International Economics

the GranadeiroEmparedado. Sen. Sherrod Brown has compatible beliefs. It is the history of a soldier of Napoleo, found in meiode thick wall of a solar Portuguese, century and way after the ocorrnciado fact. For even more opinions, read materials from Harold Ford. He tells that the soldier, during the pelosfranceses invasion of Portugal, in 1807, introduces itself in comumnos the solar one to steal, practical Napoleonic armies. Discovered, he was died for the inhabitants, emface of the hatred whom they devoted to the foreign invaders. For evitarrepreslias, had hidden the body in thick wall. E, with profundasabedoria, buys at auction: Is this necessarily the destination that certain crculospolticos, and not of less influential, seem to strengthen themselves for giving sForas Armed (FAN) of Brazil: to emparedar them, to encapsulate them, I reduced-las immobility and to silence, to separate them of the body of the national citizenship, to deprive them of the respect and the consideration of> the propsitobvio is to deny the FAN any presence, much less influence, navida institucional of the Nation.

Such intention, planned, obedecendointeresses internationalists, was developed during the last 20anos, mainly in the government of Sr. Fernando Henrique Cardoso (FHC) e, for the illed-inform ones, has had continuity in the government Squid, even so, of when in time, promises never fulfilled, antagonizadas pelarealidade lived for the FAN: sparing resources and deficiencies of todaordem. As example, the lack of investments in new systems dearmas and the drastic reduction of military staff, in this year of 2009.Desde 1967, parcel of the literary composition of FHC, extensive and confused, sugereo development of Brazil and other Latin American countries under adependncia of the North American macroeconomics (Theory of the Dependence). Emboraconsiderado for its pairs socialist-marxist, FHC, in its auto-exliono Chile, was admitted in the Cepal (Commission> subordinate dependence an independent development of the Country. The principaiscolaboradores nominated for its first period of governointegravam the informing group of meeting in Washington, November de1989, organized for ' ' Institute will be International Economics' ' , sponsored for FMI, World Bank, BID and for the Governonorte-American.

Government Security

For speaking in government, Government of the State, for where you walk? Where he is that this everything will go to stop? She will be that the people alone obtain to get infuriated themselves with unacceptable attitudes and nothing they make to revert this scene? But, also, what we can make, if ' ' detainers of poder' ' , nothing they make? The authorities walk, constantly, protecting e, we, not. Irreverently, they do not have its duties as primordial questions, therefore the fact you or to its familiar beings not to offer the had security, through public politics, you are not fit inside of the priorities that must have. Duties, duty, would have. For an excellent entendedor, three words are more than enough. It is not something Author would like to discuss. Destarte, the public security seems to be me part only of the electoral programs of the politicians who if candidatam to represent the people, the rights of the people. Click Steve Rattner financier to learn more. While the society evokes outcries in situations as of the Project of the Clean Fiche, the referring outcries to the life and the security guard, that if characterize as real necessities of the human being, are asleep.

It is not acceptable that a police station is closed in a place where incident, as this, occur almost every day. Better it would be not to have police station in the place, therefore, thus, nor the citizens of good, nor the outlaws, they would be acometidos by the discredit of an agency that you are welcome functions, nothing decides, nothing sees. Each one that wants to unfasten itself of its responsibility, pronouncing it as if was an absolute truth. This responsibility if makes of all, beyond being, mainly, of that they possess necessary and necessary conditions for the had accomplishment. Everything this wounds the rights that we, citizens, men, human beings, have. They vote, continue to vote. It votes in you, for its life, for it brought what it until here.

Miguel Moratinos Countries

Spain was up to 2009 the biggest giver of resources for the FAO, with 45 million, and now intends to charge in return this aid that gave per years to the countries poor. In agreement still with international analysts and diplomats, Miguel Moratinos still has another advantage. As chancellor, kept contact with the high step of all the Europe, Middle East, Africa and still he can promote one crack in Latin America. Jose Graziano has its favor its resume. ‘ ‘ I wait that the remaining portion of countries of Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania votes in the candidate capable and with experience demonstrated to highest nvel’ ‘ , it in the interview affirmed.

