The Deity

The ultimate test is to drink the Goblet of Fire DIE LIVES MIL / MIL LIVING DEAD. This trial by fire, only be overcome with a desire to fire. Walk beyond the last test, listen to the seven angels touching their golden trumpets. The wisdom that rested on the shoulders of Jesus, now rests on your own. The legacy of RAMA, HERMES, Krishna, Abraham, Moses, is spilling all the cells of your being, and you smile illuminates the deity. What is the next step? THE HERITAGE OF THE GREAT WORK, YOU MUST CONTINUE.

Leave white paper reflected the wisdom accessible to all those who want to use their shoulders to keep the secret decoding the mysteries of our time on this earth. INCOGNITA ON THE ORIGIN OF THE ONE THAT GAVE THE BEING, IS RESTRICTED AREAS FOR HIGHER Decrypt. This earthly world is only to live our spiritual early in a physical body. You need to learn all kinds of experiences, to continue the evolutionary process of our journey to the SUPREME POWER AWARE games and toys, which we both enjoyed in the early stages of the path are losing interest. We are now entering that time of the journey where the soul rejoices calm and happy because we have more contact with our spiritual selves. The knowledge and wisdom opened its wings in our inner horizon, and fly gentle light in the vastness of being, which is JHEOVHA. The silent heart smiles knowing that each of its beats, is a song of praise for the father creator.