The site NEWSLAND 31.01.2011 15:10, published an article the author kolya_lukoilov under the name "130 million people do not fit into the market economy?" The article is written based on the well-known for several recent books Parshev "Why Russia is not America." The main idea of the article lies in the fact that under the present conditions, Russia will never be able to get out of a deep economic crisis and its fate awaits the inevitable collapse into separate territorial entities and considerable (several times) decrease in population. Since the question for me was quite interesting, and commentary articles on the site is limited technical capacity, especially as the unfolded debate on the discussion paper was not wearing a deeply analytical, but only limited appeals and slogans, I let my notes in substance to publish here. Setting aside the specific numbers which the author cites the processes taking place in Russia, then the logic article is based on two fundamental theories – the theory of Darwin, with its final conclusion that the "survival of the fittest" and the theory of Malthus inevitable overpopulation of the planet Earth, with consequences of regulation is inevitable in its population. Described in the book and paper scenario is quite logical and seems very real and plausible, especially since the figures quoted by the author and the course of contemporary events, only confirm its successful development at this time. But there is nothing new in the submission there is a different matter that most of the people had not thought about it (or do not want to think).

Kyiv City Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky

Kyiv city mayor Leonid Chernovetsky, as well as the famous Ukrainian boxer and politician leader of the Bloc Klitschko Vitali Klitschko told that allocate funds from their own pockets for the Kiev Zoo. That is, the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky and a prominent politician and sportsman Vitaly Klitschko, willing to sacrifice money in favor of the Kiev zoo, for the purchase of a new bishop. Administration of the Kiev zoo said at a news conference that they have long negotiating the purchase of an elephant, with different zoos around the world. Want to buy an elephant and in European zoos and in Asian zoos. Also, the administration of the Kiev zoo reported that the talks nearly finished. That is quite soon will be in Kiev zoo elephant again.

Administration of the Kiev zoo still in the thinking of buy one elephant or buy two females. And all this thanks to the generosity of the Kyiv City Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky and Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko policy. Who are willing to pay not only the cost of an elephant or a few elephants, and the cost of transporting the elephants. The cost of the elephant range from 250 to 850 thousand hryvnia thousands. This is very welcome news, Considering how many terrible happened in the Kiev zoo, since the present was appointed director, who was again restored to the old position. That even the Kiev zoo included in the list of most bad zoos in the world. In 2008, in Kiev zoo animal has died 51. This year, died many large and conspicuous animals, such as female gayala, the female buffalo, camel, and a favorite of visitors to the Asian elephant battle, whose death and caused many scandals and nerazberih. Examination did not show anything really, that is nothing concrete. But soon the Ministry of Environment should put an end to this matter and will then know everything.

Georgian State Minister

Late September is traditionally the calendar became the moral and political failures tragic reminder of the past twenty years. On Sunday in South Ossetia celebrated Republic Day, and there rang out for the first time the national anthem. The same thing happens the other day in Abkhazia, and celebrations will be confined to obtaining status as an independent nation and to victory in the war, which ended on 27 September 1993 is not in favor of Georgia. All of these dates, with the war in August 2008, reflect exactly those events that were essentially crucial state of destabilization of the country. In this context, fundamentally important presents the results of the semi-annual EU Commission to study the causes and circumstances of the August war.

The results would announce in early August, but then, citing the emergence of new materials, we decided delay in the first half of September. However, notice that hour of the report or verdict, which was eagerly waiting for the world, put off again for some time. "The Committee Chairman, Heidi Tagliavini – experienced diplomat and honest, and she did not want to be, especially at the end of a career, to give his professional reputation a negative connotation. Therefore, I am sure she will tell the truth "- no doubt one of the Georgian opposition leaders, former Georgian State Minister for Conflict Resolution Giorgi Khaindrava. And the truth, he says, is what is known in Georgia, all opposition political forces.