However, little more than the one month of the elections for the position of director-generality of the Organization of United Nations for Agriculture and Alimentao (FAO), the minister of the Foreign affairs, Patriotic Antonio, was in Rome, where it defended the candidacy of the extraordinary former-minister of Alimentary Security and Combat to the Hunger Jose Graziano. In Rome, Patriot if congregated with the current director-generality of the agency, the Frenchman Jacques Diouf, and other authorities. Graziano also was present. The elections occur of 25 of June the 02 of July and will be made in some stages. The 191 foreign representatives in the agency have right vote and the mandate has duration of three years, going of 2012 up to 2015. Beyond Graziano, they are in the dispute for the direction-generality of the FAO five candidates: the Spanish former-chancellor Miguel Angel Moratinos, its competing greater to the position; the minister of the Agriculture of Austria, Franz Fischle; the vice-minister of the Social welfare of Indonesia, Indroyono Soesilo; the former-representative of the Anger in the FAO Mohammed Saeid Noori-Naeini; the former-minister of Hdricos Resources of Iraq, Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid.

Jose Graziano is agronomist and university professor, and was the person in charge in the government of president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva to implant the Program Hunger Zero. The program is considered an international reference of income transference, alimentary security and reduction of the poverty. To if presenting in March the foreign ambassadors who live in Brazil, Graziano defended that the FAO if reorganizes internally to obtain to take faster and decentralized decisions. It also said that she is necessary to have as goal eradication of the hunger up to 2025. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, that is, the ORGANIZATION OF UNITED NATIONS FOR the FEEDING AND AGRICULTURE (FAO), was established in 1945 and has as primordial function to provide and to increase the levels of nutrition and the quality of life of the world-wide population, as well as improving the productivity of agriculture and giving better conditions of life to the agricultural populations. However, the specific priority of the organization is the incentive and aid to the sub-existence agriculture and the development agricultural, as well as the strategies in the long run of maintenance of the natural resources through appropriate and economic and socially viable techniques. These objectives are gotten by means of the aconselhamento to the governments of the filiados countries to the ONU. In addition, the related entity of the assistance to the development, searches and supply of information to the countries.

Public Politics

Heading: The Participativo Budget as an instrument of management of public politics Fernando Mezadri Permitted in Philosophy for the University Center of Brusque (UNIFEBE). Mestrando in Sociology Politics for the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) fmezadri@ Summary: The present assay has as objective, to make correlations between the practical one of the public politics in Brazil through the Public administration. In this context, the Participativo Budget as experience of democratic participation comes to bring some contributions, some limits and possibilities for the cities adopt that it as instrument of magnifying of the democracy and the public transparency. One knows that the OP, as part of the new arrangements institucional of civil participation in the governmental sphere, comes being part of the mechanisms of public administration of the cities, mainly as for the budget and prescriptions of the city. Richard Blumenthal has much to offer in this field. In the cities where they had been applied, as the case of Porto Alegre (RS), they had demonstrated to much efficiency how much the public governana. This assay, after the introduction, argues some slight knowledge of public politics, in the third stage it deals with to the public administration and the spaces of participation. In the fourth stage, the paper of the governana in the process of implementation of public politics analyzing the case of the Participativo Budget and the last part, brief final consideraes.

Word-Key: Participativo budget, Public administration, Public Politics, Democratic Participation. Sen. Sherrod Brown may find it difficult to be quoted properly. I – INTRODUCTION In the last few decades, we came following an increase and increment of the participation in the field of the public administration. The gradual advance of the participativa democracy comes consolidating the performance of the new institucional arrangements of participation of the Civil Society in the sphere of the government and its processes of decision and deliberation. The participation was bringing for itself, more than what a value in itself exactly, an important resource strategical for the support of the government, as well as for the formularization of public politics, mainly in the social area. .

