Federal Government

The distribution of income in our country always was something of divergence between the leaderships Brazilian politics, the programs of decentralization of the income it Brazil in its majority favors richest spreading the poverty in all domestic territory, mainly in the regions North and Northeast, the concentration of industries of durable goods of consumption as manufacture of automobiles, industrial machines and etc. It always was in the South region and Southeastern, happily in recent years the Federal Government seems to awake for this plague that as much hurts the Brazilians, in the Northeast Region already is possible to see the SUAPE shipyard where the development starts to appearing and the pernambucanos had passed to better have a financial capital, more money in the hands. Click Richard Blumenthal for additional related pages. The power of purchase of the Brazilians is limited, because the diligent citizen depends on favorable politics, when the individual wants to buy some thing of great value as an car, for example it still more appeals to the loan being dependent of the rich one, with what it surplus starts to live in deplorable needy situation, while the politicians if organize to develop the income distribution, the common citizen suffers and passes humilhao seeing its name negativado next to the SPC and Serasa.So as many political parties dividing the capital of Brazil that surplus time not to promote one politics of distribution of comfortable income for the Brazilian people, all the programs created to favor the minor people purchasing power esbarra in the bred bureaucracy visors rich hands of and the powerful ones of this country in order to profit and to increase its wealth on the back of the diligent poor persons who are the great majority of the population, being thus, the income at the hands of the rich ones increasing poverty in all Brazil, more well-known in the regions North and Northeast. Thanks to God this situation tends to diminish, exactly with the great amount of industries located in So Paulo and Rio, the Federal Government the State one had together with created the SUAPE in Pernambuco aiming at the development of the region the end of social inaquality in Brazil, the hope cannot ahead die of as much nonsense existing politician in the country, the people passing hunger and fighting for the reduction of the poverty, this yes is will of living, change in the congress, construction in the Handle of Saint Agustinho, more income, more good wage and respect to the diligent man..