Excursion To Novgorod

Velikiy Novgorod – one of the oldest cities in Russia, located on Priilmenskoy Lowland, 6 km from the lake Ilmen in 552 km north-west of Moscow. The history of Novgorod is closely linked to all key stages of life Russian state. Twice in the middle of the IX century and the end of the XV century, he stood at the cradle of Russian and Russian statehood. Novgorod – the birthplace of Russian democratic and republican traditions, an important spiritual stronghold Orthodox Russia. As one of the most important centers of education and Europe's largest art center, the city over the centuries it has been a reliable stronghold in the northern and western borders of Russia.

Closely acquainted with the history and monuments can be during the excursion to Novgorod. Novgorod has always attracted the attention of a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. None of the cities of our immense Homeland is not kept so many beautiful monuments of architecture and monumental painting XII – XVII centuries. as Novgorod. And it is rightly called a museum city Ancient Rus. The main attraction is the Kremlin. Kremlin (or Detinets) – it is a cultural and tourist center. Here are the main exhibits of the museum, its funds, restoration workshops, a library, concert hall, art school and art school.

St. Sophia Cathedral (1045-1050 gg.) – One of the oldest stone buildings of Russia. Cathedral was founded by Prince Yaroslav the Wise, his son Vladimir and Luke Bishop as a city-wide church. Monument "Millennium of Russia" is located on the Sofia area. His height (15 m) and scale form will allow the neighborhood to sustain the ancient and more modern architectural constructions. St. George active monastery – founded by Prince Yaroslav of Novgorod at the beginning of XI century. Located 4 km from the Great Novgorod on Lake Ilmen and much more.

Armenian Genocide

The dispute, maintained for centuries, if not millennia, and by and large not argue about – that, unless someone dares to say that the Armenians 'do not' live by faith in recovery statehood for the whole of the Armenian plateau? .. Why, then, Jews in the time before the creation of Israel every year during the celebration of New Year's constantly repeated, like a prayer, 'Well, next New Year's Eve – necessarily in Jerusalem '? One – you can, and the whole world 'works' on the implementation of this idea, while others – not? This – is nonsense, Mr. Ter-Petrosyan, it would be better to admit it, whose political order he does, trying to undermine the centuries-old Armenian people faith in the liberation of their homeland. Needless to say – this figure does not only deny the need to fight for recognition of the Armenian Genocide, but also the necessity of the struggle for international recognition of NKR-Karabakh. So the speech Ter-Petrosian made the Armenian society to ask if not new, but important issues. It is clear that these anti-national views at the first 'Axa' formed until at least beginning of the Karabakh movement.

Anyway, in the first years after restoration of independence of Armenia, he confidently spoke of 'false' national ideology and actively united around the same anti-national associates. And even as early as 1989-91. about the rotten nature of Ter-Petrosian, many guessed and said out loud, if they were given a say … How many people then ditched ANM mode – for their dissent …

Mikheil Saakashvili

The meeting is still planned, and the parties are awaiting a more opportune moment. Mikheil Saakashvili believed that the contacts with the Russian side should refrain until after Russia will not make the first steps towards' de-occupation of Georgian territory. " But according to an alternative point of view, the efforts of public diplomacy should not be terminated. This in itself is reasonable, but at the official level for the Georgian side, apparently, is now seen not too practical sense in this case – given the stated position of the Russian leadership, not deliberate decision to reconsider the recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Not to mention the fact that the present regime, Moscow is not going to negotiate. Nevertheless, the normalization of relations with Russia is necessary, but Saakashvili did not wish to place it, this was done more because it turns out that someone's climbing across Batko in hell ', correcting against his will that he blew it.

This and another conflict related to the Russian journalists. Three members of the Georgian-Russian commission on the crisis in the Caucasus have arrived in Tbilisi for a second meeting. The first took place a few months ago in Moscow. I must say that the initiative came from the Georgian Journalists and experts who disagree with the course of political leadership led by Saakashvili. This initiative was supported and the Patriarch Ilia II. But an entry visa at the airport was only chief RIA 'News' for the CIS and Baltic Alan concerned, and a member of the Public Council of the Russian Maxim Shevchenko and editor of Izvestia, Vladimir Mamontov, the authorities decided not to admit.

Free Democrats

Case not a "dialogue" as such, it is possible on any issue, and signs of compromise. One, to talk about the mechanism of the president's resignation on the background pressure of opposition-minded masses, and another when the part of opposition politicians involved, for example, in the Commission's work on updating the Constitution, or in the reforms to democratize the electoral system. And, not controlling the process, but mostly going in the wake of the government. Therefore, the path elected alliance led by former ambassador to the UN Irakli Alasania, who is preparing for the founding congress of the party "Our Georgia – Free Democrats," the president's opponents believe the rest of the naive trust in the possible concessions from the ruling elite. On the contrary, opposition leaders from the former environment Saakashvili, and this is – the ex-parliamentary speaker Nino Burjanadze, former Foreign Minister Salome Zurabishvili and many others, absolutely sure that the conciliatory policy issued for the cooperation in the interests of the country's future could lead to the retention of the power team in future presidential elections scheduled for 2013, with all its attendant negative consequences. However, these different positions will be tested as early as next year, when elections take place in local government, including elections for mayor of Tbilisi, where the marks and Alasania. To to put an end to this discord, to strengthen their ranks and oppose the monolith of power and secure the best bunch of political supporters to continue the protests were made last week by calling create a unified opposition alliance to call and one alternate to the authorities, the leader of the opposition, which has evolved around the political association. .