Perfect Drink

Calcium promotes metabolism and one thing that nowadays more and more people desire, especially as work stress influences the daily lives of many people is to keep the body in the form of reduced fat deposition. Bodybuilding is long no passing fad, but a sport that enjoys high popularity. This improves not only the look, but also posture can be corrected. Who regularly runs muscle building, know that weather and temperature may be no obstacles. A constant training is indeed required to promote muscle growth, coupled with a proper and healthy diet. Among the products that have a positive effect on the muscle, the milk. Although milk is absolutely frowned upon in some bodybuilder circles for several years and has a bad reputation, it is but the perfect foods for muscle growth.

Not only the food scientists know that, but this realization can prevail fortunately more and more Right”, says Tobias Fendt, operator of the fitness blog Considering the composition of milk and its components, you see one, according to nutrition experts, for muscle growth and general health nearly perfect distribution of the individual components. A liter of milk contains: 48 grams carbohydrates, 32 grams protein, and 15 grams of fat. Better and easier it can not make the nature us. Who suffers not just lactose intolerant, would be wise to put milk on the menu. And this not only in small, but quite lush sets,”advises Tobias Fendt. The daily consumption of milk and milk products can have a very positive effect.

The calorie content is approximately 440 calories per litre, plus the 32 grams proteins, which divided into casein and the valuable whey protein. This is a mineral that strengthens the bone supplied the body also calcium. A calcium deficiency causes not that relax the muscle and consequently the few potential energy can not properly contract. “Result: bad contraction is the same bad training is constant out muscle”, white fitness expert fendt. A good calcium promotes fat metabolism and reduces fat storage. But also the fact that you can find milk anywhere is one of the more positive aspects of milk consumption, be it at the grocery store or the gas station around the corner. It is also very of advantage that the milk in different grades is offered. In most circumstances it is ideal with a fat content of less than 2 percent”, so Tobias Fendt. Underweight people could quiet drink whole milk, skimmed milk is the ideal drink for overweight people. interested parties can learn more about milk as a sports drink…

Italian Banking Association

The turbulence in the markets have forced Government and opposition to bring forward the processing of the decree-law. The adjustment plan aims to save between 43,000 and 48,000 million euros. The measurement of risk Fitch agency qualifies to Italy’s stable. Richard Blumenthal is a great source of information. The Government chaired by Silvio Berlusconi shall submit to a question of confidence in the Italian lower House his plan of budgetary adjustment, whose final approval in Parliament has been brought forward to Friday to try to calm concerns in the markets. The Government shall submit the plan to a vote of confidence and the opposition would vote against, but the plan will pass because the ruling majority is solid and cohesive, said Marco Reguzzoni, j of the Group of partners of Berlusconi, the Northern League (LN) in the lower House, out of a meeting Wednesday in Rome.

After turbulence registered in recent days in Italian debt markets and the stock exchange of Milan, the parliamentary groups in Italy have reached agreement to fix the dates for the approval of the austerity plan: on Thursday morning in the Senate and the Friday afternoon in the lower House. The concern generated since Friday around the solvency of finance in Italy, a country that has a public debt of more than 120% of GDP, has forced Government and opposition to accelerate time approval of the Decree-Law of between 43,000 and 48,000 million euros of savings that the Executive has approved on 30 June to achieve the balance of accounts in 2014. Plan of budgetary adjustment the main promoter of this plan, the economy Minister, Giulio Tremonti, appeared Wednesday before the annual meeting of the Italian Banking Association (ABI), where he expressed the need which, according to him, has Italy undertake a process of privatisations at the end of the crisis. You can not, if it is not damaging the public good, privatize without taking into account the demand and market values.

United Arab Emirates

The sources are witnesses face-to-face and activists of the opposition. Protests were held in the so-called freedom day. The Damascus regime has imposed a tight information grip. Some twenty people died Friday in various parts of Syria by new protests against the regime of Bashar Al-Assad q EU broke out after the noon prayers, witnesses and opposition activists reported. Flash opposing information network said that at least 18 people had been killed by the action of the security forces to suppress public protests on Friday and United Arab Emirates television Al Arabiya, meanwhile, placed in 21 those who died on this day.

Grip the Damascus regime has imposed a tight control of information, has expelled several foreign journalists and has stopped or prohibited work to Syrian reporters working for international media. Demonstrations spread to Damascus, the capital, where nearly 2,500 faithful began a protest in nearby the mosque of Ali bin Abi Taleb. Other marches were conducted in the cities of Latakia and Banias. Protests, convened in the so-called freedom day, occur in the midst of demonstrations that began in mid-March this year, which have caused almost a thousand dead, according to estimates by human rights organizations. Source of the news: some twenty people during political protests on Friday in Syria


The truth is that there are no quick and easy ways to pump up the beautiful and sexy news! The only way to achieve any results – it is to practice hard, clear and correct (above right) to perform exercises for the abdominals, to eat (very important) and always need a regular load on the cardiovascular system. You will need to first understand that, you press the desired pump, not help nor are any trainers or vibrators or any inventions which are sold in large quantities on the Internet and on tv, but only you and your work. To get started you need a good plan is the first step. Do not be afraid or think what beautiful news happens only on the covers of fashion magazine or on tv. Beautiful press is not as difficult as it seems at first.

And do not think that if you begin to physically force you to improve it from the familiar to you lifestyle, not vice versa, you'll add it. To clean up your belly, you have to work on yourself 15-20 minutes a day three times a week. It's not so much! But we need to do it regularly, but not so "engaged in a week, others are not due to the fact that the holidays or for other reasons" .15 minutes a day, it seems quite possible to find. These small exercises must be logged in to become an integral part of your life. You have to set ourselves realistic goals and quietly go to them. When you get, put another and then another The results will certainly delight you. Protruding belly will disappear, the fat on the sides go, the press would be markedly manifest, back pain will cease (if any). Your body will be sexy and desirable, and you become more confident in themselves and in their capabilities.