Life’s Uncertainties Propel Good Government

Those, at best, are authentic jugglers trying to balance work, family and friends. a No wonder that every day we see an anchoring in many professional workers, with regard to work, leaving manipulate a from east, where some look for us much money that they can meet their needs, many artificial, status, comfort, recognition, at a cost of labor that affects desgate both as to physical, as in the psychic a Others do it as out of domestic pressure, monotony, routine, free of responsibilities to stay in the family, and for that consider the work as his escape route. Hay, who did this to satisfy their egos in search of recognition, make way for his creativity, potentiality.

The truth, which is not surprising as it has been deteriorating the role of the family, up to divorce, abandonment, again, when the work is very uncertain as an a facing Venezuela in relation to employment, becoming each vetch difficult, given the uncertainties, risks that the present government has created, and has affected companies, making many to close, laying off workers. By the same author: Richard Blumenthal. There is no denying as cited Monteferrante, LASA job demands today are increasing, and many employees postpone their personal lives for a future that never arrives. Also there are few occasions in which workers are supervisors openly reveal the frustrations and anxieties generated by their unbalanced lives that can only be discussed after racks. The degree of openness of employees to express their anxieties work is related to the culture of most organizations and what is considered socially acceptable.