Federal Executive

Important to essentially point out the differences between voluntary man power of the not voluntary one given the displayed one in the current legislation, also reason of much controversy among the legislators, regarding the remuneration to the controllers and administrators. Until December of 2002 the legislation determined, through the Arts. For more information see Amazon. 13, 2, III, ‘ ‘ b’ ‘ of Law 9,249/95, and 12, 2, ‘ ‘ a’ ‘ of Law n 9,532/97, the condition of relative prohibition To not the distribution of profits, shares, bonifications or advantages the controllers, mantenedores or associates, under no form or excuse as well as also the prohibition to the remuneration, of any form, for the services given to the controllers, administrators, or affiliated of immune or exempt entities, respectively, pass not to reach the remuneration hypothesis the controllers, in result of employment bond, considering displayed in Law 9790/99, I contend the requirement of that such remunerations are not superior, in rude values, to the limit established for remuneration of servers of the Federal Executive. Beyond the displayed obligations previously the immune and exempt entities must collect the contribution of the INSS parcel out patronal. To broaden your perception, visit Amazon. However, with regard to the Churches or temples of any cult, it must be abided by the following fact. Art. re varied view. 22 of Law 8,212 of 24/07/1991 determine that the patronal contribution is obligator at the rate of 20% on the total of the payment leaf 2.

The Candle

Steps to follow: 1. It secures the following ingredients: 3 yellow roses, 5 maize grains, a spoonful of honey 5 nails of species, 5 rajitas of cinnamon. Essences of: love, attractive, sgueme the steps, llamadera and triumph. 2. It boils half an hour in a container with water during the three roses, the maize, the nails and the cinnamon. 3. It lets cool and mezclalo with the essences and the honey.

4. After the bath, &quot rinses your body with this; pcima" during 5 days, igniting a candle of yellow color, and giving him thanks to Ochn (Santa of the Love) by the protection of the love 6- In order to know if it has interest in another person. You have known a person but you think that it is interested in otro/a. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Richard Blumenthal on most websites. You do not lose the hopes nor I commit a madness. Test with this combination of elements and entrate what chances you have of which it falls in a moment on your feet with this spell of love. Steps to follow: 1. It takes a candle from red color, a white paper and a red red ball-point pen. 2.

It writes, with the red ball-point pen and in the white paper, the name of that special boy and surrounds it with a heart. 3. Later, it places that red candle on the paper and encindela. It leaves is consumed during six minutes. 4. – While the candle is consumed you must concentrarte and watch the heart with the name. 5. Once passed the six minutes, it extinguishes the candle. 6. If on the paper the heart of that boy has not fallen nor a drop of wax surely it is occupied at the moment. If they have fallen between two and six drops, its heart is occupied but it has doubts.

Resolution Resources

The advent of the Constitutional Emendation n.29 in 2000, represented an excellent conquest of the citizens in the construction of the SUS. The entailing proclaims arrives in port of it of resources in the three spheres of government, that is, to all the federate beings. Beyond prescribed the progressividade of Imposto Predial Urbano (IPTU), it strengthens the paper of control and fiscalization of the Advice of the Health and foresees sanctions in the case of descumprimento of the minimum limits of application in health. The regulation of the EC n 29 allows that the resources applied in the actions and services of health do not suffer ‘ ‘ shunting line of finalidade’ ‘ , since the law will define what it could be considered as such, having Resolution 322/2003 of the CNS as reference in this question.

The government federal he is the main financier of the public net, disponibilizando the resources through the Health department, being Deep National of Health the financial manager. To the states it fits to plan and to co-ordinate the SUS in the level, for being responsible for the attendance in its territory. Read more from Sen. Sherrod Brown to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The same prerogatives must be followed in the scope of the municipal management, with creation of specific secretariat, City council of Health and formularization of public politics, and the management in charge of the Deep Municipal theatre of Sade (FMS). The Constitutional Emendation n. 29 establish that the expenses of the Union must be equal to the one of the previous year, corrected for the nominal variation of Produto Interno Bruto (PIB). The states must guarantee 12% of its prescriptions for the financing to the health.

