Scud Missile

The bomb properly said needs to be remodelled to inside be able to be lodged of a missile that can load it, ogive. Until this to happen the north korean they can be surprised or provoked with the intention of it replies. I do not believe that the Coreia of the north has the desire to launch a nuclear attack against its Coreia neighbor of the same south or Japan, the retaliation would be sudden with the United States launching its Minutenam and Trident, without defense possibility. A conventional conflict also is not of the best choices for the Coreia of the north. Its army is numerous and makes an impression for the organization, but, not for the equipment. Its I exercise more than of 1,2 million soldiers possesss old Russian tanks T-34, T-62, T-72. It I still exercise account with more 6milhes of reservists and a troop of the 120mil elite men. It has, 13 a thousand cannons still pointed with respect to the Coreia of the south.

It has about 1000 missiles, between them 600 Scud and 200 Rodong. The north korean had started its partnership with the former-Ussr in the attainment of missiles in 1960. Between 1976 and 1981 the war of Yom Kippur against Israel had received shipments from Scud-B saw Egypt as repayment the aid of Pyongyang. Of these 600 Scud has the Hwasong-6 models with reach of 300Km and the Hwasong-6 with reach of 500Km. The Rodong has a reach of 1.400 km. The KN-02 with reach has also a missile of short reach enters 100 200km that although to be of lesser reach it has the best precision between the korean missiles north. The great pride of the Coreia of the north this in its Taepodong. The Taepodong-1 is a missile of multiperiod of training with fuel eliminates that it was tested for the first time in 1998 on the sea of Japan, has a reach that it turns enters 2.000 3.000km.