That Is Journalism ?

A reflection of a journalist in front of what is happening around press freedom in Latin America, as in the case of Honduras where it is violating the constitution and in particular Article 72 of the Constitution, and as journalists free and independent support the statement of President Enrique Santos Calderon of the SIP which he described as absurd as the de facto government’s decision in Honduras to suspend public liberties including freedom of expression.) The practitioner performs a work of journalistic inquiry, investigation, research to report regularly to a target audience target audience. But the question raised is: is journalism? If we decompose the question in two parts: 1. is? 2. Periodismo? Can she give us the response parameters to find a definition that minimally we justify the construction of a desirable and acceptable exposure by various academics and practical work journalism. When asked by the is? a “It is asking for the basics, the support which is essential to an object and how it can transcend its existence, then the basis of journalism, her, sustaining the human capacity to communicate through different languages, but what distinguishes journalism from the media in general, is its fundamental purpose, to act on l inform human communities as large and more or less breaking parameters of the households.

The more widely information spreads can talk about journalism. Next period is: Human communication carried human groups, which may perceive different positions toward which human action in all political, economic, social or cultural knowledge that will enhance information for the collective and the individual perceives news reporting can decide and act accordingly. Journalism is the development of effective communication, which allows freedom of expression in a sovereign exercise which can be criticized, I support self-critical, making human beings interact and find mechanisms that allow this to resolve their conflicts. But journalism requires Judgment and social responsibility and should be subject to union self-regulation.