Directory Renewal

Directory renewing, with the originating member incorporation of diverse scopes of the regional task, assumed the 16 of October the conduction of the Corporation Deprived for the Development of Aysn (CODESA), after to be realised the previous week the General Assembly Ordinaria de Socios. One of the main actions of the short term of the new administration, besides continuing working in cultural initiatives, of local economic development, citizen participation and protection of the patagnico environment, will be to update the statutes, considering the new challenges of the Region of Aysn and the appearance of the new technologies, this last one to make its management and internal operation more fluid and participating. Since the Corporation Deprived for the Development of Aysn by the end of the 80 was constituted, are been always present in the great challenges and processes that have taken ahead in the region and also in the Chilean Patagonia. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Paulo Coelho. And from the stamp of its different directories it has contribution to the collective and ample discussion of the diverse subjects expressed the new president, Safe Patricio Ortiz. In this sense it was thankful to all who have become jumbled at some time with the work of CODESA, from the partners founders until those who in these 20 years have acted diverse as in directive positions or the execution of projects. They conform in addition the new directive Luis the titular Moraga as vice-president, Fabien Bourlon like treasurer, Claudia Towers like secretary, and directors Alexander of the Pine, Miriam Chible and Charles Samson.

They assumed like substitute directors Florence Labarca, Veronica Venegas, Alexandra Yannakos, Flower Quiroz and Lorraine Santibez. The equipment integrates professionals, technicians and citizens who evolve in as diverse areas as the forest investigation, the tourism, the bio-climatic architecture, the culture, the action and the social communication, and the local economic development. Projects CODESA the Corporation Deprived for the Development of Aysn has led and participated in diverse projects in the region, among them Flavors of Aysn, the School of Guides of the Patagonia, the Public-Private Partnership of the Center of Scientific Tourism, the Cinerary Memorial Hans Steffen and the seminaries By Chile and Aysn we learn of the energy. Today, among others initiatives, work next to other organizations like Codeff in the proposal of a model of development for a Aysn like life reserve, with the support of the Foundation Avina, international organization that impels local leaderships for the viable development of Latin America.