President Laura Chinchilla

Carlos Mora Vanegas man will not be wise until you resolve all kinds of conflicts with weapons of the mind, not physical ones. Werner Braun interesting once again on the international stage, is the current conflict that the greatest of all has emerged among the Central American countries Nicaragua and Costa Rica, which has no army, all for sovereignty of lands, which are presumed to be were defined, that for years is has been fanning in international organizations in order to make clear the sovereignty of them. Currently the problem again arise because two weeks ago, the Government of President Laura Chinchilla denounced that Nicaraguan troops had entered its territory in the area of the border river San Juan. But Managua immediately denied the accusation and says that it only performs dredging of a river that belongs and Costa Rica knows that this is true. San Jose decided to send heavily armed elite police to the area in which the Nicaraguan troops are found.

Then Managua It strengthened its military presence with more troops, arguing operating against drug trafficking as relates it very well slices of reality, the Government of Costa Rica has asked the OAS to convene a meeting of Foreign Ministers to try to resolve the border dispute with Nicaragua. The mediation of the body is something that irritates Managua, to disqualify him for his political stance. In fact, Ortega threatened directly to withdraw his country from the OAS. It was last Friday that the Permanent Council of that body adopted a resolution that calls upon both countries away soldiers and border policemen and soon begin a bilateral dialogue. Since then, interestingly, given to the mechanism used by Costa Rica to seek solution in an organism that is not suitable for these disputes, agency that will not provide you answer effective one to fund problem, simply, as it has shown will be an intermediary seeking to justify their involvement as mediator, inviting the two Governments to reach an agreement based on dialogues, and prevent the conflict from worsening, leaving both Governments to resolve it and that giving the OAS in the eyes of the world, in countries that integrate it when prompted for your collaboration, seeking solutions in this way.