Administrative Offences

Complain about illegal acts the St. Petersburg traffic police officer who, without a legitimate reason, withdrew from Denis driver’s license was considered by the District Court, St. Petersburg. The court found that the decision of the Inspector dps St. Petersburg, Dennis was prosecuted on the basis of Part 1 of Art. 12.7. Code of Administrative Offences for driving, not having the right management vehicle, which violated paragraph 2.1.1. sda. Later in the course of a complaint in court, it was established that under the Convention on 5 October 1961, ratified by the Russian Federation by a succession of 04 September 1991 and Moldova by joining 19 June 2006, documents issued in the territory of Moldova does not require additional authentication, and have equal power with the documents issued on the territory of Russia. Dennis has been a driving license decorated in two languages, including Russian. On what basis is the traffic police took over the responsibility for determining the validity or invalidity of a permit from the protocol should not be. In connection with this,

Denis was carrying a document authorizing the driving of the Russian Federation. The fact that he is a citizen of Russia, does not entail a duty to issue driver’s identity of the Russian sample, since the documents follows that the applicant lives in Russia temporarily. It was also established by the court that a driver’s license taken from the applicant incorrectly, his fate appealed Resolution is not defined. In this regard the court decision was made to cancel orders and materials of the case. It was also agreed: withdrawal of a driver’s license back. Would like to pay tribute Denis, that he was not afraid to defend their rights and restore justice. Incompetence of some traffic police officers, because of mistakes which ordinary citizens have to travel procedure for the collection of materials and protection themselves and their rights in court, can not be ignored. Situation raises the issue: on the one hand, there is incompetence and abuse of authority traffic police, on the other hand, may have a international hostility, and it “smacks of” incandescence of relations between states, which have historically been associated fraternal ties.