Directorate General

If the house is not typical, then the projects are developed individually. So, to begin to tcc and the approved project. On the basis of their form construction documents (CAP). On the basis of its funds are allocated for works, procurement of materials and equipment. This is a problem created by the prefectures gdez (Directorate General for a single customer), which are government customers for specific objects (section 6.2). Dedicated funds are being performers – installation and construction companies, which are selected on a competitive basis.

Further, all work should already be in strict accordance with the project and pds. The list of materials and equipment as determined in accordance with these documents or regulations to which they link (SNIP, gost, tu, etc.). At the design stage everything seems to be situation normal. Provided and use the latest achievements of science and technology. Most of the projects developed by leading industry institutes (, etc.), take into account the demands of the times: the need to install noise-reducing glass, auto radiator thermostats on radiators, stoves, water meters, using polypropylene pipes and much more.

But beyond the fun begins. And that, in practice? The thing that is not always provided for the project and pds equipment purchase and installation of which the city allocates money is in place. Many construction organizations are trying to win a tender to repair any means. Sometimes the principal means of competition is open dumping. Having desired order, enterprising wheeler-dealer trying to "regain its" and "save" the money allocated for salaries of qualified specialists and the purchase of materials.