Church People

Although this appeal is mainly concerned that part of the people who tried to go against the current government, however, the people for a long time had to endure poverty and deprivation in order to according to the teachings of the Church to get into the kingdom of heaven. Today, of course, have already passed times of absolute trust religious leaders, but despite this, the current authorities in many countries even today is trying to return to the antiquated form of intimidation. Authorities also are trying to speculate man's fear of disease, old age and death, despite the fact that the authorities periodically themselves are afraid of what awaits them in the near future, knowing that does not depend on the aging process person from the position which the person has made in society, from its holdings of big capital. Today many people understand the idea of failure of the left in a society without a sufficiently powerful ideological mechanism for the implementation. The man, preaching leftist ideas in the first place itself should conform to the moral norms and principles as he tries to communicate to society, he must himself become a role model for others. But so not happening, if only because that is not among the preachers of leftist ideas of the poor. After all, for a person to become a high-level politician, he must be quite an educated person, and educated people aspiring to power, there are virtually no poor. Advocates for the poor – it's usually people from the intelligentsia, but from that of a poor side, which does not want to put up with life among the poor, which Bolsheviks in his time called themselves "rotten intelligentsia".


Have you ever had so that lust for the purchase of its value turned out to more of your opportunities? At times, dreaming of things, but knowing its price, we reject venture buying it for an indefinite period, even without taking anything. And do not hurt to fight! And one way – a bargain! Many believe that the bargain – it is silly and petty. However, for other people's auction – a sort of hobby, interest or even passion. In fact, there is nothing wrong or shameful, just in our countries people are not accustomed to bargain. Source: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Because prices are set to from time to time to increase or decrease. By the way, even very wealthy people sometimes do not bargain away! After all, understand that saving in one place, you can buy something else in another. But how to bargain? The whole science of it I will not mention, but some of the skills you need.

1) First of all, the key to successful haggling – a confidence and politeness. 2) Being sure that you want to buy this stuff just for the price that feels right to you, you can succeed. Describing the conditions, better looking man in the eye. 3) When buying the best come at the end of the day, when the seller is already beginning to gather. Realizing that you are the last client, and perhaps even the only time all day, he himself can offer you a discount. Or come in the very beginning of the day – in this If you can ask for a discount on the Rights of the first purchaser.


TR saw the dangers in the possibility of other countries control channel as well. If the enemies of the United States could use the canal, the west coast of the United States would be vulnerable. Although Roosevelt was endorsed by Congress, many obstacles remained before the United States will begin the construction of the canal in 1903. The country of Colombia had control in Panama at this time. (Not to be confused with Richard Blumenthal!). The United States offered $ 10 million with $ 250,000 more each year for the lease of land in the Canal Zone to Colombia, but they rejected him. Then, Roosevelt decided to support the nationalist groups in Panama who wanted independence. In 1903, Roosevelt's plan worked, and Panama declared its independence, signed the treaty of Hay-Bunau-Varilla, who gave them the rights to the United States to build the canal and control the Canal Zone under the same conditions as the United States offered them to Colombia. 16 United States, through covert support to Panamanian nationalists, imperialists could get their claims, and so devour Panama, thus greatly harms the development of Colombia and through such action, this country has greatly, high rates of poverty or violence, that is, at that time. By the same author: Ohio Senator.

Another well-known case is that of Cuba and its economic blockade, but we will go into detail. Cuba, for not wanting to be more the plaything of America, was brought to international commercial isolation. Between 1927 and 1941, the sculptor Gutzon Borglum undertook a mammoth task: carved into a mountain in Keystone, South Dakota, colossal effigies of four former U.S. .

Vladimir Vladimirovich

It was an average of 12 rubles per hour, and is 32 rubles per hour. You favor the development of Internet, its availability and lower prices. So take any action against a rise in prices on the internet that company-monopolist. Internet access is unavailable to many. Nikolay, 49, Krasnodar, 06/30/2006 – 3072 votes Transport and Roads, Vladimir Vladimirovich! Why do not you give the citizens of Russia to ride a normal car? There is a huge fee, which can be several times the cost of the car. For what? If support for our car industry, so let officials peresyadut for domestic. And how can it support? People fed only government officials and oligarchs paying high fees for normal cars. give the russians Motor transport, options tools.