"If Saakashvili had a team of conscience, it is long gone to resign. But these are the people who are shamelessly trying to mask the terrible consequences of their policies – said a few days ago, the former speaker of parliament Nino Burjanadze. – The president once said, making declarative statement that if he, Mr. Saakashvili, was indeed a problem, then there is reason to worsening relations with Russia was just in it, that he himself would go to Moscow and would have surrendered to pay the penalty there. But this is impossible. In order to realize his guilt, one must have great courage, and people like our president, do not become heroes. " Georgian opposition politicians constantly accuse Saakashvili and his submissive "Associates" that they created problems not only in relations with Russia. He has created and continues to cause problems within the country, in dealing with individuals and social strata, from East and West. Opposition community expects that the next leader of Georgia will be a reasonable person and a true patriot, and will act in the interests of his state. They understand that in current circumstances is very difficult to achieve success in the normalization of relations with Russia. But the art of politics lies in the fact, to cope with this case. If the new leader of Georgia, they argue, will be endowed with the confidence of the population will be projected leader and man of his word, then this policy will be easier to find contacts with Russia and its Western partners, and its own citizens. But while the rhetoric of the Georgian authorities, alas, remains the same as it was in character to last year's war. Moreover, I regret to say, and that for all the past, the country was no serious attempt to analyze the mistakes of the early 90s. And it turns out that you have to walk in circles.

Russian Armed Forces

Talking about these threats came in connection with his statement that a complete translation of the Russian Armed Forces to the new organizational structure will be completed by December 1 this year. As of June 1 this year, half Army, including the Army, has been translated into the new structure. Massive changes are needed in the first place because their pre-reform Russia’s army and navy, in the opinion of the Chief of Staff, could not adequately respond to major threats, which he took the U.S. military and NATO have repeatedly superiority in conventional forces in all strategic directions. Moreover, the Chief of Staff believes that Georgian forces now armed with a “better than during the August 2008 aggression.” And the Baltic countries and Poland, complained Gen. Makarov, persistently demand to punish Russia. It is not easy, he said, folding relations with Ukraine, whose leadership is seeking to enter the country in the North Atlantic bloc.

According to the chief Genshtba in the Ferghana Valley is focused “more than 60 unresolved territorial claims of countries which have interests in the region. ” In these circumstances, Russia needs to have the Armed Forces that could adequately respond to the threats of the modern world. General Makarov also said that “to be very a lot of work in the Arctic, to our national interests were protected there. ” “There was also many new challenges and threats”, – said the army general.

Chechen President

I must say that the Russian president did not err in making this, as it turned out, a true choice. And with regard to Ramzan-Hadji, I would add that it is belongs not just Chechnya, but also throughout the Caucasus, and then, perhaps, the whole of Russia. I am confident that we will fall honor to see in the near future, many of the new achievements and feats, both in the interests of the peoples of the Caucasus, and in the name of Russian people. JH: – That you said something about 'the interests of people of the Caucasus'. Very often we say: 'The interests of Russia', 'Interests of Dagestan' or 'interests of the Chechen people. " In Dagestan and Ingushetia, as far as I know, no link their interests with the figure of Ramzan Kadyrov. He is too elevated and too close to the Kremlin. Here, apart from an instinct of power, works and popular 'instinct'.

Strong neighbor-favorite center – may encroach on their interests. We also know, if someone wants to, can inflate the territorial issue, even fatal to the kindred peoples. And this question, in respect of Ingushetia, occasionally exaggerated. In Ingushetia, as far as I know, decidedly does not want unification with Chechnya. 'Fraternal peoples live better in their own apartments' – this is the main message and the elite and the people of Ingushetia. This is especially true for Dagestan. So what's the question: 'What, indeed, are these most 'interests' of neighboring peoples of Chechnya and how they relate to attitudes and activities of the Chechen President? " – It is still relevant.

European Union Invited

Four high school students sat Tirdznisi Gori district, adjacent to South Ossetia, were arrested and transported to Tskhinvali. The reason, as explained there was a violation of the administrative boundary. After the first attempts by the Georgian side to begin negotiations for the release she was told that had previously been arrested several citizens of South Ossetia, which, according to South Ossetian authorities are in a remand Tbilisi. Georgian law enforcement agencies have denied the allegations. Government circles, and sharply criticized already for lack of control on the adjacent territories of South Ossetia, not a little agitated.

