High Court

Nicolas Langdon, father of the deceased child, ensures that family is living with much sadness and much pain, the loss of her daughter, but said that his faith helps them to do it with serenity and peace. You have to accept it, he says. November 5 the holder of the magistrate of number 51 of Madrid Court ordered national police seal the Madrid Arena until further order. According to the High Court of Justice of Madrid, Eduardo Lopez Palop magistrate wants to maintain the facilities closed to the possibility that are necessary new evidence that clarify what happened last Thursday November 1. November 6 the judge Lopez Palop receives the police report about the cause and gathers reports of injured in the incident. Judge asks security forces that maintain indefinitely the canopy seal until you perform a Visual inspection of the place, which still has no date.

At the moment, there is not charged nor arrested by the event. That same Tuesday made it public that the Mayor of Madrid Ana Botella departed pleasure trip to Portugal Thursday 1, Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 November, just hours after the death of young women in the Madrid Arena, and in crisis over the safety of the building. His Vice-Mayor, Miguel Angel Villanueva, was who ran to the street. November 7 police investigation estimated that some 19,600 tickets were sold and 3,000 others got sneak into the concert, according to police sources listed at 20 minutes. It is going to do in new reports according to advance research, they clarify the same sources. All systems is being investigated and little tricks that there was to sell tickets above the seating capacity allowed, even duplicate entries and mixed tickets for three people, ensure. In total, the police estimated that there were about 23,000 people in the Madrid Arena, more than triple the amount (7,000) that originally reported the Diviertt company to the City Council of Madrid and more than twice as many entries that the firm declared having sold, 9,600 during Halloween night.