to the Middle East and will have a significant presence with King Abdullah of Jordan, the Palestinian and Lebanese Presidents and the israeli Prime Minister. Several sessions will be devoted to the Middle East, which will concentrate mainly on Iraq. Influential leaders have been invited to the Davos meeting of the Shiite factions, Sunni and Kurdish anger we expect that this meeting really provide favourable results, actions that guarantee transformations, hope for a solution to the serious problems facing the world today. Original author and source of the article.


On account of it the society can believe what it receives as notice. Although this, is perceived not to exist autonomy some in its diverse forms. Therefore, readers and spectators are automatically authorized to distrust of everything what they see, read or hear. In this context, the economic dependence appears as obstrutiva to the desideratum of if to reach the impartial press, exempts and autonomous worker. It corrupts the information and only makes unusable its content, enabling it as she complains dislocated. She notices herself, thus, tangible similarities between the checks and balances of the state tripartio and the vicissitudes that follow well of close the exercise it journalism. Those, for legal imposition previously established, mold the functioning and the mutual relationship Being able between them, denying individually full unitria independence to them.

To the step that the subalternidade imposed or acquired for the informative agencies infunde to it narrow entailing to the economic viability and the material opportunism. Moral and ethical responsibility Without the shadow of a doubt, the press is basic in any State that if wants democratic. Its freedom and autonomy characterize the regimen. The fight to reach them and to improve overthrows them much good people here and alhures. Because, unquestionably, for all civilized society, the press is the biggest guarantor of the democratic balance and the full exercise of the citizenship. The lack of information, chain, brought up to date and available, offers safe shortcuts for antidemocratic measures; it shelters all luck of violent acts; it stimulates the temptation of the adepts to regimes of exception. Not having denunciation of the disobediences, the detainers of the force, unprovided of right, they feel it the will for any type of adventure. Exactly ahead of this enaltecedor argument, she is necessary to have in mind that the abuse, the shunting line or the improper use of the journalistic power are pernicious, desnatura the democracy.

The President

The Evo name which astonishes by its peculiarity, is not the male Eva, as many believe, but it is product of the mispronunciation of the Spanish that characterises the indigenous high plateau. The Aymara find it difficult to pronounce certain Spanish words, especially if contain the vowels or i, who usually opposed. For example: they can’t say cucumber, but say they Pepin. Nor can you tell money, say denero. Oruro was seat of a large Croatian colony. Among their male, there were many who were called Ivo, common name among the Slavs.

When the mother of Morales, went to register his newborn son, he wanted to call it Ivo, but as he could not pronounce the i said Evo. The disciplined notary pointed out the name as he heard it and thus passed into history the singular nickname. Evo is known with certainty, is that he did not finish school, nor was educated in any matter. He does not speak Aymara and other indigenous languages apart from a rudimentary Spanish. The President is functionally illiterate. He likes playing football, which remains his greatest passion. Mediocremente played the trumpet in a popular band, of which there are thousands in Oruro, where its inhabitants are preparing the whole year to celebrate Carnival, dancing, or playing any instrument.

She never starred in any activity with the exception of neighborhood football. His luck begins to change when the Sanchez President Gonzalo de Lozada decides to relocate tens of thousands of workers dependent on the broken State mining industry, giving them land in the tropics, where nature offers better advantages than the inhospitable altiplano, so that they rehicieran their lives. Evo is installed in Chapare, Central Bolivia, head of the Amazon jungle. Place of stunning foliage, rivers and many coca plantations. Since coca yields up to four annual crops. It does not require care and leaves substantial profits. Evo decided to devote himself to his seeding, that gives you enough time to play football. Being more clever than others in kicking the ball, he was elected Captain of the team the place, position that catapultaria trade union leader of the Chapare coca leaf producers.

Local Coordination Committee

Bashar Al-Assad continues to disseminate the thesis that protesters are terrorists and troublemakers, remote control from outside groups. Last offensive a day after the Government announced an electoral advancement. The army close the encirclement at Deir Zur, Homs and Haula. The Syrian army has launched this Sunday a tough offensive on rebel zones of Homs (Center) and Deir Zur (North), which includes the shelling with tanks on some neighborhoods and the use of heavy weaponry. In the province of Homs already had been the first fatalities at the hands of the army, according to the spokesman for the committees of Local coordination, the Abdullah Mohamed.

To the Abdullah explained that 38 people were killed in Deir Zur, where private hospitals have been forced to close and one public has been surrounded by troops, and the other four died in Haula. For its part, the opposition group the Syrian revolution against Bashar Al-Assad, reported that the number of people killed in Haula reaches 16 people, among them four women and a child. This campaign of repression by the regime of Bashar Al-Assad seemed to have eased this Saturday, when the Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid to the Mualem, ensured that there would be elections at year end and that the polls will act referee announced reforms by Al-Assad. This announcement was overshadowed hours later, when Syrian security forces arrested Walid to the Buni, an important member of the Syrian opposition and prominent activist human rights, as they pointed out several opposition groups. The army close the encirclement on the attack on Deir to Zur, several Syrian opposition groups hung in Internet videos alleged about the bombing the city showing large clouds of black smoke and continuous bursts of gunfire. The Local Coordination Committee pointed out that the army has already attacked the districts of Muazafin, Qosur, Omal, Yura, Tob, Dahiye, Roshidye, Horiga and Hanamat, while heard strong explosions in different parts of the city.

China Mobile AT

According to recently published the economic newspaper Cinco Dias, during some internal meetings recently, Alierta asked executives that increase revenues by 2012 to reach a turnover of 70,000 million, i.e. an increase of 14 billion, that it would be more than what was promised to investors. Alierta also wants to expand the number of customers from the current 260 million to 320. Alierta, adds five days, wants, with this objective, be number one in the digital world which could imply that the Spanish operator wants to exceed in value to the two telecoms global ahead of it in bag, Vodafone and China Mobile AT & T – is dedicated to the mobile – only, but is above all a philosophical question, since be better does not necessarily mean worth moreexplain sources of the company. The idea is that individuals, businesses and households are increasingly more digital, and will make that carriers can expand its services to other areas such as the financial, health or the entertainment.

This objective of the 70,000 million raised by Cesar Alierta would mean an increase of 23% compared to 2009. To achieve this, Alierta has driven in Telefonica a strategy to three years, called Bravo, aimed at accelerating the process of transformation necessary to ensure, efficiently and also sustainable, the capture of the growth potential of the sector, according to sources in the group. This strategy rests on four basic columns: platforms, customer, supply and culture. Alierta marked their executives a few years ago some financial projections for 2009 higher than the market expected, but the crisis was that it could not meet that goal. The big question is whether Cesar Alierta will be able this time of Telefonica to achieve these goals. The truth is that it has many things in its favour, and some against. Please, Alierta has a company that enjoys a hegemonic position in numerous markets.

This reality will not change in the short term. It must be remembered that the Spanish multinational company is present in more than 20 countries, and in all of them the company of Alierta is a key player. On the other hand, the resources on which it counts Alierta are not negligible, both liquidity and resources human should remember that more than 200,000 professionals working for the group that directs Cesar Alierta. Alierta, finally, demonstrated in the past that it is capable of bending in a few years the turnover of a huge group like Telefonica. It will be able to achieve its goals again? Opposite you will have powerful opponents, but it has a few ACEs in the sleeve.