Pedagogical Politician

Thus, we verify that dialogued expositivas lessons, intercalated with the writing in the chalk picture, had been good a half one to inhibit the colloquies and to call the attention the pupils for the set of ideas that was being formed. We perceive the importance to escape of the dependence of the didactic book in the first lessons, when the pupils did not bring obtain the same. In the analysis of the adopted didactic book in the school where we carry through the period of training, we verify that it is a little confused, encloses the three years of collegiate education and the teacher regent of the group does not use it. Therefore, she was necessary to select only the pertinent texts and activities to the lessons that were in the didactic book and to take off copies all the pupils or to recommend the reading in house as complement to the lesson given in the day, but still thus using the didactic book as research instrument, elaboration and deepening of the lesson plans, as well as its indicated instructive activities auto as activities pupils to develop them in house, in reply the evaluation of the boarded contents in each lesson. Surpassed the challenge of the didactic book, the use of diverse other resources in the lessons of Geography contributed for the agreement of abstract formularizations of information that, visualizing, if become easily concrete.

The use of maps, tables, small videos and images already were current for the groups, therefore the teacher regent always gave to importance to the diversified instruments and available resources of education. Resources these the disposal in the quantity of the college and also of the teacher, who I eat researcher always was brought up to date with the available information and of easy access, over all with the advent of the Internet. In the period of training we work with the population content, as Pedagogical Politician of in agreement college is specified in the Project and orientaes of the teacher regent.

Apinags Village

Three years later this number it arrives at about 350, perfazendo an approach total of 1800 people inhabiting in the aventado district. One of the facts that had contributed for this urban growth can have been the distribution of headings of aforamento carried through for the Municipal City hall of Are Joo of the Araguaia, for the inhabitants of the locality of Is Domingos of the Cans. However, this dumb denomination from 1967, after a resolution of the City council that transforms the mentioned district into Is Domingos of the Araguaia. However, the construction of the Transamaznica highway in the decade of 70, together with the politics of settling of the desenvolvimentistas governments and ' ' disponibilidade' ' of lands, it is that they had propitiated the coming of new inhabitants for Are Domingos. Thus, the opening of this road speeds up the growth of the city, therefore before exactly of the inauguration of it, in 1971, some come trucks of Anpolis and So Paulo, had arrived at the town bringing migrantes and buying rice.

The construction of this highway also provided the transference of many traders of Apinags for Is Domingos, since the first mentioned locality if retracted as for the number of population and commercial flows, therefore the 18 road passed about km of the same one. In this manner, the village of Is Domingos grew and if it became necessary the creation of new quarters, as the Perpetual Aid, New Are Domingos, So Lus, Moiss Village, Braga Village, Freedom, New So Lus, Aldenira Fleet, Independence and New Plateaus. The urban growth in the direction of the Aaizal Narrow river provoked a series of problems, ambient as in such a way social. The left edge of this narrow river occurred the downtown growth and of the Perpetual quarter Aid, and the estruturao of the quarters Moiss Village and Braga Village.

United States

That is, simultaneously the renewal of produced regional geography in the academic plan, also became enlarged a popular approach, with the diffusion of magazines, videos, sets of documents, sites, come back on way toward the tourism. For Haesbaert (1999) region is a concept that restricts its meaning, but that it deepens its clarifying power with necessary theories to understanding of the problematic ones as the social scales and phenomena that produce the diversity geographic of the world contemporary. The fight between a homogeneizadora face demonstrates the global processes implanted in the local scope and adapted it, at the same time where, the place if universalizou, in the measure where, if they spread out for the world definitive characteristic. Olmpio J. of Arroxelas Galvo (1998) presents justifications for the construction of new regional politics for the Brazilian growth, in the measure where the disparidades between the regions remain evidentes, generating harmful effect of order politics, social and institucional.

It is of great relevance its punctuation on developed regions, in the direction to look alternatives that they less stipulate measured for the favored regions, explicitando in percentages of demand for capital stock, as well as in the possibility of national integration, that point with respect to one? relocalizao? e? reordenamento? of the territory to correct the acute unevennesses that represent one impediment for the growth. In this bulge, Galvo (1998) pointed a trend of increase of the regional disparidades in the present time and an approach enters the average incomes of the states poor and of richest. On this aspect, it quotation that in the United States beyond the forces of the market, has a reduction of the differences with the effective participation of the government, assuming the paper and the accomplishment of the agrarian reform, the incentive agriculture, the advanced technology, the labor law and social, the investments in education and the eradication of the racial segregation. .