Already the cities need to apply at least 15% of its prescriptions. (CFRB, 1988). Finally, it is standed out that the cities are stimulated to integrally assume the actions and services of health in its territory.

Federal Government

Acontradio inhabits in the fact of if having still more given a great advance in the direitoprevidencirio, but, however, compromising, in special for olongo stated period, the resources of the providence for the adhesion of new potenciaisbeneficirios of the security, namely, the agricultural workers. Graph of the Yearbook Statistician of the Social welfare of 2007 20 demonstrates that the quantitative parcel of agricultural participants in the concession debenefcios for the Federal Government already represents one tero of the urbanabeneficiria population. Before the Constitution of 1988, this parcel was poucorepresentativa in the plan of social security of the government. In short, believe-it dries to the constitutional ruleses had had its implantation of form joust ecoerente for the promotion of the corporate property; however, in a perspective financeirafutura, the atuarial redimensionamento by means of biomtrica board not foiprojetado in way adjusted for the future debenefcios sustenance it proper plan for the citizens. Paulo Coelho is full of insight into the issues. Graph 1: Average concession monthly Total deBenefcios, for clientele Source: Statistical yearbook of the Social2007 Providence. 4O DEFICIT OF the BRAZILIAN SOCIAL WELFARE the Brazilian Social welfare if subdivides in duasvertentes: the official providence (public) and the private providence. s.

First, the obligator one, it possesss its management appealed to higher court for the State by means of the autarchies, agencies decentralized pertaining to the indirect administration. The second, facultative one, is developed and managed for the private initiative (sociedadesannimas, civil societies, foundations and justinian codes). The Government has searched improvement of the relacionadasaos conditions previdencirios systems, mainly in reason of the dficitsapurados constants annually in the Brazilian providence. As example of this, in 15 deDezembro of 1998 was approved by the National Congress the Emendation Constitucionaln 20, modifying the system of related the social welfare and establishing algumasnormas of transistion to the retirement, everything with the objective to dealiviar the constant negative misalignments between the collected volume and volumepago of benefits.

The Dollar

This losing streak of the dollar, which has coincided with the improvement of the stock since March, has gained momentum since the last months. The currencies of the major producers of raw motherland have soared against the dollar. The very weak dollar could help to support it later this year, according to analysts and inverosres. The problem is that if the euro and the yen will continue to strengthen cost more expensive European and Asian exports in international markets. A few months ago there was speculation that some banks have bought dollars Europeras to continue to keep its exports competitive. For example the growth of Germany, Europe's largest economy remains dependent on exports and the decline of the dollar could impact significantly on its economy. Another factor to be considered against the dollar are the operators who have made a very high volume of bets against the U.S.

currency and may consider that it is time to take profits. Also another important factor is the risk that exists in gains that are occurring in interest rates, which can generate a major crisis in emerging markets and to attract investors back to the dollar. Beyond the dollar has absorbed significant losses, the sterling performance was even weaker. The pound gave up 2.6% against the dollar and 7.2% against the euro during the third quarter. This decline came after the British currency rebounded by 15% against the dollar during the second quarter. Many investors believe that the British economy is in a vulnerable position on the effects of the financial crisis can leave and few are those who believe that the Bank of England will raise interest rates any time soon.

For many months the dollar trended down after it announced positive news and investors interpreted as a sign it was time to abandon safe investments such as the American currency to go for more risky and profitable investments. Simon Derrick, currency analyst for Bank of New York Mellon in London said the euro could be placed close to us $ 1.55, compared to the current level is 1.46 us $. Derrick said that efforts are being carried out by the U.S. government to inject money into the economy have reduced considerably the cost of borrowing in dollars, at a time when American assets offer returns too low. But with regard to operators, they are asking for dollars borrowed and used to finance investments in currencies that offer higher returns, which in the parlance of Wall Street is known as the carry trade which tends to reduce the cost of money that is borrowed . Derrick describes it almost like a flight from the dollar.