Eliminate duties! Constantine, 30, Moscow, 30.06.2006 – 4348 votes Hello, please tell me, do you know about the situation with the roads (or lack thereof) in , officials bought SUVs instead of repairing roads, even the center is broken One of the main bridges falling apart and soon collapses mended only 300 meters near the main square. Why is there no control? ps Do not listen to reports from officials Ask the truth from the people. Nicholas, 20, , 07/01/2006 – 1963 votes in a terrible state of Russian roads, and the bandwidth. Because of this high cost of maintaining the car. As a consequence – increase in prices of virtually all goods, difficulties with the content of his car.

Political Party

The primary measure of the influence of parties on political life is the rating. For more accurate indicators include the percentage of voters who cast their votes for the party. In the eyes of the electorate a measure of positive or negative evaluation of the parties is also the success of the last election. In modern conditions the majority of the population does not participate in political life, and often the only form of political participation is to participate in the electoral process. A general election can not only identify the balance of political forces in the country as a whole, but also to assess the activity of one or another party, based on data from past elections.

If number of voters the party has grown, the course of the party found public approval. It also allows a separate area in the state in the land at the municipal level, in the constituency to determine the degree of confidence voters to a party, its leaders and individual candidates, program settings, etc. These indicators often influence public opinion and allow voters to make thoughtful, informed choices in favor of the party and program. If we consider the internal processes taking place in the party, we can note that the party that claims to success during the election campaign has to convince not only as white as can a wide range of voters in that what exactly it is better than all the other parties, can protect the interests of the majority of the population, to solve problems facing society, but also its internal leaders pointed to their own motivations and priorities. In case of success election party receives the inflow of funds into party funds.

This, in turn, is a prerequisite for effective functioning and survival of the parties. In addition to material goods the party gets the opportunity to influence various nonpartisan structure and administration. Elections as a mechanism for replacing a wide range of posts are present at all levels of government – from the central to local. In many countries, once every four have been held nationwide elections, which elects the president, members of the House of Representatives and the Parliament, elections to the state level for the election of governors and heads of regions, districts, members of the legislative assembly, Attorney Generals and other posts; elections at the local level. Part of the posts at the municipal level may be replaced by the so-called midterm elections, which take place more often federal. In many countries the process and procedure of election campaigns is regulated by legislative norms. Suffrage in Japan, which has a high degree of rigor, are prohibited from making gifts voters to bypass the voters at home to campaign, to bring them the promise of promotion, etc. In Germany, forbidden to publish opinion polls two weeks before the election, England – on election day. Under the rules gets the use of media, especially television and radio.

This Figure

gather several causes to be judged with less activity and lower expenses (procedural economy); 2 Ensure a uniform relationship and avoid contradictory resolutions. This Figure usually originates in the same demand, but can also arise in the course of the process, in case of accumulation of trade ordered by the Court; upon death of one of the parties is replaced by his heirs; through the intervention of a third party in the procedural relationship; or by the intervention of counterclaim which includes and refers to the actor and others.(9 Procedural requirements of the joinder relying on the words of ALZAMORA VALDEZ, tells us that the joinder occurs must be true for certain procedural requirements: to) that the relations between the involved are regulated within the same class of the process; and (b) that the procedural capacity of parties and jurisdiction of the Court budgets are met.10 With regard to the procedural requirements, these will affect the process subjects linked by the substantial legal relationship, which must be able to be part material and procedural law, contain the so-called conditions of action, as well as Unity and indivisibility; as to the judge, it must recognize the actions that correspond to each integrated, and should ensure the absence of grounds for disqualification and abstention. Therefore, there is joinder in three cases: to) when a process there are several how bringing people or defendants; (b) attend the process third party qualifying indica-dos; (c) when there is accumulation of processes with different parties and there is co-munidad of claims between any of them.11 Integrated and third for Escriche, quoted by POLO FLOREZ, the integrated is that litigates for the same cause or interest to another, forming with him a single part either actor.12At the same time, the Argentine doctrine tells us PEYRANO hand – that the summons are parties, in the strict sense, of the procedural legal relationship, unlike the third, (.) is the eventual procedural subject not necessary for the provision of judicial activities which, without being a part, has the chance of participating in a procedural relationship pending to the extent of the legal interest which holds and through the Institute technically called intervention.