The term ' ' Geopoltica' ' Swedish politician Rudolf Kjelln was created by the scientist, at the beginning of century XX, inspired for the workmanship of Friedrich Ratzel, Politische Geographie, (Geography Politics) of 1897. Geopolitics can be understood as a set of strategies traced for a State, a way to reach contextualizados objectives space in determined historical moments. The Cold War reflected strategies traced for States, being a period marked for much espionage and propaganda politics. During this period, a new modality of super-heroes appeared in North American comicses. The first comics of the Fantastic Quarteto, published in November of 1961 (few months after Yuri Gagarin having carrying through a orbital flight, and almost one decade before the North American astronaut Neil Armstrong having been the first man to step on in the Moon). This team of heroes surgiriu at the same time where U.S.A. and the Ussr disputed the space race.

Little before the personages travelling for the space, quadrinho it mentions that U.S.A. is in one ' ' race espacial' ' with ' ' a power estrangeira' '. This power was the Ussr. The main enemy of the Quarteto was the Doctor Destination whose appearance with an iron armor, can be reference to ' ' Curtain of Ferro' '. The Incredible Hulk also contextualiza the Cold War.

When trying to save an adolescent who invaded the place where will test &#039 for the first time; ' bomb gama' ' , the scientist Bruce Banner he is displayed to the rays gamma when the bomb is set in motion by its assistant, a disfarado Yugoslavian spy. Banner it discovers that the rays gamma had modified molecular properties of its body, transforming into a green giant: the Hulk. ' ' bomb gama' ' it blows up in the desert of New Mexico, region of U.S.A. where the first atomic tests had been carried through (reflected of the armament race) In its first adventures, the Hulk faced some communist villains, but in many histories of the Hulk, the enemy one was the proper North American Army, always pursuing. The Incredible Hulk was a monster created by the atomic horror. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, when conceiving history, intended to transmit a message: the scientist (or the government of U.S.A.) was victim of a weapon that he himself created! Professor Alexander de Oliveira Gangorra

Presidential Election

‘ ‘ maior’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ the politician most popular of mundo’ ‘ in Harward, it said in last day 02 of April. More than passed six years of the election of the petista for the Palace of Plateaus, he was proven that the president is not an idiot, as the elite tried to show in 2002. What the dominant group if forgot is that the knowledge is not only summarized to the pertaining to school environment and or college student: the learning also occurs in the practical one. It is therefore that the current president is successful, therefore is auto didta, that it can explain, to its way, much on relations of perhaps being able and politics, very better that many understood professors or on the subject. Perhaps president Lula does not know what she means H2O, Ribossomos or tectonismo. Probably most of the readers of of this also does not know it. However they exist assessor in diverse degrees to assist it.

But what it fits to know a politician, Squid teaches in them. In 2010 the elite will not be able to call the president ' ' burro' '. She made when it, it was she-ass and prejudiced, what for signal, it she is peculiar. She offended beyond all who if form is not superior. Probably the Dilma is not the successor of the Squid. This minister was placed as probable successor, so that she received the attacks from the opposition, in the same way as she occurred in ‘ ‘ Mensalo’ ‘ that by the way, we foramlegtimos. Soon after ‘ ‘ Mensalo’ ‘ , after knocking down until Jose Dirceu, all the powerful presidencivel, they had not obtained to initiate a process of impeachment and still they had lost democratically in the ballot boxes, reelecting Squid. Today the media is notifying that the Dilma wanted to kidnap the Dolphin Grandson, ‘ ‘ o’ ‘ minister of the ditatorial period.

Democratic Republic

Diverse reasons had taken Africa to this situation of misery and discouragement. The form that the European colonizadores if had appropriated of the continent was main causer of mazelas African. The administration of the colonies through the exploration of the mineral resources, of the removal of the native population of its administrative functions e, mainly, of the disrespect to the separation of the tribal territories brought serious consequences for the continent. According to Richter 2005 ' ' the African descolonizao if gave during the period of the cold war, the continent suffered innumerable originated conflicts from the dispute between socialist capitalists and for the new countries that if freed of the domain colonial.' ' Because of this past of domination and exploration, which can be added the obligatory transference of African populations for America, esteem between 10 and 15 the million people, at the time of the colonialismo, Africa arrives at century XXI as the respected continent poor and less. It mainly has wealth in Africa natural wealth according to Paganucci 2009: In Africa it has many mineral wealth as diamonds, gold, has covered among others, Uranian. The Zmbia, Democratic Republic of the Congo and the South Africa are the exporting greaters of copper in the world-wide market.

In Africa and the Zone of the old Soviet Union the world-wide mineral reserves meet for some industries of which U.S.A. is entirely dependents. Half of cobalto of the planet is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; 98% of the world-wide chromium reserves are in the Zimbbue and the South Africa, that also 90% of the metal reserves of the group of platinum concentrate. The African continent corresponds 2% deals of it basically world-wide because its raw material vendesse the low prices. Because of the poverty, violence and hunger. The exploration of Africa for the rich countries, and the lack of one politics that has controlled these wealth makes with that the people the African does not obtain to benefit itself of its proper wealth. Another problem is the capitalism, that cause the social inaquality where few are benefited of the wealth, the wealth is distributed at the hands of few, while the majority comes in an extreme poverty.