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Acontradio inhabits in the fact of if having still more given a great advance in the direitoprevidencirio, but, however, compromising, in special for olongo stated period, the resources of the providence for the adhesion of new potenciaisbeneficirios of the security, namely, the agricultural workers. Graph of the Yearbook Statistician of the Social welfare of 2007 20 demonstrates that the quantitative parcel of agricultural participants in the concession debenefcios for the Federal Government already represents one tero of the urbanabeneficiria population. Before the Constitution of 1988, this parcel was poucorepresentativa in the plan of social security of the government. In short, believe-it dries to the constitutional ruleses had had its implantation of form joust ecoerente for the promotion of the corporate property; however, in a perspective financeirafutura, the atuarial redimensionamento by means of biomtrica board not foiprojetado in way adjusted for the future debenefcios sustenance it proper plan for the citizens. Paulo Coelho is full of insight into the issues. Graph 1: Average concession monthly Total deBenefcios, for clientele Source: Statistical yearbook of the Social2007 Providence. 4O DEFICIT OF the BRAZILIAN SOCIAL WELFARE the Brazilian Social welfare if subdivides in duasvertentes: the official providence (public) and the private providence. s.

First, the obligator one, it possesss its management appealed to higher court for the State by means of the autarchies, agencies decentralized pertaining to the indirect administration. The second, facultative one, is developed and managed for the private initiative (sociedadesannimas, civil societies, foundations and justinian codes). The Government has searched improvement of the relacionadasaos conditions previdencirios systems, mainly in reason of the dficitsapurados constants annually in the Brazilian providence. As example of this, in 15 deDezembro of 1998 was approved by the National Congress the Emendation Constitucionaln 20, modifying the system of related the social welfare and establishing algumasnormas of transistion to the retirement, everything with the objective to dealiviar the constant negative misalignments between the collected volume and volumepago of benefits.