Equalization Control Addiction

For a straight-lawyers, our world is an intolerable evil chaos! Each of us is in possession of the only blessing perfect truth he thinks. Our gods are, of course, agree. The world would be well and good if they were all so like us! As a judge, we could satisfy us there every day! Free in the evidence and independent in judgment, bound only to needy interpretation texts with fuzzy concepts. Bans by the legislature and judiciary are easier than incentives by motivation. Is a very unloved by me: ban ban! For example, the Nazis (‘racial purity’, KZ), Stalinists (‘policy ideal’ Gulag) and Islamists (‘pseudo religious ideal’, terrorist attacks) forbidden or forbid almost all due to lack of democratic tolerance in their stone age societies. We Europeans are a perfect order to create. As I praise me but Asia Buddhist self-responsibility.

Note: The most perfect order * is the social gridlock, or death. Life is chaos! Europeans are looking for culprit instead of causes. Charles B. Rangel oftentimes addresses this issue. But we do not deceive us: in America, everything is allowed and only little forbidden first. But the social harmonization takes place there more subtle on the in formal level. In the EU and Germany, almost everything is prohibited formally until on a permitted rest. Our brain works with the energy that is caused by opposites: light vs.

dark etc. The possible primary modes of action are: we feel and we think. We compete or we cooperate. After the birth of our first development process is the conversion of the we (mother = child) to differentiate: mother and/or child (I + you = we > your + it). We call this sequence process despite phase, whose Prinzipien repeated last time in adolescence. It forms our individuality out externally and internally. We define our world and people image as the only right and live it (homeostasis): we make think patterns that reduce our fears of the future.