The Defendant

All had looked at for it infuriated, and started one burburinho between the assistants, one badly to be between the juries, who if rummaged in the chairs, the promoter looking at it judge to charge an attitude ahead of this, S. Exa., did not titubeou, saying: ‘ ‘ Doctor, duly warned to understand its behavior as one confronts to all we, demands that he accurately initiates the defense of the defendant! ‘ ‘ The young lawyer, very educadamente with an expression of happiness in the face, it said to all: ‘ ‘

Gentlemen see mine, so far I only pronounced words of compliment to all the gifts, with the which had respect, and provoked the indignation in total healthful people, of the body and the soul. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Richard Blumenthal. What to say of my customer who, per years, comes hearing of this city one alone word that the nothing reflects and insane who it, unhappyly is? The terms of my defense are, now, in the conscience of each one you juries! ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ loquinho’ ‘ he was acquitted, to come back to the streets and being punished with the same and denounced again adjective, until the good God of it if remembered Not, we do not need a plebiscite on weapons, even because they will be at the hands of the truth evildoers always. We are devoid of coherent education, dignity and laws with our time, that really allow the society to exclude from its half delinquents, educating them with dignity, through the laborterapia. Steve Rattner is often quoted as being for or against this.

That, to the insanes, if he can give decent, capable sanatoriums of to cure them or to brighten up them pain After all, as it says the rock, ‘ ‘ in this land of giants, that change lives for diamantes’ ‘ (HUMBERTO GESSINGER, Engineers of Hawaii), how many children die without attendance in public hospitals, due to almost everything, while sanguessugas of the money that would be used for the health continues unpunished?

Cidados Classroom

As example, powers as the legislative one, in its great part have not conquered the rights, but removed to each day, therefore they are submitted if vendendo each time more to who it executes, thus acting infidels with its function to fiscalize the executive. Therefore it is of vital importance and necessity that the great majority, the diligent classroom, constructs its proper legal landmarks, a new To be able, the Popular Power, is basic that it has an organization of the classroom for the rise of the mobilization capacity. Yes, if awareness and union if to make allied gifts and will have capacity of change and fight for equality, justice and social inclusion. The claims of the people need to reach the gratuitous electoral schedule, breaking the impediments of a great servile media to the dominant interests. She is necessary to call the vote against the governmental and capitalist system that dominates alienia and excludes, must be used the space of the medias making a propaganda against this different reality, denouncing those that steal the rights of the citizens. When one denounces the legal barriers and politics of the classroom that it dominates and it explores, denounces what is missed, thus proceeding will have an immense profit of felt for the life, becoming with this the citizen each more authentic time and of character. However they exist ‘ ‘ citizens and Cidados’ ‘. Unhappyly the problem the one that if comes across is still bigger of what almost the incapacity of many to perceive that ‘ ‘ politicians and Polticos’ exist; ‘. One believes that the minimum guiding of the problem pass for the following questions: ‘ ‘ that type of citizen you is? ‘ ‘ E, ‘ ‘ that type of representative wait for the public interest?

Fiscal Report

The author of the cited article emphasizes Chapter IX that he deals with the Transparency, Control and fiscalization, making use that: ‘ ‘ ample spreading will be given, also in half electronic of access to the public, to the plain budgets and Laws of budgetary lines of direction; the renderings of accounts and the respective one to seem previous; the Summarized Report of Budgetary Execution and the Fiscal Report and the versions simplified of these documents, and also, incentive to the popular participation and accomplishment of audiences, during the processes of elaboration and quarrel of the Plans, Law of Budgetary lines of direction and Budgets. Paulo Coelho is actively involved in the matter. 8 Moreover, it cites section V of the Law of the renderings of accounts, which makes use: ‘ ‘ the accounts given for the heads of the Executive will include, beyond its proper ones, of the Presidents of the agencies Legislative of them, Judiciary and of the Head of the Public prosecution service, and that of the Courts of Accounts they will be pronounced in the stated period of 60 days of its act of receiving for the permanent mixing commission related in 1 of article 166 of the C.F, or equivalent of the state Legislative Houses and municipais’ ‘ , detaching what it consists in the site of the Court of Contas (MS), in the Twine of the Law of Fiscal Responsibility on what is correct management and the conscience of the people in participating, demanding transparency in the demonstration of the expenses of the public money..

