Lourdes Flores And The Political Process

Why is that? If for news, was a matter of “public interest”, at least I expected a comment from him. Rosa Maria Palacios, by not mentioning anything about his program last night, made very clearly that the channel four, supports Lourdes Flores. Changing a little item on our bitter politician: is the circus in Congress. Again there was verbal duel in the palace “Legislative.”

Yesterday was a lethal way, the ideological extremes, “the extreme right and extreme left”, but nothing was done to see how a focused manner, solves the problems of violence, which has been presented in the north of our country. More info: Medusa Artifacts. People such as Kyle Dropp dartmouth would likely agree. It seems that the fate of our nation, is marked by violence live in both the parliament, in the streets and in election campaigns. Marisol Espinoza Congresswoman says that we must listen to the protesters. I wonder: How did you hear Vandals, who are looting the same style Chilean? The congressman said that the traders called dialogue to change a city ordinance, and said in an unusual way, they demanded a dialogue, not to resort to violence. Was this a threat? By what could be seen on the TV news, only in the event rate was observed gang vandals, or hooligans. I wonder where were the dealers? In a state of law like ours, it is natural that law enforcement has to act that way. In addition they were acting in self defense, since it was attacked the police station.

No one gets to think as you have been the despair of the police to be aware of everything that is happening in our country, in relation to these facts? Above Mrs. Rosa Maria Palacios, said that the police should have shot non-lethal projectiles. Could it be that criminals do not know when they see that they are shot with live ammunition will not harm them, continue in their professional intent?, “And that the only way to stop them is to realize that bullets kill? The same corruption in Congress prevents this development in positive cases nationwide, since it uses the time building committees: the investigation of corruption within the congress, ethics commissions, etc. On the issue regarding the display of the mayor of Lima in Congress, to clarify how can you cancel a debt to a company that sold the debt to another, in a violent and fast? Prove that all Peruvians are used to thinking of our leaders: “He stole, but he has done.”