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The location allows for a great strength as Venezuela and Brazil are neighboring countries which facilitates the exchange between both nations. 3 .- The existence of bilateral agreements between both nations in terms strengthening investment in energy and petroleum, which represents a fortress in the presence of new markets. Threats 1 .- The Brazilian nation has a food production sector which is potential and internationally competitive, which creates a disadvantage to Venezuela to compete in these areas. 2 .- Regarding the export of Venezuelan oil if its has a strategy of keeping oil prices high, while Brazil are more focused from the point of view towards the long term by reinvesting in its economy. 3 .- generates a threat in regard to export oil to energy issues and given that both economies are exporting these items, so you can encourage price competition and markets in this field. 4 .- Brazil has alliances such as BRIC, MERCOSUR, among others, which are made up of countries which offer greater opportunities for the development of economic activity in that nation. While Venezuela has alliances with countries that integrate Alba, Can and others who do not have the same competitive advantages.

5 .- In Brazil, companies have competitive advantages are protected and promoted by the State and these protectionist policies generate a constraint to compete on certain items produced by Venezuelan firms. Moreover, in Venezuela there are discrepancies between the government and the business sector which somehow hinders production. 6 .- Brazil’s exports have an exchange rate more competitive product conventions belonging to groups, while in the Venezuelan case is not one of these alliances has disadvantages empresarial.coma environment-a a Industrial Engineer-manager.