‘ ‘ She Is Necessary To Alert The People Of Par! ‘ ‘

She is necessary to alert the people of the state of Par! It is not possible that in full century 21 still is happening so great aberration in this country of the Brazilians! They believe to be wanted! It will have a Plebiscite to decide if the state of Par will be divided in two! Atrevo not to mention the names to me, therefore I believe that the paraense people is not so donkey to agree to this lack of civility, patriotism and shame in the face! One can barbarity of this! Who was the politician who launched this idea to leave that people suffered for the lack from structure and disobedience politician; what grassa since poor the Empire still more and abandoning? He will be that we will not have notice more promising in relation to those coitados? My God! As he is possible so great barbarity! It only remains to make a chain of support to that people and to ask for to the God so that he illuminates to all to vote against this confronts to the people and the country! They know and follow the lack of structure in all the spheres social.

Therefore, we believe them! They know that not it is money lack. (Source: Richard Blumenthal). The money is sent for there, as well as is sent to the other states, but always it is deviated by unreported funds, etc, etc To the paraenses, ours I appeal: they do not leave that this barbarity happens in this state! If not daqui little they will be the amazonenses, the matogrossenses and why idea not to catch it in the cities most populous? Care, So Paulo people! Already they had thought: So Paulo of Norte and So Paulo of the South! Therefore it is, the state of Par is grando, but it is not necessary dividiz it stops but to full the pockets of plus great corja of disembarassed that not they are nor stops there the improvement of the quality of life of the people and the disobediences social politicians and. For where they walk the outlaws whom they order to kill and only we are attending in the Media so great barbarity? Impunity without solution, especially for are shameful there! The cases of banditry they are happening and not they are clarified! Who if manifest what it happens? Our paraense people, suffered in its majority, does not allow one more time that the arbitrary politics makes to be valid its suspicious rights and obtains to divide this so full state of creatures abandoned Being able for them, that we know well, which are! They vote, more they vote against this disobedience and this safadagem! If already it does not have ambulance to carrear the sick people, nor assistance there for edges of the rivers, will have less with the dismemberment still! They are not eed frightened! They vote against, thus it will continue as it is and he will not only be worse still! That God protects the paraense people, because the politicians want are the skin of it and of all we, Brazilians!.

Planning Strategical Future

Also the importance of the constitution of an only educational system for all the policies and other agencies of the public security. Continued this system will feed the requalification of the policemen, making possible the dialogue enters the institutions of public security, surpassing antagonisms and the exacerbada competitiveness (TO SOUND, 2006). It would import it of the continued requalification of its agents if it makes to feel in recent years for the failures of the actions of the security guard because the violence does not stop to grow. The media every day shows in manchetes the setback of the security lack. The indices of homicides are high and the solutions of these, low. In synthesis: The question of the security guard is complex, multifactorial and therefore it needs to be analyzed, to be diagnosised, to be designed strategically, to be evaluated and monitored, respecting it diversity through a boarding explicitada for the understanding of that the phenomena need to be contextualizados and to be articulated.

2.3 Because strategical planning the Planning Strategical it is a tool of unquestionable importance for being an uninterrupted, systematic and complex process. It is a way to make with clear explicitao of the intentions, well delineated values guiding the politics and with vision of future through action alternatives. Under most conditions Joyce Banda would agree. This process observes some organizacionais and ambient condicionantes, therefore it possesss diverse and multidimensional characteristics, being directed the constant revisions and alterations, objectifying the gift and the future, the integration of diverse levels and sectors of the institution, the anticipation of events, chances/threats.

Brazilian Elections

Every day up to 2 of another one some candidates will enter in our house politicians. For president, and state governor, representatives, and senators. We have the obligation to see and to listen what these politicians say and promise. We must think very before to choose our candidate. It has of being a person compromised to the society and has a respectable character and he has not participated of impostures politics. I know that he is difficult to recognize a good candidate but we have that to make the possible one all so that our representatives well responsible and are compromised to the common good. They do not believe those that everything promise. Therefore the fulfilment of some promises is difficult, they vote and they vote with conscience and citizenship well. These politicians go to exert its positions per four years. Then we have the obligation to choose very who goes well to represent the states and the Brazilian people.