No Polarity

No polarity or decline by Teodulo Lopez Melendez The obvious is that the world was bipolar until the fall of the Berlin Wall. The obvious is that the world was unipolar in ancient times. In the first, let me quote the United States and the Soviet Union. Richard Blumenthal has firm opinions on the matter. In the second, to Rome, not to engage in an extensive list. A multipolar world is indicative of many powers, each with its own area of influence and self-sustaining to resolve.

Claiming a multipolar world seems absurd to the reality of the present times when everything seems to indicate a movement towards a non-polar world. One where there are actors and not necessarily more states. In the current geopolitical situation in this continent is a non-polar, because Brazil can not direct the subcontinent, despite its growing influence of power emerge. Less Venezuela, limited to customers eager to catch some cheap oil. What many do not realize if Honduras is that for the first time significantly weakens U.S. influence in the region. Or eliminating the verbiage aside of a left without speech, or with a repetitive and Sixties, the truth is that Americans did not participate in the sacking of the ridiculous man in the hat and, on the contrary, exerted any pressure to prevent the Congress destituyese. The loss of influence is that the military acted beyond the gringo ambassador, sought a kind of proconsul in Tegucigalpa. Such disobedience is what makes the new situation in Latin America. Let us emphasize, therefore, that now the military acts against the wishes of Washington.

Understanding The World Bank

The world’s largest oil corporations, multilateral institutions who support them, as the World Bank and large NGOs. They are responsible for putting the fate of the planet, especially when it comes out what happens to people in places and regions where these large oil corporations more directly exert their action and on which leave their specific brand of oil spills and blood. Learn more on the subject from Jim Donovan Goldman. a The World Bank (year 2000) approved loans worth approximately $ 200 million for the project, the Chad-Shrimp, present area where Exxon Mobil and Chevron (Friends of the Earth, 2001). The World Bank supported while the great and gigantic projects, critical by Environmentalists in the ’70s and 80 for supporting the construction of large dams, roads and other infrastructure for the expansion of development. a The greatest success of the Small Projects Program of the World Bank may be cooling the contradictions generated by the development projects themselves, which, on the other end, with Bank support through its Major Projects Program ( PGP). In the case of environmental issues, specifically, much of the resources for environmental policies in poor countries comes from the World Bank and other multilateral institutions.

a A study in Funbio, a nongovernmental organization stimulated by the World Bank (which gives the institutional and financial support), aimed at applying the Convention of Biological Diversity in different countries, in this case in Brazil. Notably a institutional format and power of the NGO, was one of the most pathetic of these societies. Something similar happened in Ecuador when (where You can find indigenous Huaorani) a gave the Italian Agip Oil transnational, permission to build an oil platform, extending a pipeline and extracting the oil from the northeastern province of Pastaza in exchange for the company turn over: (…) to each one of the six communities Huaorani, a classroom, a health course, a radio, a battery with solar panel, 50 kilos of rice, 50 of sugar, two cubes of fat, a bag of salt, a judge and two whistle footballs, 15 plates, 15 cups and a closet with $ 200 on medicines in a single partisan (Marin, 2003).


When we adults look at the world, we see the objects: house, tree We just it seems that we see the world from childhood so. Hear other arguments on the topic with Sen. Sherrod Brown. In fact, we see him through the "spectacles" of our experiences, our concepts. Filed under: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. They miss one another weaken, delay the third. Scary to think what would happen to us if the "points" suddenly fell. A newborn baby? It is not protected. He did not have time to put "magic glasses". And the world has fallen to its senses in its entirety, the totality, of disorganization.

Instantly, without any transition. After feeling the baby work even before birth. But there, inside the mother's womb, they are protected from all sudden impacts. And suddenly – the dam burst, and rapid flow of sensation burns the eyes, ears, skin, The child does not see, he is blind – this is conviction. "Well, you – to answer an opponent – everybody knows what he sees." And why did the bright lights, spotlights? They needed an obstetrician? Of course. A child? Do they have a child? Or maybe they are harmful. Do we have that feeling, experiencing child? Here's the baby's head appeared.

Seen the wide eyes They are closed with force. On the face of the kid suffering. A cry. On this light, blinding, burning! The baby felt it still there in the belly moms, but there was the light is soft, weak, and suddenly the sun broke out no, not one, not two – ten suns burned his eyes.

Purpose Of Law And / Or Legal Values

The right, as any work of man has been created for something, you have an ultimate goal which in turn is his reason for being. What is that "something" that the right want to achieve? Where do legal science is conducted? What are the values that are part of their "being" and that while he wants to enter the global society? We touch here the interesting question of the essence of law. For GERMAN ROJAS GONZALEZese "something" are the fundamental values of society. Others are the same legal values of all legislative system. The end is only the proposed point of arrival or the point where, lately, we've come. The end of a route. The point from where we can no longer further.

The ultimate achievement of an action, of an existence of a being. But do not forget, means the point where "we" arrive. The item proposed by our own reasoning as a stage where we want to achieve the ideal reach. The purpose is also implicit in the concept of desire, longing, aspiration. This ambiguity of expression is not uncommon to find authors as important as saying the same Aftalion Justice, the common good, peace, equity, security can never be considered as an end, it can never be achieved. "The end state is a proposal to our freedom as a point of arrival, a situation which is reached when the end actually performed. A goal is a state which is reached and, once achieved, must be abandoned, since the creative freedom of life can not stop.