Transporting Enriched Uranium

87.7% of enriched uranium has been smuggled in Obninsk, a secret city 80 miles southwest of Moscow. Ohio Senator is open to suggestions. One of the smugglers was captured Russian Alexandr Scerbinin Prague, former Czech nuclear worker for an import-export company called a Transportation . During questioning, it is clear that Czech was not terrified to justice, but their masters in Russia, another indication of the presence of organized crime. During the investigation, but it became clear to officials Czech Russian organized crime was involved. a Moreover, given the reactions of his Russian counterpart, Czech concluded that officials at least the FSB and possibly other sectors of the Russian government had been penetrated by criminals. When the August 10, 1994, the Lufthansa flight Moscow played the night in Munich, Germany knew that 363.4 grams of weapon-usable plutonium was on board. The pump more material was hidden in a suitcase belonging to a Colombian doctor, Justiniano Torres Benitez, who studied medicine in Moscow, 19 805, which was after the collapse of the Soviet Union began to sell military helicopters and a lifetime supply.

Mr. Torres, along with 363.4 grams of plutonium, was arrested at Munich airport. According to German intelligence was the source of plutonium Obninsk. Even more recently, no other nuclear smuggling have become public, it would be unwise to assume that there is not. More appropriate is the assumption that traders have adapted and become smarter and more cautious. Moreover, the political “awakening” for A German intelligence and law enforcement involved in the case of the plutonium in Munich is more than likely to have had an impact on the productive future i counter efforts to catch the a dealers nuclear? Finally, the direction of nuclear trafficking, it is likely that the transition to market potential, therefore, the south and east.