The Bid

However the wage they earn does not give to live the rest of the year. Precisely to keep such work should be such workers with a maintenance the months in that they are not working. The same thing is subsidized to the owner of land, for these temporary workers of the field not? Low wages and conditions of scarcity with which they develop makes it become a typical activity for immigrants, whose standard of living in the countries of origin is so low that it does find them profitable. Formulas for this type of labour relations, whose members in places like Andalusia or Extremadura is part of a broad social substrate have been experienced. Errors have been made conditional aid at the time of working hours, which gave rise to corruption cases facing councils more hours than those carried out. And that subsidies were eliminated to be day laborer hired labor time, so to lose aid work, rather than assume a benefit becomes a negative consideration. On the other hand it fostered with the model of Andalusian socialism, the placement of municipal jobs, in a string of traffic of influences that caused political plots and networks of cohesion within parties responsible for governing.

Multiplied the bureaucracy, which extended to the labour field, making many tasks inefficiently and destabilize the job market. Has clearly been a political reaction necessary to resist to the interests of the landowners and large families. Passed that pulse is required of an individual measure and within certain economic parameters that addresses the possibility of establishing a labour market. real and effective. Agriculture should be governed by the various markets, the globalized at the global level, the district or for small transformation industries. When the bid touches ceiling and also the demand for certain products, the business relationship is adjusted. Economic growth in this sector is not possible.