The President

The Evo name which astonishes by its peculiarity, is not the male Eva, as many believe, but it is product of the mispronunciation of the Spanish that characterises the indigenous high plateau. The Aymara find it difficult to pronounce certain Spanish words, especially if contain the vowels or i, who usually opposed. For example: they can’t say cucumber, but say they Pepin. Nor can you tell money, say denero. Oruro was seat of a large Croatian colony. Among their male, there were many who were called Ivo, common name among the Slavs.

When the mother of Morales, went to register his newborn son, he wanted to call it Ivo, but as he could not pronounce the i said Evo. The disciplined notary pointed out the name as he heard it and thus passed into history the singular nickname. Evo is known with certainty, is that he did not finish school, nor was educated in any matter. He does not speak Aymara and other indigenous languages apart from a rudimentary Spanish. The President is functionally illiterate. He likes playing football, which remains his greatest passion. Mediocremente played the trumpet in a popular band, of which there are thousands in Oruro, where its inhabitants are preparing the whole year to celebrate Carnival, dancing, or playing any instrument.

She never starred in any activity with the exception of neighborhood football. His luck begins to change when the Sanchez President Gonzalo de Lozada decides to relocate tens of thousands of workers dependent on the broken State mining industry, giving them land in the tropics, where nature offers better advantages than the inhospitable altiplano, so that they rehicieran their lives. Evo is installed in Chapare, Central Bolivia, head of the Amazon jungle. Place of stunning foliage, rivers and many coca plantations. Since coca yields up to four annual crops. It does not require care and leaves substantial profits. Evo decided to devote himself to his seeding, that gives you enough time to play football. Being more clever than others in kicking the ball, he was elected Captain of the team the place, position that catapultaria trade union leader of the Chapare coca leaf producers.

American Bankers Association

Without resources of deposits, average small the lesser institutions leave the companies without credit. This insurance, however, does not guarantee the loans of the banks, if borrowed of loans they will not have as to quit them. Without the retaken one of the credit, the performance of the economy will be still more fragile, the unemployment will grow and this only will make to aggravate the insolvency picture. Unhappyly, the insolvency must grow still more. This is the expectation of the agents with regard to uncurling of the impacts of the crisis. Still an increase of the unemployment is waited and also a fall of the income. This speculative expectation if justifies for the sazonalidade of the behavior of the delay in the physical people. In general, the insolvency withdraws in the end of the year, stops later presenting growth in the first months of the following year.

The peak, in general, happens in May. Already they start to appear, however, evidences of that the loss of job also started to have influence. Research carried through for the Trade association of So Paulo (ACSP) points that the main reason of the insolvency in the last month was the unemployment, cited for 48% of the heard people. In as place uncontrols it appears it of expenses (12%). Although this, the research indicates that 65% of the searched ones they do not meet dismissed. The estragos have been bigger in institutions without an adequate management of risk, that is, without modeling statistics, politics credit, wallet segmentation and an adequate collection. A good notice is that the data of delays in Brazil, although the trend of high, not yet is considered explosive. Moreover, it is in relatively not very superior platforms to the presented ones in the remaining portion of the world, as giving of Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI), in the report ' ' Global Finance and Stability Report' ' , of October of 2008.O Brazil it presents index of 3,4% – as given of the Central banking of February – sufficiently next to countries as Argentina, India and France.

