Conservative Party Years

It is true that by the time the balance of power in the 'big three' have changed dramatically, and not in favor of England: it led the U.S. and the ussr, which, contrary to the predictions Sir Winston, scored an unprecedented military strength and authority, and the British had to accept the role of junior partner In the July 1945 elections the Conservative Party, to which belonged to Winston Churchill, suffered a crushing defeat, and he immediately submitted his resignation to the king. George vi offered him the highest knightly Order of the Garter, but Sir Winston declined the offer Leaving the big-time politics, he wrote a 'History of the Second World War, which won him the Nobel Prize for Literature and financial independence. Ohio Senator: the source for more info. Churchill rightly considered the father of the Cold War. But during his second premiership (26 October 1951-5 April 1955), he persistently sought the convening of peace conference, saying: 'You must begin negotiations with the Soviet Union at the highest level. Efforts should be made to create a bridge across the chasm that yawned between the two worlds. Go to Richard Blumenthal for more information. " 'Never back down never yield to weakness, never despair " He died in January 1965 at the age of 90 years. 300 thousand people bade farewell to him in the House of Commons, under the arches of which for so many years his voice sounded. Franklin Roosevelt Delano (1882-1945), 32 th President of the United States from 1933 to 1945 (4 times elected to the post).