States Joined

In the case of more than a candidate to have gotten this majority as well as equal number of votes, the Chamber of the Representatives will choose one of them immediately, for scrutiny, for President, but if nobody will have gotten majority, the same Chamber will choose, equally, the President amongst the five that they will have congregated bigger number of votes. In this election of the President, however, the votes will be taken by States, fitting a vote to the representation of each State. To establish necessary quorum, they will have to be gifts one or more members two teros of the States. In any in case that, elect the President, the candidate who if to follow with the biggest number of votes will be the Vice-president. But, if two or more will have gotten the same number of votes, the Senate will choose amongst them, for scrutiny, the Vice-president.

(This part was substituted by Emendation XI, ahead) Emendation XI The voters will congregate themselves in its respective States and will vote for scrutiny for President and Vice-president, the one the least of which will not be inhabitant of the same State that the voters; they will use separate ballots, in one of which they will indicate the name where they vote for President, consigning in the other ballot the name of the Vice-president; the people sufragadas for President will enumerate in distinct lists the names of all and stop Vice-president, as well as the number of votes gotten for each one of them; they will sign and legalize these lists they will send and them stamped to the seat of government of the United States, directing itself it the President of the Senate. All the ballots will be for these opened before both Chambers, counting themselves the votes. The candidate will be elect President who to congregate greater number of votes for this rank, if this number to represent the majority of the appointed voters. If nobody to get this majority, the Chamber of the Representatives will immediately choose for scrutiny the President, amongst the three voted candidates more for the Presidency. But in the choice of the President the votes for States will be overcome, having right to a vote the representation of each one of the States. For this intention, the quorum will consist of a member or members of two teros of the States, being necessary for the election the majority of all the States.

When, charged of the election of the President, the Chamber of the Representatives if not to play of this duty before the room day of month of following March, will exert the Vice-president the functions of President, as in the case of death or any constitutional impediment of the President. The candidate who to congregate the biggest number of votes for the Vice-presidency will be elect for this position, if the gotten number to correspond to the majority of the appointed voters; if nobody to get this majority, the Senate will more choose the Vice-president amongst the two voted candidates. For the quorum formation if it demands the presence of two teros of the Senators, and so that it has election will be necessary to congregate the vote of the majority of the total number. Any person, constitutionally ineligible for the position of President of the United States will be ineligible for the one of Vice-president of the States Joined