In the village Tirdznisi left MPs from the faction of the Christian Democrats and questioned locals about the circumstances of the accident. Then, the initiative brought the anti-crisis committee chairman of the Georgian Parliament Giorgi Tortladze offered Tskhinvali top of the following: to clarify the circumstances and the final decision to sharpen him in jail instead of teenagers, the oldest of whom, I must say, no more than 16 years. But Such measures, even in Tbilisi were not taken seriously, not to mention Tskhinvali administration. After that Georgian officials made several troubling statements and, accordingly, inform the international organization. The incident became a topic of discussion at the Geneva process to resolve. At the end of Thursday next, eighth, round heads of plenipotentiary representative of South Ossetia on post-conflict settlement Boris Chochiev said that South Ossetia would suspend its participation in mechanisms for preventing and responding to incidents, if not received information about stolen Georgian Ossetians.

European Union

In the context of energy interests of the European Union considered the recent improvement of relations between Turkey and Armenia. Rapprochement between the two countries, according to commentators, could serve as a positive example for Armenia and Azerbaijan an impetus to the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh. The settlement of the Karabakh conflict is again seen as an important element in creating a network of reliable transit routes for the transfer of Central Asian gas to Europe, bypassing Russia. In the German media are still experiencing increased interest in the political situation in Georgia, which is reflected in numerous comments to the topic. Widely discussed and the reaction of the Russian Federation to NATO exercises in Georgia. Certain materials on the situation in Abkhazia and South Ossetia are confined to specific activities: the fifth round of Geneva discussions on security in the Caucasus and assigned to the May 31 parliamentary elections in South Ossetia, the results which the West did not recognize. The key themes of media appearances in France over the situation in the Caucasus began in May, NATO military exercises in Georgia, the Georgian military rebellion the military base and launching of the "Eastern Partnership" involving the strengthening of the EU including the South Caucasus countries. Covering the NATO military exercises in Georgia, many media give views of Moscow, which calls these exercises provocation.

Some publications believe that this is indeed the case. We give an expert opinion that Russia considers the dangerous combination of a NATO-Georgia in any form. Insurgency war in Georgia has become the number one topic in the French media materials on the Caucasus subject in May. First edition emphasized the fact that the mutiny was informed the Georgian authorities, then began to write about the rebellion as an event whose reality is not questioned. Distributed by the thesis that the rebellion advantageous for Russia. On the one hand, argues that the West, many believe Saakashvili insane, on the other side of Le Figaro consistently proves why the thesis about the beneficial mental illness Saakashvili Moscow.

The Kremlin says the president of Georgia is a psychiatric patient, and even said that Georgia should be sent no soldiers, and nurses. Program "Eastern Partnership", launched at the EU summit in Prague French media say the majority of late in part because that Georgia is still recovering from armed conflict with Russia. In May, the Caucasus topic attracts the attention of the Spanish press in connection with the mutiny in Mukhrovani teachings of the Georgia-NATO, signing the agreement on the protection of Russia borders of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Continues in the media analysis of the situation in the Chechen Republic in connection with the abolition of the CTO regime. The most popular Information occasion of the month was the holding of NATO exercises in Georgia, which the Chinese print media paid attention. Experts do not conceal their concern over the growing contradictions between Moscow and Tbilisi and make the following conclusion: short-sighted policy of the West, on the one hand, has a destructive impact on the emerging progress in Russian-US relations, on the other – indicates that NATO is playing Georgia map to weaken Moscow's influence in the Caucasus and secure control of Western countries for energy resources in the region. Other press materials in varying degrees, analyze general trends in Russian-Georgian relations, as well as focusing on the speeches of the opposition in Georgia, suggesting that official Tbilisi will follow the recommendations of the West and try to compromise only to In order to dull the vigilance of political opponents of Saakashvili.

