The term ' ' Geopoltica' ' Swedish politician Rudolf Kjelln was created by the scientist, at the beginning of century XX, inspired for the workmanship of Friedrich Ratzel, Politische Geographie, (Geography Politics) of 1897. Geopolitics can be understood as a set of strategies traced for a State, a way to reach contextualizados objectives space in determined historical moments. The Cold War reflected strategies traced for States, being a period marked for much espionage and propaganda politics. During this period, a new modality of super-heroes appeared in North American comicses. The first comics of the Fantastic Quarteto, published in November of 1961 (few months after Yuri Gagarin having carrying through a orbital flight, and almost one decade before the North American astronaut Neil Armstrong having been the first man to step on in the Moon). This team of heroes surgiriu at the same time where U.S.A. and the Ussr disputed the space race.

Little before the personages travelling for the space, quadrinho it mentions that U.S.A. is in one ' ' race espacial' ' with ' ' a power estrangeira' '. This power was the Ussr. The main enemy of the Quarteto was the Doctor Destination whose appearance with an iron armor, can be reference to ' ' Curtain of Ferro' '. The Incredible Hulk also contextualiza the Cold War.

When trying to save an adolescent who invaded the place where will test &#039 for the first time; ' bomb gama' ' , the scientist Bruce Banner he is displayed to the rays gamma when the bomb is set in motion by its assistant, a disfarado Yugoslavian spy. Banner it discovers that the rays gamma had modified molecular properties of its body, transforming into a green giant: the Hulk. ' ' bomb gama' ' it blows up in the desert of New Mexico, region of U.S.A. where the first atomic tests had been carried through (reflected of the armament race) In its first adventures, the Hulk faced some communist villains, but in many histories of the Hulk, the enemy one was the proper North American Army, always pursuing. The Incredible Hulk was a monster created by the atomic horror. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, when conceiving history, intended to transmit a message: the scientist (or the government of U.S.A.) was victim of a weapon that he himself created! Professor Alexander de Oliveira Gangorra