Already countries as Japan and Spain were in lower levels, according to data of Deep the relative ones to the last year (to see table to the side). The indicative numbers are only e, as the proper report points, cannot be compared between the countries. This because each nation possesss criteria and methods of attainment of the sufficiently singular information. But they can point that the behavior in Brazil is similar of other nations. The trend of high also is the same one. In Spain, for example, the delays had gone up of 0,6% for 1,1% enter the end of 2006 and April of 2008. In the United States, given more recent they point more than that these indices had gone off in the last months, with respect to 4% in some segments of the credit to the consumption. The average tax surpassed 3.2% in the end of the year passed, according to data of the American Bankers Association.A depth and the reach of the credit crisis is determinative for the pressures in the system, said the FMI. The data suggest despite the decurrent countable decreases of the insolvency in such a way in the mortgages how much in the loans of consumption in the United States they must be records. Of any form, as it said the saudoso robot of seriado ' ' Lost in the Espao' ': DANGER! DANGER! Bibliography: Periodical Economic Value of 30 of March of 2009Jornal Economic Value of 08 of April of 2009

Work Relations

The present article has as objective to carry through a literature survey that approaches the question of the informal work in the economy. It is intended to point the concepts, characteristics and peculiarities of this modality of work according to different identified theoretical perspectives in pertinent literature. This quarrel if shows excellent, since the advance of the Neoliberalismo from the decade of 1980 provoked unfoldings on the world of the work, revealing between its some aspects, a trajectory of growth of the informality in the work relations. The work contemplates, beyond this introduction, one second session in which is analyzed the three main theoretical chains that approach the informality of the work relations, as well as the new expressions assumed for this phenomenon in the contemporaneidade. The text is locked up with the final consideraes regarding the considered subject.

For Cacciamali (1983), the existence of three theoretical chains can be indicated that deal with to the concept and the characteristics of the informal sector. In this direction, the current agreement of this thematic one was reached thanks to the conceptual evolution from the first studies during the decade of 1970. The first theoretical chain left of a study of the International Organization of Trabalho (OIT) on Job and Income in the Kenya in 1972, that in turn, consisted of an important landmark for theoretical delimitation, that is, definition of the nature of the informal sector and its relations with the set of the economy. (CACCIAMALI, 1983) This boarding uses the optics of the production to construct its categories. Being thus, it considers the informal sector with the following characteristics: i) activities with reduced capital level; II) complex and little intensive techniques of work; III) small number of workers (ones remunerated, other familiar ones); IV) its activities are not white of governmental politics; v) they possess difficulties for credit attainment; vi) acts in competitive markets.

Constitutional Capital

The exportations of Bolivia for Brazil had reached US$ 333 millions and the main exported products had been the natural gas, raw oil, beanses and combustible oil. The importations proceeding from Brazil had added US$ 390 million and had been composed of manufactures of iron and steel, equipment and scheme, paper and cardboard, plastics, automobiles, foods and txteis, among others. The deceleration in the taxes of growth and the consequent increase in the unemployment, since year 2000, has pressured the fabric social, provoking politician-institucional instability and questioning of aspects of the model of market economy. For in such a way, it also contributes the relative success of the politics of eradication of the cocaine and its favorable impact in the informal economy. 2.1.1 geography of Bolivia Is considered that Bolivia is the heart of the South America, since the country is located almost in the center of the continent.

The west with Peru has border, to the north and the east with the Federative Republic of Brazil, to the south with Argentina, the Southeast with Paraguay and to southwest with Chile. Its official name is Republic of Bolivia and its independence was in 6 of August of 1825. With the surface of 1.098.581 km, the country is divided in 09 states, 112 provinces, 1,384 cities and 312 administrative regions. The Constitutional Capital is Sucre in the state of Chuquisaca and the Seat of government is the woollen city Peace, in the woollen state Peace. The main cities of Bolivia how much to the population and economic activity they are La Paz, High El, woollen Cochabamba and Santa Cruz Sierra. 2.1.2 organization politics and commercial agreements of Bolivia Bolivia has a unitary, democratic, multinational government and multilnge, consisting of three to be able independent: the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary Power. The Executive is composed for the President, the Vice-president and the Cabinet of Ministers.