China Population

In contrast to pharmaceutical giants to increase sales in developing countries will increase to 51%. Among the latter, it is worth noting Brazil India, Turkey, China, Mexico, Korea and Russia. This so-called developing countries are the first level. Another 21 countries coming on the heels of nouveau-leaders. However, while it is projected that its annual sales volume will be only 6% of the total market.

Total to developing countries include 28 States, the total number of population which is 45% of the total population. That these states are likely to form a new vector Development farmarynka XXI century. Among emerging markets worth special mention China and India (the reasons for their active development has already been mentioned above), and Venezuela. It was the last country in the near future will be a leader Latin America in terms of sales. Thus, experts believe that sales of this country in 2009 will grow by a third. The reason for this boom is the rapid population growth, as well as common here hypercholesteremia, which allowed actively to sell some analgesics and inhibitors of specific enzymes. But the Venezuelan government holds back the country's development in this direction have implemented laws that restrict the rights of entrepreneurs.

Another feature of the pharmaceutical market is the growth of production and marketing of generic drugs. This class of drugs now dominates the emerging markets. As mentioned above, sales growth of developed countries will be significantly less than in previous years. For example, in U.S. experts predict he will be around 1% in Europe – 3-4% in Japan – up to 5%.

Lighting Workplace

Light can induce the activity and willingness to work, and drowsiness or fatigue. In the office, which is well lit with chandeliers and lighting fixtures easier to work. People for longer stays active and interested in what he does. It is not just a feeling. It is a proven scientific fact, based on a study of exposure to light (even from artificial lamps and chandeliers) to the human biological clock. Huge selection of lighting fixtures: chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces and table lamps on the website inside the 'Light-Helen'.

Today, office lighting should be flexible and provide energy savings. It is these tasks are primarily in the development of office lighting. More and more employees to work flexible hours, or even leaving the house, so no need to completely cover the office. In addition, there is now a trend towards shorter lease terms, and the lighting system of the building should be easy to adapt to the needs of new tenants. Well-designed and well implemented solution will provide the required coverage is in that part of the office, where they really need. This can save on operating costs. Flexible solution enables every employee to adjust the lighting of the workplace, at its discretion, helping him to keep working and do not strain your eyes. The use of 'flexible coverage 'helps to reduce energy consumption and to date is extremely important.

The cost of electricity is growing tougher and also the requirements of environmental legislation. Government all countries insist on using more environmentally friendly technologies. Using technologies such as system voltage control and reduce the brightness (dimmer), you ensure yourself the amazing savings. Please attention to our factory manufacturers lamps, chandeliers, table lamps and floor lamps in 'Lights'. They can reduce energy consumption without causing a reduction of efficiency.


Based on theoretical concepts that are the basis for conducting monetary policy, the main object of the monetary aggregate is the money supply, the size of which depends on the dynamics of basic indicators economic development. In this regard, depending on the economic situation the central bank can implement the two basic types of monetary policy, which charge a mutually opposite effect on the dynamics of money supply. Restriction monetary policy ("dear money") – aimed at limiting the volume of credit transactions, raising interest rates and the inhibition of growth of money mass in the back. This policy applies both to smooth the sharp fluctuations in the phase of economic cycle and to control inflation and stabilize the monetary system. Expansionist monetary policy (Policy of "cheap money") – is accompanied by expansion of the volume of credit operations, lower interest rates and overall growth of money supply. The policy of monetary expansion is used to overcome recession production and business recovery stimulation of investment processes and increasing effective demand for goods and services. The subject of monetary policy is the state, which regulate this sector through their representative bodies – the central bank and the relevant government agencies – the Ministry of Finance or the Treasury, the supervisor of banks and control of money treatment, the establishment of deposit insurance and other institutions. The decisive role in implementing monetary owned central bank. Objects that is most often directed regulatory activities, there are variables of the money market: supply (ground) money, the interest rate, exchange rate, the velocity of money, etc.