Resolution Resources

The advent of the Constitutional Emendation n.29 in 2000, represented an excellent conquest of the citizens in the construction of the SUS. The entailing proclaims arrives in port of it of resources in the three spheres of government, that is, to all the federate beings. Beyond prescribed the progressividade of Imposto Predial Urbano (IPTU), it strengthens the paper of control and fiscalization of the Advice of the Health and foresees sanctions in the case of descumprimento of the minimum limits of application in health. The regulation of the EC n 29 allows that the resources applied in the actions and services of health do not suffer ‘ ‘ shunting line of finalidade’ ‘ , since the law will define what it could be considered as such, having Resolution 322/2003 of the CNS as reference in this question.

The government federal he is the main financier of the public net, disponibilizando the resources through the Health department, being Deep National of Health the financial manager. To the states it fits to plan and to co-ordinate the SUS in the level, for being responsible for the attendance in its territory. Read more from Sen. Sherrod Brown to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The same prerogatives must be followed in the scope of the municipal management, with creation of specific secretariat, City council of Health and formularization of public politics, and the management in charge of the Deep Municipal theatre of Sade (FMS). The Constitutional Emendation n. 29 establish that the expenses of the Union must be equal to the one of the previous year, corrected for the nominal variation of Produto Interno Bruto (PIB). The states must guarantee 12% of its prescriptions for the financing to the health.

Already the cities need to apply at least 15% of its prescriptions. (CFRB, 1988). Finally, it is standed out that the cities are stimulated to integrally assume the actions and services of health in its territory.